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 GAME KICKOFF - 2016 - Rotten to the Core

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PostSubject: GAME KICKOFF - 2016 - Rotten to the Core   Sun Aug 21, 2016 11:22 pm

Welcome to another try at the Big Apple. The war of New York, the escape to Syracuse, and everything in between. This marks the first step in the The Ascendants campaign: Rotten to the Core.

The email calendar invite was sent via gmail. Characters are wide open for anywhere in the world, nothing from offworld or Horizon allowed at this time.

Cast so far:
Claire - Sons of Ether, shark enthusiast
Dio - Cult of X, dancing prophet
Hashim - Hermes, Egyptian scholar and app programmer

Location: Starting in NY, NY 2016.
Timeline: Custom, you'll find out. If you are a stickler for Cannon timelines and plot, this game veers away into other areas. This is the end of the 6th age...and the beginning of the 7th. Yes...you heard me.

This is the beginning of what eventually becomes this... http://gamerchic.org/wod-7th/ (work in progress).

You won't stay in NY. Flavor text and plotting in the works! I can help get your character into NY.
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GAME KICKOFF - 2016 - Rotten to the Core
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