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 Timeline for Vampire

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Timeline for Vampire Empty
PostSubject: Timeline for Vampire   Timeline for Vampire EmptyMon Sep 03, 2012 12:46 pm

Time Line

* - Nobody really knows when all this began. Let's suppose there are Antediluvians out there.
-13000 - The followers of Set arrive in Africa. [Cb-S, p18] [Its in the book!]
-12000 - The First City is built.
-10000 - The First City falls.
-10000 - The Great Flood.
-8300 - The Second City is built.
-8000 - In the Jordan Vally a Neolithic culture comes into being. This leads to the Israelite tribes evolving. [WoD, p67]
-7000 - Set was born. [Cb-S, p11]
-6000 - Agriculture in the Nile valley
-6000 - The Second City falls.
-5000 - Baba Yaga is embraced by Absimiliard of clan Nosferatu. [WoD, p57]
-5000 - Sutekh (Set) settles around the Nile. He will spawn the Setites as his clan. [PG2, p122]
-4500 - Ashur Embraces Shaitan at this time. He is the Second to be Embraced by Ashur. He lives in the Second City for a time. He meets Ba'al and becomes his first follower.
-4245 - Lower Egypt conquers Upper Egypt.
-4000 - Farming to to the British Isles. [WoD, p9]
-3500 - Tiamat is embraced by Arakura. Urlon of Urek is slain by Tiamat.
-3300 - Sutekh was being worshiped by some mortals as the God of Night and Darkness. And started to call himself Set. [PG2, p122]
* - Osiris takes control of Egypt and banishes his brother Set. [Mummy, p59]
* - Set returns and imprisions Osiris. Later Osiris escapes and is torn limb from limb. [Mummy, p60-61]
* - Meshta is turned into a Mummy [Mummy, p61]
* - Horus is turned into a Mummy [Mummy, p61]
* - Isis restores Osiris to life. Set kills him again. [Mummy, p62]
* - Khetamon flees as the last of the Osiris' progeny. He doesn't stop until he reaches india. [Mummy, p64]
* - Khetamon perfects his discipline of Bardo and returns from hiding to create the children of Osiris. [Mummy, p64]
-3028 - Tiamat is embraced by Arakur of Ur. [BldH, p19]
-3000 - Set's power is weakened by Horus' actions. [Mummy, p63]
-3000 - Athens and Troy are built at this time. Humans begin abstract mathematics.
-3000 Upper Egypt fights Lower Egypt.
-3000 ish - Development of Osiran mythology
-2834 - The sword of Nul is forged by Tiamat
-2800 - Stonehenge is built.
-2650-2190 - The Pyramids(?)
-2620 - Birth of Queen Hetephras [Mummy, p69]
-2610 - Birth of Sahura during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu, aka. Cheops [Mummy, p11]
-2500 - Mesannepadda's Dynasty of Ur, worshipping Innana and Dumuzi (aka Tammuz, a mythical king mythologized as a dead-and-risen god, in Book of Nod a vampire)
-2350-2300 - Sargon of Akkad conquers the Fertile Crescent
-2300 - The Sumerians first write about Gulfora.
-2100 - Popularity of the Osiris cult; royalty promotes Amon-Ra cult
-2000 - The start of the bronze age.
* - Improvements in agriculture occure.
* - The rise of the Egyptian pharaohs. The middle kingdom of egypt florishes.
* - Nearly all of the British Isles were under cultivation. [WoD, p9]
-1727 - Ankla Hotep is embraced by Smenkhara. [BbN, p120]
-1728-1686 - Hammurabi rules in Babylon
-1650 - The middle kingdom starts to decline due to the efforts of the mummies and the children of Osiris.
* - And the invasion of the Semitic, Baal-worshipping Hyksos. Seth becomes identified with Baal in the mythology.
* - Also around this time, the Aryan invaders, previously a minor presence, wipe out the Indus Valley culture. The aborigines are destined to become Dravidian untouchables and gypsies. Guess: Veddhartha leads the Arya to victory, Sara Kali leads her followers, mortal and otherwise, away to safety.
-1523 - The first HIT Mark I's are made.
-1500 - Agriculture improves to the point that human populations start increasing steadily.
-1380 - Akhenaton and Nefertiti rule Egypt.
-1300 - (15th dynasty, under Seti I) Kemintiri is embraced by Set. [KmW, p91]
-1273 - Birth of Amen Khal [Mummy, p68]
-1258 - Mithras is embraced by Veddartha of clan Ventrue. [WoD, p32]
-1235 - Mithras is born. [WoD, p32] {It's in the book! Ed.}
-1223 - Sethnakht becomes the pharaoh of Egypt. He upsets the Setites' control of Egypt during his reign. [WoD, p70]
-1207 - Helena is embraced by Minos [CbN2, p111]
-1200 - Meneleus is embraced by Troile [CbN2, p64]
-1200 - The inscription known as 'Voices from the Shadows' seems to orignate from this era, due to its script and language. [Cb-S, p15]
-1200 - Trojan War occurs.
-1200 - Shaitan arrives in North America.
-1200 - Enkidu is embraced by Gangrel in Sumer. [KmW, p36] The Gangrels live in Ur until its destruction by the Setites.
-1191 - Birth of Khonseru [Mummy, p76]
* - The New Kingdom - Egypt rules from the Sahara to the Euphrates.
-1032 - Nefertiti is embraced by Set [BbN, p116]
-1000 - Vasantasena is embraced by Unmada. [CotI, p29]
-1000 - The Dionysian walks the earth.
-1000 - The Iron Age begins.
-1000 - The greek city stats begin to flourish.
-1000 - Tristan & Travis are ghouled.
-1000 - Iteration X (know as the Artificers at this time) influences both Greece and China more than any other Tradition.
-1000 - The Brujah's Influence over the Greeks begin to increase.
* - Egypt loses control over the Near-Eastern provinces.
-950 - Horus forces Set from Egypt. [Mummy, p64]
-900 - "A being known as Heru-Behutet and his warriors defeated Set and his allies in a great battle. Set was exiled and his followers slaughtered. In his anguish, Set vowed that if he were to be exiled into the darkness, then that darkness would become all-powerful." [PG2, p122]
-900 - Himalayan Wars begin between the Akashic Brotherhood and the Handura. The Handura are later subsumed into the Euthanatos. The Ahl-i-Batin are formed. The verdant plain is reduced to the Afghanistan desert in a battle between the Celestial Chorus and the Handura. [AK Brother TradBook] [Book of Shadows.]
-900 - Mesopotamia gains control over Assyria.
-814 - Carthage is founded by the Phoenicians.
-800 - The Ahl-i-Batin begin their Plan of Unity.
-8th cent. - 13 Ventrue (led by Tinia) arrived in Italy with the Etruscans. [Cb-V, p17]
-753 - Rome is founded.
-668-626 - Assyria ruled by Assurbanipal; destroys Thebes in Egypt
-650 - The Greeks (with Iteration X's help) formulate atomic theory.
-648 - Assyria conquers Babylon
* - Scythian invaders weaken Assyria
-612 - The captial of Assyria, Nineveh, falls to Nabopalasser of Babylon.
* - Setites stomp on the Baali bloodline.
-600 - The Himalayan Wars end.
-598 - Babylonian occupation of Jerusalem (the 1st Exile)
-587 - Destruction of Jerusalem
-552 - Stalest Coursain is embraced [DAV, p98]
-540 - Pythagorean theory in invented along with the Laws of Conservation.
-539 - Cyrus II of Persia conquers Babylon. Obviously Mithras was behind this one.
-500 - The British Isles had progressed to tribes of farmers and herders, guarded by a warrior elite. [WoD, p9]
-5th cent - Brujah take control of Carthage. [Cb-V, p17]
-457 - The age of Pericles starts in Greece. [CbN2, p62]
-450 - The Order of Mercury begins attacks against the Roman Kindred.
-423 - Critias is embraced by Menele [CbN2, p66]
-420 - Possible first appearance of the Gypsies in India. [Cb-G, p12]
-400 - Possible fight between a Scandinavian hero (Grettir) and a Gangrel. [Cb-G, p12]
-342 - Lyle is embraced [DAV, p99]
-336 - Alexander the Great begins his conquest.
-330 - Petaniqua is embraced by Cybele the day Alexander the Great assumed the throne of Macedonia. [KmW, p85]
-331 - Alexander the great conquers Babylon.
-320 - Necross is embraced [DAV, p92]
-3rd cent. - Ventrue controlled most of Italy. [Cb-V, p17]
-292 - Louhi is born. [WoD, p56]
-256 - The Great Wall is Built.
-250 - The Chinese invent the binary number system.
-250 - Iteration X invents gunpowder.
-220 - Romans begin to patrol the coast of Macedonia.
* - A celtic Druid creates the Phylacterty of Recorded Memory.
-200 - Louhi is embraced by Lerterimas of clan Malkavian. [WoD, p56]
-200 - Under Camilla, the Ventrue control all of Italy.
-173 - Brunhilde is born. [WoD, 55]
-150 - Brunhilde is embraced by a Gangrel. [WoD, p55]
-149 - The third Punic War begins.
-146 - Carthage is betrayed and sacked. The Brujah face a coalition of the Cappadocians, the Toreador, and the Malkavians all under the control of the Ventrue of Italy. They burn the city for 17 nights. With the aid of Mages, they salt all the Earth around the city to keep the vampires in the ground.
-132 - Saatet-ta is mumified (Bane).
-100 - Ghede is embraced by clan Setite. [Cb-S, p64]
-91 - The social war occures in Rome. Critias instigated this crisis, but his followers were put down by the roman Ventrues. [CbN2, p65]
-86 - Eletria is embraced by Helena. [CbN2, p113]
-55 - The first expedition of Julius Caesar reaches England. [WoD, p9]
-51 - Mictlantecuhli is embraced [D-Mex]
-50 - Setites regain 'some' control of Egypt using their agent Cleopatra. [WoD, p70]
-50 - The Setites use Cleopatra to influence the Roman Senate.
-46 - Caesar is appointed emperor of Rome.
-45 - Caesar was named dictator for life of Rome.
-43 - Claudius undertakes the conquest of Britain. [WoD, p9]
-33 - Set destroys the cult of Isis.
* - Set creates the bane mummies. [Mummy, p66]
-30 - Egypt becomes a Roman provine, and as a result Cleopatra commits suicide. [Cb-S, p17]
-27 - Amam the Devourer is born. [Mummy, p67]
-11 - Saul conquers the Jordan Vally. [WoD, p67]
-6 - Birth of Christ
-3 - Victor is embraced [RAR, p91]
-2 - The 5 simple machines are invented.
1 - Most of Britain was more or less peaceful, and numerous Roman towns started to form. [WoD, p10]
1 - Lucian is embraced.
6th cent. - The Prophet Muhammand and his followers bring most of the tribes of te Arabian Penisule under their control and the religion of Islam. [WoD, p68]
9 - German leader Arimnius defeats Roman army with help from the Get of Fenris.
12 - Rebekah is embraced by Elihu [CbN2, p145]
19 - Aine is born. [WoD, p30]
33 - Death of Christ.
33 - The Malkavians claim that their greatest practical joke happen during this year, when they perform a bit of graverobbing in Jerusalem. [VTDA, p86]
33 - While Christ is being Crucifixed, a young Gypsie steels one of the nails, and was told by Jesus that his family will be free of the commandment "Thou shault not steal". Gypsie Folklore. [GYP, p39]
33 - "Set himself vanished from the world (likely to escape being a casualty of the Jyhad). Before he disappeared, Set promised his followers that he would eventually return in all his dark glory." [PG2, p122] [VTDA, p60]
37 - Caligula is the new Emperor of Rome. [WoD, p71]
37 - Setites manipulate the Romans into attacking the Nabataean Kingdom. [WoD, p71]
43 - Claudius undertakes the conquest of England. [WoD, p9]
47 - Aine is embraced by Bhallaire of clan Nosferatu. [WoD, p30]
66 - The Toreador take control of Nero when he visits Greece. The Ventrue try to regain control but cause him to be come insane (unless the Malkavians also tried to control him...)
79 - Mt. Vesuvius erupts and destroys Pompeii. Menele performed a rite to summon elementals of fire. Helena escapes to Egypt.
87 - Gotsdam is embraced by Tiamat [BldH, p38]
106 - Emperor Trajan finally conquors the Nabataeans. [WoD, p71]
106 - It was during this time that the Assamite clan saw a warrior know as Talaq. They deceide to embrace him. [WoD, p71]
117 - The Roman Empire is at the height of power.
132 - Horus moves to the Alps to make it a Mummy stronghold. [Mummy, p64]
3rd cent. - Due to the Setties manlipuations the Roman empire starts to tear itself apart. [Cb-S, p17]
200 - Mayan Society starts to florish.
325 - Ventrue forced Emperor Constantine to call the Nicaean Council, but were unable to influence any of the decisions made. [Cb-V, p18]
378 - Siegfried is embraced by Regulus [DAV, p97]
400 - Doissetep becomes the center for Magickal learning.
410 - Roman influence over England all but dies. [WoD, p10]
413 - The Cainite Heresy is founded by a Byzantine priest called Procopius. [VTDA, p48]
439 - The Kiasyd bloodline is created and breaks away from the Lasombra clan.
476 - Rome falls to attacking barbarians, due to the efforts of the Brujah.
483 - Inyanga is embraced by Esemkofu [CbN2, p86]
500 - The begining of the dark ages.
510 - The Cult of Enlightenment is formed.
515 - Guillaume is embraced by Hannibal of clan Brujah. [WoD, p56]
541 - Bubonic Plague hits Europe.
565 - First sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, Scotland.
594 - The Bubonic Plague ends after killing 1/2 of Europe's population.
597 - Saint Augustine goes to England to convert the people. [WoD, p10]
600 - Mayan society suffers a period of decline.
600'ish - Due to the collapse of the Roman Empire, some Toreador elders slip into torpor, hoping to awaken in another time of debauchery and excess. [VTDA, p89]
632 - The prophet Muhammed dies. [WoD, p68]
754 - The Cainite Heresy was uncovered and declared anathema, due to errors made by a group in Ostia. But by now, the Cainite worship was to extensive to destroy. [VTDA, p48]
771 - Charlemagne begins to form his empire.
793 - The first recorded Viking raid on England takes place off the Northumbrian coast. [WoD, p11]
800 - The Ahl-i-Batin reveal their Plan of Unity to the other Traditions. They form the first Council of Nine. Iteration X moves their HQ to Arabia. Algoritmi invents our modern 10 decimal math system.
800 - Charlemagne is crowned emperor of all Europe by Pope Leo III.
800 - Doissetep is taken over by usurper Mages. It is moved to Turkey.
806 - The sword of Nul returns. It winds up in Bayt Al-Himah "the house of wisdom" where it sits on a shelf.
812 - Ventrue control of Christianity reaches its height with Charlemagne. [Cb-V, p20]
840 - Norwegians in Ireland founded a city which became Dublin. [WoD, p11]
848 - The Magus Tremere was narrowly prevented from taking control of the entire Order of Hermes. [Cb-Tr, p15]
866 - The Danes take York and begin to colonize north of England. [WoD, p11]
878 - Alfred the Great of Wessex wins the battle at Edgington and forces the Danes to agree to a frontier. [WoD, p11]
879 - The Cainite Heresy worship has become formalised. [VTDA, p48]
10th cent. - Only the Akashic Brotherhood, Ahl-i-Batin, and Order of Hermes (which existed as a federation of sparate Houses). [VTDA, p253]
10th cent. - 12th cent. - The Toreador started to lose control of Byzantium to the Brujah, leading to Byzantium collapse. [Cb-To, p13]
900 - The Mound-Builder empires centered on Cahokia in the mississippi valley starts to florish.
900 - Doissetep is taken over by what will become the Order of Hermes. It is again moved. This time to Spain.
911 - Norwegians in France are granted land. The Duchy of Normandy is born. [WoD, p11]
932 - 'The Ghosts of the Five Tigers' occult group is founded in the Zhejian Providance of China.
963 - Ublo-Satha is embraced by Harlequin [CbN2, p122]

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Timeline for Vampire Empty
PostSubject: Re: Timeline for Vampire   Timeline for Vampire EmptyMon Sep 03, 2012 12:47 pm

1000 - The Order of Hermes first identifies the loss of magick in the world and realizes that it may have something to do with the Order of Reason. [Cb-Tr, p15]
1000 - Entire Viking world accepts Christianity. [WoD, p11]
1000 - Pueblo Indians withdraw to canyon and cliff communities.
* - Mayan civilation begins to rise again in the Yucatan.
* - Leif Ericson discovers Vinland
11th cent. - For the first time the whole of England was under the control of a single ruler, Cnut the Great who also ruled Noway and Denmark. [WoD, p11]
1003 - Schism Wars, during which House Diedne was destroyed. [Cb-Tr, p30]
1010 - Caliph Haker renounces the holy city of Jerusalem.
1021 - Goratrix captures an elder of clan Tzimisce, forces him to turn his two apprentices into vampires, and than kills him. He takes his apprentices back to his Chantry to experiment.
1022 - Tremere, Etrius, Goratrix, Meerlinda are turned into Vampires [Cb-Tr, p16] [VTDA, p90]
1022+ - In fighting among the new vampires grows so high that is it rumored that Tremere himself is forced to Blood Bond the Council of Seven. Still denied by the clan to this day. [Cb-Tr, p17]
1022+ - The Tzimisce form alliances with the Gangrel and Nosferatu in the Eastern Europe areas. Chantry after Chantry fall until Goratrix perfects the Gargoyle and tells them to "...go forth and multiply.". The Tremere vampires destroy the other vampires. [Cb-Tr, p17]
1066 - Edward the confessor dies in England leading to war. [WoD, p12]
1066 - The battle of Hasting places William the Conqueror on the throne as the first Norman king of England. [WoD, p12]
1072 - The Crusades begin.
1077 - Father Iago is embraced by Le Fanu. [NObN, p58]
1086 - All of England is subdued under Norman rule. [WoD, p12]
1096 - The War of the Guilds starts, and last for another 150 years. [VTDA, p257]
1098 - The Sword of Nul is stolen by the thief of Bagdad, a Brujah.
1099 - The Thief of Bagdad reaches Jerusalem.
1099 - Jerusalem falls to the Christans.
* - 7th crusade - Tariq is embraced by Bakr [KmW, p72]
12th cent. - Trajan emerges from torpor. [DC, p31]
1100 - Gratiano is embraced by Lasombra. [CotI, p39]
1100's (late) - A Italian prince and Hermetic magus (Lorenzo Golo) and a Templar magis (Simon de Laurent) uncover different translations of the Kitab al Alacir, and they form the Natural Philosophers Guild. [VTDA, p253]
1100 - Lambach Ruthven is embraced by Tabak. [CotI, p43]
1116 - Shaitan arrives in Mexico and takes control of the Aztecs.
1119 - The first Gargoyle is created by the Tremere as shock troops.
1121 - An Army of Gargoyles turns the tide against the Inconnu in the Tremere/Inconnu war.
1128 - The Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon (called the Templars) are officially recognised by the pope. [VTDA, p240]
1133 - Tremere discovers the havens of several sleeping Antediluvians. He chooses and drains Saulot (founder of the Salubri). Tremere also begins to slip in to Torpor lasting weeks or months. He tells the Council to organize the house. They do and divide the world then known among themselves. [Cb-Tr, p17]
1134 - First settling of Berlin area by Albrecht the Bear.
1137 - Erik Eigermann is driven in torpor in Berlin by Karl Schrekt the demon hunter from Vienna [BbN, p13]
1143 - Helena Embraces Galabraith who will become the Cardinal of Mexico.
1173 - Lady Dimitra is embraced by clan Gangrel. [Cb-S, p68]
1197 - Francois Villon is born. [WoD, p57]
1191 - Khalid is embraced by Alexius. [CbN2, p103]
1198 - Pope Celestine II dies and is replaced by Pope Innocent III. [VTDA, p50]
1199 - King Richard is killed in battle and succeeded by his vicious brother John. [VTDA, p49]
1199 - The Tremere council of seven have a meeting. [VTDA, p91]
13th cent. - Subitai is embraced in Poland. [WoD, p95]
13th cent. - Destruction of the Hermetic Covenant of Mistridge by Artificer Mages. Beginning of the Ascension War. [BSHAD]
13th cent. - Inquisition formed. [Cb-V, p20]
13th cent. - &14th cent. Inquisition wars. Which the Anarchs kill anyone, the Assamites came into the open and the Tremere Gargoyles started to become stubborn. [Cb-Tr, p18]
13th cent. - The begining of the Sabbat Movement. Started by the Brujah. [ANT, p74]
13th cent. - The fief of Winchester is the oldest fief in the British Isles. [WoD, p26]
1201 - Pope Innocent III calls for the Albigensian Crusades.
1205 - Pope Innocent the III instigates the Fourth Crusade. This will eventually lead to the Inquisition. [Cb-Tr, p17]
1205+ - Goratrix infiltrates the Church and takes control of it. He uses it to destroy enemies of the Tremere. The Council decides that Goratrix has overstepped his bounds and calls him before them. Goratrix runs away and hides after his power is taken away and given to Mistridge. [Cb-Tr, p18]
1205+ - First Anarch movement starts due to Inquisition killings. Because of the fact that the Elders sacrificed their childes to save their hides. [Cb-Tr, p18]
1205+ - The Anarchs make peace with the Assamites, and together kill the Lasombra 3rd generation Antedeluvian. [ANT, p100, p111)
1209 - The Path of Cathari becomes a Path of Enlightenment.
1210 - The Craftsmasons unite to storm the Mistridge Coveant. [VTDA, p253]
1215 - King John signs the Magna Carta. [WoD, p12, p19]
1215 - The Kiasyd overthrow the Ventrue in Strasbourg, Germany.
1220 - Gustav Breidenstein is embraced by Ilse Reinegger. [BbN, p61]
1229 - The start of the Spanish inquisition.
1230 - Villon is embraced by Helena of clan Toreador. [WoD, p57]
1231 - Pope Gregory IX officially founds the Society of Leopold. [Cb-V, p20] [ANT, p22]
1233 - The Albigensian crusade winds down.
1234 - Marchettus the bold is embraced by clan Brujah. [Cb-S, p67]
1235 - Karl Schrekt is embraced by Lotharius. [BbN, p58,85,107]
1240 - The start of the anarch revolution.
1244 - Ilse Reinegger came to Berlin from Belitz.
1252 - Pope Innocent IV authorizes the use of torture in the spanish inquisition. This is because he has been made aware of the existence of the Kindred, the Garou, and the Mages at this time. [ANT, p22]
1252 - First Ventrue caught by the Inquisition. [Cb-V, p20]
1258 - The Barons' Revolt takes place in England. [WoD, p19]
1260 - The Mamluks come to power, aided by Talaq of clan Assamite. [WoD, p79]
1283 - Iteration X loses an ancient Islamic scroll . They watch the man who finds it.
1289 - An ancient Islamic scroll is found. The contents awaken the reader's Avatar. He then forms a secret cult based on that information. This cult would later become the Sons of Ether.
1290 - The first son of Ether finds an interesting manuscript.
14th cent. - & 13th cent. Inquisition wars. During which the Anarchs kill anyone, the Assamites came into the open and the Tremere Gargoyles started to become stubborn. [Cb-Tr, p18]
14th cent. - The Technocracy is founded at the White Tower.
14th cent. During the middle of this century the Black Death appeared, causing more distrust amongst the kindred as the Tremere had only just arrived. Most of the 9th & 10th generation kindred in London die, due to feeding on tainted kine. Mithras takes advantage of this and capture the head of the Tremere Chantry and makes an example of him, also lots of the Tremere mortal agents disappeared. [WoD, p19]
1300 - The Mound-builder empire declines.
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Timeline for Vampire
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