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 NPCs of Tokyo

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PostSubject: NPCs of Tokyo   Sat Jul 06, 2013 10:23 pm

Ancestor - Hakari
Thousand Whispers 7
The Gardener

Hakari has ruled the palace since the Tokugawa Shogunate. He is the leader of the court of Japan as well as Samurai of the Bishoman. His ways are careful and cunning, ever watchful of everything that happens within the lands of Japan. No pebble is forgotten, not even those of newly risen Kuei'jin.

Yoshida "Cousin" Ozaki
Devil Tiger 6 East
Voice of Hakari - Leader of the Devil Tigers - Kumicho Silk Tiger Clan Yakuza

EvilSword - Lord of Genji
Resplendent Crane South
The house of Genji is nothing like it was after the purge by the Black Kites. What remains is small but not fragmented. They still form and discuss plans, though far quieter, tending to online systems.

Resplendent Crane, West
Record keeper of court.

Hiyate Kusai
Devil Tiger, North
Extremely well versed in drug research, botanical, diseases, and the like. Very knowledgeable on bakemono.
Scarlet Screen: Eisai Pharmaceuticals

Soojin - Burning Widow
Thrashing Dragon, South
Few women ever enter the Yakuza as street warriors. Soojin was one of those few. She gained renown for her work as a murderer, ever at the hand of her masters. But nothing less than a sex change would grant her a rise. She accepted her place, but others did not, taking her out with the fishes in a most literal way. When she returned, she picked up where she left off but under the direction of a new leader in Cousin.

Devil Tiger, Center
Emerald Lotus Wu - The Father
Akoto in life was a Japanese Salaryman. He worked hard every day from the earliest of hours till the late evening without rest, entirely for the good of his family. He had a devoted wife and a son, each understanding of his sacrifices. At night, he would live even harder, chasing saki dreams with coworkers until stumbling home to repeat it all. In business, he worked to gain a higher place within the company. He wanted to gain this through hard work, but an opportunity to destroy a high ranking coworker presented itself. Should he take that opportunity, or work hard? He chose not to take that option, but the coworker did take advantage and laid the shame at HIS feet. Akoto was fired from his position, lost face, lost honor, and could not support his family. In shame, he never told his wife of the firing, but spent all his time drinking himself into oblivion until he killed himself in a stupor by walking in front of a subway train.

He woke to the Wicked City, and continued to work again. But the P'o in him demanded he escape this place and gain vengeance for what happened. He was a fool. And Akoto agreed. The first moment he could, he fled the Wicked City and embraced his P'o The Demon. After accepting his place as a center Devil Tiger, he was placed in a wu as father, to lead and teach as he had in life, while consuming everything in his path for power, including other wus, other courts, and members closest to him. Always at his side is Jokage, a Bone Flower. The wu is called Emerald Lotus, and carries honors for duty served.

Keigyou Senzen Jokage
Bone Flower, West
Emerald Lotus Wu - Scholar of the Dead
The Emerald Lotus Wu aids with many issues of court. Jokage is the scholar among them, ever present at court with a look that can only be called perfection. Even deep in Yin she does not look like a corpse entirely. If ever someone in court needed help with a ghost, she would always willingly aid.

Thrashing Dragon, East
Business Student turned cunning financial operative
Scarlet Screen: Aruze Corp, pachinko division

Jimbo Matchan
Heimen for hire
Thrashing Dragon, West
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NPCs of Tokyo
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