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 How to use the Site!

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How to use the Site! Empty
PostSubject: How to use the Site!   How to use the Site! EmptySat Jun 01, 2013 11:22 am


How to use the Site! Blogguide

You can sign up to post and reply with comments.
Each post can have a category added:

  • Shadowlands - the matrix spot for shadowrunners
  • Entries by Name - use these for journals, emails, etc personal posts and items
  • Seattle News
  • Celebrities
  • Corpse X News
  • World News

The page links across the top have world and game info, PDFs, and characters in the Shadowrunners section!

Lists of posts can be found using the World News drop down on the far right, the Chummer Chats post links, and by calendar dates.

The Chummer Links has tons more, like maps and the GAME SITE!
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How to use the Site!
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