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PostSubject: InfoDump For Game   InfoDump For Game EmptySun Feb 22, 2015 6:14 pm

(from Marissa)

Figured we could all use a refresher on how much you guys have done. Updated Experience totals do out at the end of tonight!


So when we started this adventure. You all had finished your highly successful run to retrieve GlobalTech's property – three prototype BTL chips that replicated personas to a high degree.

You guys had some down time adventures, mainly on the track of the lost chips of Dodger. Kenoma (your fixer) was able to point you toward the Stuffer Shack HQ here in Seattle.... now owned by Aztech.

Another you tracked to Casey's. The owner refused to turn over the property he was holding without Dodge being present, so you all came up with the cunning plan of dressing him in drag. Once Hot Lips and Gonk recovered from 'cherries' and retrieved the lockbox with the two chips intact inside. Gonk feeds some hobos.

You then proceeded to scout the area around Stuffer Shack HQ. The building was well guarded, so the group opted not to investigate the HQ directly at that point – and instead search the other buildings. During the course of investigating the nearby blocks, you find a small plascrete security box hidden in the back of a hobby store. After Tish unlocks it, you found a pair of vials and a disk inside. Lotus opts to swipe the security box. However the location of Dodger's chips remain unknown.

The stolen disk from the hobbystore ended up containing a number of floor plans, with notations made in code. Tish is able to crack the code and realize they denote security points, guard locations, and possibly valuables. And, that one of them may or may not have been for one of the condos near the hobby store, possibly with a Mafia connection. The vials contain some kind of medical sample, however (according to Vanessa Sanderson) the serial number doesn't match any pattern for a on-record hospital or lab, so it's likely private. Copies of the floor plans and the vials were passed over to Lotus' uncle for investigation and safe keeping.

Fuseboy, a member of the Brain Eaters Gang, finally contacted you all to make an offer. They need to protect the deckers of Seattle from whomever has gone kill-crazy, and the only way to do so is to wipe the sales records of any deck for the past year.

They are going to be exploiting the cloud-sync functionality of cred stick readers in Seattle (by contract, all from the same manufacturer) to force them to wipe local records. But to do it, they needed to gain access to the cred records at the data storage to introduce their virus. They also needed to cause a power outage in city of at least a few minutes, to force the credsticks to reboot and sync when they came online.

You all agreed to help with both hits, for 16k nuyen each (8 now, 8 after) and a future favor for each person from the Brain Eaters. Could be creating fake ID, burning records, creating dummy corps.... sky is the limit. They owe you each one.

With Tish's knowledge of corporate rumors via Yamatetsu and some matrix investigations, you find out that FinancialCred Tech secretly subcontracts their data storage in Seattle out to a local company. MechaComp.

Hot Lips and Gonk take a breather, wherein Hot Lips shows Gonk the set of Fists of Overkill and starts breaking down the BTL hallucinations/false memories he's been suffering under.

Lotus and Tish hunt down information on the city power structure. Digging into the schematics hidden at the city municiple office, the layout of the power grid for the city is on the books... but not the plant or it's hardware itself, nor the layout of the main power distribution office in-town. Both were kept classified at the request of the Salish nation and Geatronics, but two engineers are signed on the power grid – Broderick Moneaux and Hank Albach. You also discover the new plant is going online in two and a half weeks.

Bargain basement shopping leads to meeting Monsieur Duvo, a elf with an unusually good selection of specialized uniforms. A later visit leads to the purchase of a uniform containing a stylized symbol that is quickly confirmed to be Dunkelzahn Enterprises, the 'friendly face' of dragon kind and one of the most dangerous powers in the Seattle-Tacoma region.

Bums continue to gather and explosive testing takes place. Lotus summons the Universal Brotherhood to collect the chirping hobos.

At the behest of Chris Bradock, the quartermaster of Ft Lewis, Gonk and Hot Lips go to talk to Taichi Souta – a man Chris claims owes him money. This goes south when it turns out Taichi Souta is a Yakuza gun runner who hasn't received a promised shipment, and is pretty tee-d off. Mysteriously, Hot Lips and Gonk are allowed to leave unharmed. DUN DUN DUUUUN

An initial scouting of Mechacomp and data-tap goes a little sideways when a monstrous 8-foot upright octopus attacks Gonk, Hot Lips and Tish in the sewers. Flash bang grenades Go! The group resolves to never mess with the sewers again.

Mechacomp break in goes off clean, Tish and the deckers able to bluff and card their way inside, and the bust into the protected access room with only one guard knocked out. The group outside spots several guards being taken out by a second set of intruders who are not-so-interested in a quiet hit. Tish, trapped inside with three jacked-in deckers, triggers the security system to lock down all the doors. Hot Lips takes out a hidden sniper, while Gonk and Lotus-Drone go in the front to help break out Tish. Thanks to cover fire and team work, the group is able to escape with only one serious injury – SeriesSeven taking a shot for Tish – and one exploded front door to MechaComp when Gonk attempts to grenade the last surviving intruder.

MANY THEORIES are had about the presence of newly-installed cameras all over the car Lotus borrowed from her uncle.

Lotus and Tish go to a job Tish has – looking over the home site Martin Ciarniellos is contracting Tish to provide with home security, at Flair's recommendation. Hot Lips is able to identify one of the names seen in the area – Bigios Construction, a front-business for the Bigios crime family, one of the three major mafia houses in Seattle.

Three individuals in high-tech stealth suits break into the little garden and steal the Dunkelzahn Enterprises suit that Lotus had purchased. No one is seriously injured. Monsieur Duvo has vanished

The heat is on to snag Broderick, the Salish dwarven engineer that is still in the SeaTac area, while he's attending dinner at Icarrus Descending. The plan – Lotus and Hot Lips will go in as one couple, Hot Lips in a separate car as Ms Diamond, with Gonk as bodyguard. This goes awry when Broderick is seen with a date, who Hot Lips ID's as Chief Laura Drywell, the head of Council Island and Salish Ambassador to Seattle.

Lotus breaks into a nearby shipping company and swipes a modified cargo drone, and two condors, coordinating with the rest of the gang to attack Broderick's car directly and kidnap him. Gonk pretends to rescue him, leading him to the vehicle Tish is driving before they knock him out. Lotus spends much of this time trying to get her stolen drones to safety before anyone finds or recalls them.

Tish gets to play Evil Russian Bond Villain and 'question' Lotus while a drugged Broderick attempts to rescue her. Hot Lips and Gonk use this scene to pretend to be Shadowrunners coming to the rescue, and gain the details of where the key distribution lines are buried outside the plant. Destroying one will cause a brief (2-5 minute) power outage while the city compensates and redistributes. Destroying both will ensure at least an hour, up to a day, depending on the degree of damage and availability of repair parts. Broderick is locked up in the now-abandoned Touristville pawn shop where the 42nd street massacre had taken place, and guards arranged via Brain Eaters.

Many plans are discussed for the power strike, including framing Saeder Krupp, Humanis (an anti-Salish, anti-Meta group), Baseline Greens (an anti-tech and augmentation group) or causing a distraction with Urban Brawl.

Current plan is to create disguises/propaganda/graffiti to mimic the Baseline Greens. Tish is working on the details of this. (An old-school wrench smashing a deck, over a big green Peace symbol)
Gonk is preparing the twin explosive devices that this whole plan hinges on.
Hot Lips is going to make a final supply run, and she and Lotus are going to find a safe location to store the results of their side-heist of a stolen semitruck or two and their contents.

We're right on the finish line!

You've had condor footage for the past 12 hours to view guard rotations. The Geatronics plant has three outer layers of security. The innermost security is a four foot thick reinforced plascrete wall that protects the plant itself, with numerous check points around the wall and Salish security. The plant itself is just across the border in Salish lands.

Two miles out from the inner wall is a middle perimeter fence of specialized chain link with razorwire and two check points – one for the main road off the SeaTac highway, one on the far side of the complex in Salish lands. Both staffed by Geatronics security and at least one other individual. Between the middle and inner wall are occasional guard patrols and some kind of four-legged creature, rolls required for more info between the inner and middle walls.

Three more miles out is a two-story perimeter fence (first four feet up are plascrete, the rest of the height is chain link) surrounds the entire plant complex. A main gate at the road that exits the SeaTac interstate. While a smaller road and gate exit on the Salish side of the border. Both are heavily guarded. Between the middle and outer gate are regular guard patrols – rolls for more info.

Your first target lies between the middle and outer gate, about a mile inside. The second target lies between the middle and inner gate, five miles away from the first.

On the Dodger plot - 4 chips are in the possession of the group. 2 (that were in the head of Jack the Pawnshop owner) are believed to be in the possession of Renraku. 4 chips are at-large, in two different lockboxes. One lockbox is believed to be in the Stuffer Shack area, the other is thought to be in the area of the Seattle docks.
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InfoDump For Game
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