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 Character Creation

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PostSubject: Character Creation   Fri Jul 06, 2012 1:58 pm

Mr Gone 4 page fancy art
Mr Gone 4page, 5 dot normal art

Clans available:
Any but Tremere. If you desperately want to play one, we need to discuss it. And there may be a requirement of a Blood Bound flaw to keep you...alive. Unless you just have one incredible idea. This group of players I trust to come up with such an idea. Smile

You can come from any land in Europe. The only off limits lands are Russia and the far East. For Assamites, you can be from the homeland or a natural red head embraced from other races/lands. Some nationalities were embraced out of the homeland during this time (rare but it happened) due to the natural hair color in the legends and lore of their origins.

Character Creation
You can take flaws like dark fate and high levels of enemy. But understand, I will use these to the fullest. And we will need to work out a true background for it.

You can have a famous sire (positive to negative). You will need to buy down your generation and take the proper merit for it. Also I would like to work out the background for that. That includes famous sires as in named Methuselahs! They are quite active.

If you are a high clan, you have been a ghoul for 90-100 years. Then embraced in quite a serious ritual. You could have been fought over between sires. There is a flaw for this as well. You can then have been a vampire from 5-30 years after. This gives you a total of 130 max years as a ghoul + vampire, with the additional normal age as a human. Keep this in mind for your possible birth and background as a human, especially for the year of your birth, ghouling, undeath for the history of your region. High clans have required abilities taken.

If you are a low clan, you could have been ghouled for 1-50 years then embraced in a ritual of the clan or that particular bloodline/siring. Low clans can also have embraced by accident, suddenly, without ghouling. To be ghouled and supported for a long amount of time takes resources a low clan may not have. You could have been blood bound or bound in service to a high clan. You could have been a vampire for 5-30 years, ghouled 1-50 years.

So when you make a character, there are a few important parts I look for:
-- Backgrounds, who were you? And now who are you?
-- Your info and history as a human is just as important as a vampire.
-- Your sire is highly important, even if you don't know who it was. I will be making and playing these.
-- If you choose a merit, background, flaw, need to have some explanation. Incorporating them into your background is awesome! If you need help, I am totally here to do something....interesting. *steeples fingers*
-- Have a goal! Please! Any goal is fine, multiples too. But having some sort of focus or seeking would be incredible.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Tue Jul 17, 2012 9:34 pm


Generation Background x3 is free to all folks! This gives you generation 9.

Domain - you can pool this, but we need to talk about it. Pooling could mean larger building OR just having domains closer and sharing protection, activity, etc.

When you reach x4 in an ability, you normally get 1 specialty type to choose for 1 dice added to rules for that. Boooooring! I like the specialty rules for Exalted.

When you hit 4 points, you get 1 free dot to start 1 specialty. Then you can spend 1xp towards 1 point in a Specialty dot. Up to a max of 3 dots.

For example, Medicine x4, Specialty Poison x2 and Diseases x1

Or Melee x5, Specialty Swords x2 and Single Opponent x2
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:20 pm


Thaumaturgy has some of its roots in the early practices of Hermetic alchemy, which concerned itself with changing the properties of given ideals. Indeed much of Thaumaturgy's codified structure and basic principles are very similar to those of alchemy.

In the near-millennium that has passed since the Tremere's earliest efforts with blood magic, alchemy has fallen by the wayside, however. Modern technology makes possible almost anything this path can do and far more -- it is easier and more reliable to mine for god for example, than it is to create it by transmuting other materials. Still, old habits die hard among vampires and the Tremere are no exception. A few elders still practice this path, and of these some still teach it to their childer to illustrate the basic tenants of modern blood magic.

System: The number of success on the activation roll determines how radically a thaumaturge may alter a given compound's form. He need not use all his successes -- a thaumaturge wishing to effect only a simple change of form need not turn lead into gold if he accumulates five successes. The thaumaturge must, however, acquire at least the minimum number of successes suggested by the table below to generate the effect he seeks.

Changing one element into another requires familiarity with both elements. One cannot suddenly decide he wants to change a balloon's worth of helium into a sphere of solid titanium if he has never deal with either of those elements before. Simply knowing an atomic number is not enough to warp the laws of nature so radically. It is worthwhile to note, however, that Alchemy makes no distinction between naturally occurring and man-mad elements -- if affects Einsteinium as readily as it does carbon.

Note also that this path has fallen out of practice because it is less useful in modern nights than it was in the past. Transmutations create Hermetic "ideals" rather then perfect real world resources, which cannot be broken down into lesser constructs. A hunk of gold is a hunk of gold -- an attempt to cast coins with it will reduce the hunk to a pile of inert sludge. Before you ask -- yes, this means that your Tremere Anarch will not be able to create nuclear bombs by turning the prince's shoes into uranium. There's nothing wrong with converting lead into gold and selling that hunk of gold to someone else, however -- caveat emptor.

Note: Storytellers are encouraged to apply this principle to the use of Path of Conjuring as well. Characters who try to conjure "antimatter" or create weapons of mass destruction magically should be subtly but reasonably discouraged.

Also, use of this path assumes the thaumaturge works with the elements in a laboratory-style (or at least controlled) environment. No vampire will be able to walk down the street and turn the iron in people's blood to helium with a simple touch.

A vampire's knowledge of Alchemy determines how greatly she may chance a given element.

* Simple changs in form -- solid to liquid, liquid to gas, etc.
** Complex changes to form -- liquid to a specific shape of solid, water to separate hydrogen and oxygen gas clouds, etc.
*** Complicated changes to form -- water to breathable oxygen and loose hydrogen, compounds into separate rate elements, etc.
**** Minor shifts in composition, such as adjusting an element's atomic number up to five greater or less than its original designation.
***** Miraculous shifts in composition, such as turning lead into gold or nitrogen into radium.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:28 pm

Linguistics (knowledge)

You get 1 free language for your homeland, your Native language.

Linguistics dots and what you get:
* 2 languages
** 4
*** 8 and their dialects, ancient languages possible at this point, you have picked up some forms of reading and writing but it's on par with scribbles.
**** 16, no need for academics for latin, pictogram languages possible, you are able to enter any society anywhere and eventually figure everything out. You can read and write, but without academics is damn hard and you are not literary by any means.
***** All Languages - there's no reason you can't understand all languages understanding most languages other derive from. you can converse with anyone on the planet. You can read and write at a 5th grader level. You still need academics for true style!

If you have occult and linguists x4/x5, you can speak with mages, werewolves, changelings.
All spirits/ghosts speak/understand latin. Latin has true power over spirits.

You cannot take Latin without Academics 2+. There are reasons!

Many languages cannot be taken without backgrounds reasons either by Sire or other. Eastern history/languages not possible. Russian is possible if you are near that area and have real reasons (Nosferatu have more reasons than most, only if we chat). High amounts of language requires some serious dang good reasons. But we can work it out if you are really interested in it.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   

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Character Creation
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