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 Mortals and NPCs

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PostSubject: Mortals and NPCs   Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:39 am

Origin: Nexus
Theme: The Child Savant
Exalted of Luna - cast to be determined
Totem: magpie
Age: 12 years old

Attributes: Int 4, Wits 4, Perception 4, Cha 3, Mani 3, Appearance 2, Str 2, Dex 2, Sta 3
Abilities: Lore 4 (History 2, Philosophy 2, ), Occult (Geomancy 2, Cosmology 2, Enigmas 3), Investigation 3 (Research 2), Linguistics 3 (Cuniform 1, Ciphers 2), Socialize 3 (Motivations 2, Getting Out Of Trouble 3), Larceny 3 (Nexus 3), Bureaucracy 2
Backgrounds: Contacts 2, Resources 2
Flaws: Hunted (Corvant), Geas (memory loss - Corvant)
Artifact Breeding Line: rating 4

The Circle found Lynn in Sal Maneth. She greeted the group with a sling and a smart mouth, trying to keep them from blundering into the scholars. What they learned is the girl was far smarter than she seemed and would follow them if they didn't include her. Soon enough, she was included in the party and traveling at their side.

Rarely did they delve into her past, which is perfectly fine. She has trouble remembering anything about her parents and that life. Sometimes it is clear as day, especially when visiting a place she stood with them. But once away, the memories eventually fade. The reason for this is due to her parents and spells by Corvant. Once out of his presence, he did not want his secrets learned from her. So he has enscrolled the girl never to remember. Her mother unwound some of this spellwork, but only by so much.

What past she knows clearly began with the Nexus guard. They caught her stealing with a local street gang in Nighthammer and the near by shops. Hauled off to the slave market, she was purchased by a scholarly woman that worked on illuminating documents. But she had a hunger for fadeleaf, which was consuming every bit of jade. Lynn did what she could to keep that household running, the jade coming in, and mistress from smoking them out of Nexus. She didn't like anyone knowing she was a slave, and said she was adopted to any that asked.

One day, her "mother" packed everything they owned and pulled Lynn along with her into the forests beyond the city. For months they traveled until arriving at Sal Maneth. Here, they joined with other scholars. Only Lynn was not affected by what called. Soon after she met the circle and started a new adventure.


Artifact Families
Lynn is an artifact. The First Age included many thrilling arts and discoveries, including genesis, a form of genetic artifact engineering. Her family was one of many created during this time. For ages upon ages, the family continued to thrive, even past the Usurpation by the Scarlet Empress. Corvant spelled his tower to hide among others within Nexus. But as the centuries have passed, the family has dwindled down to only three left.

The structure of these artifacts is to generate additional creations through childrearing. Unlike normal humans, birth between siblings still creates perfect children, not riddled with forms of recessive genes. The DNA and magical essence signatures are bound together, fed by the souls first used to craft them. Once dead, the souls return to the ether, unless captured and reused in a new waiting creation or child. Some families continued by each child being born with the soul of one parent who would die during the process.

Lynn's parents are a mystery. She grew up with both a mother and father, no siblings. They worked tirelessly for Corvant and his dreams to bring back the First Age. They visited Ma Ha Suchi constantly. Corvant told the Lunar he could save him from the curse, a lie entirely, as he furthered the strength of the demon with every visit. He wanted to see if the curse could be replicated, to sicken all Lunars, believing in his crazed mind that they caused the downfall of the Solar Deliberative.

Corvant still holds Lynn's parents, trying to force another child and keep the line alive. Extreme age and paranoia (derangement) keep this Solar moving forward with plans to eradicate all Lunars.

(older Lynn)

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PostSubject: Re: Mortals and NPCs   Wed May 01, 2013 2:51 pm

Bookshop - Alea Iacta Est
(The die has been cast)
Nexus, central
Owned by Theon
Specializes in rare, ancient texts, restoration, and open trade between houses.
Occult Library x 3
Phillip - bookkeeper, sales, curator
Mellena - wife and associate, investigator

Phillip Townsend
Phillip is working on his guild affiliation and applications to become a formal supporter of the guild. This would help in so many respects for the shop and his own self-worth. He is always planning towards the future...and trying to have a son. He is surrounded by an army of daughters!

Mellena Townsend and one of their many daughters
Don't let the huge family of six daughters and a business fool you! Mellena is top notch in investigating documents, journals, and scurrying out any information she can about rare books, parchment, scrolls, and more!

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PostSubject: Re: Mortals and NPCs   Wed May 01, 2013 2:52 pm

Constable Lilly O'deus
Earth Aspect, Outcast
Hooded Executioners of Nexus
Detective and Liason to Celestial Exalted for the Council of Nexus

Lilly was born to a whore in Nexus. What blind strange luck, the whore gave birth after servicing dragon blooded troops during a lay over in Nexus. She thought of killing the babe in the womb, but a kind gentleman came along and spoke to her of what a beautiful life she could have if only she embraced the daughter she held in her belly. Fickle chance, but somehow every time she neared giving up on the girl, the same kind man appeared and provided guidance.

She grew up knowing this gentleman, with his kind warm eyes, and simple smile. Whenever Lilly had a problem, he was near. When she needed someone to talk to, he came around. And when she exalted as a earth dragon blooded, he helped her pull back together the pieces of her life without interference of the Immaculate order. By the time they recognized her, it was too late. She had joined the Hooded Executioners and began working through the ranks to become a Constable.

Law and order are far more important to her than her blood. Against every protest, she finally accepted her position of being taken from important cases to babysitting Celestials. But quickly, she has learned, it is more than simply starting files for them. They engaged in crimes no sane man could stomach.

Now Lilly protects the city she loves from the growing threat of heaven and hell's children as they arrive to her city, causing chaos and upheaval. She leads a selected crew of mortals, all with a strong sense of loyalty and justice. They are all becoming members of the guild or at least associated, to have freedom of movement among every sector of the city.

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PostSubject: Re: Mortals and NPCs   

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Mortals and NPCs
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