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 Nexus - The City of Cities

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PostSubject: Nexus - The City of Cities   Tue Aug 30, 2011 5:32 am

Nexus, also known as the City between the River Harlot’s Legs and a hundred other, less complimentary names, is the largest city in the Scavenger Lands, and possibly in Creation. It is known for being the center for trade and commerce in Creation, and for being a haven for free trade, and the headquarters of the Guild. Nexus sits at the confluence of the Yanaze River, the Grey River, and the Yellow River, some six hundred miles east of Lookshy.

While the Imperial City may well be wealthier, that wealth is concentrated within the hands of the Scarlet Dynasty, while in Nexus, millions of talents of jade and silver change hands every single day. It is a chaotic and confusing place, a city with many rules but few laws, where an ignoble death lurks around every corner.


The well-to-do and well-connected of Nexus reside within; any others would do better to stay out.

The place where the rich and powerful of Nexus come to live and play, Bastion is a district of large mansions, open parks, clean streets and frequent patrols by well-paid mercenaries. High enough above the river that it doesn’t get flooded, and far enough away from the center that the smells don’t carry in, even the servants who live here do so in conditions that would make many in other parts of Nexus green with envy.

Cinnabar District

The cultural and military center of the city, Cinnabar lines the river and floods regularly.

A riverside district, Cinnabar is home to restaurants, teahouses, and cafés of highly variable quality, as well as being the site of annual and severe flooding. It also houses most of the mercenary companies who call Nexus their home, each one generally based within a fortified compound, with walls higher than the worst flood waters.


The epitome of urban nightmare, the Wyld zone at its heart still spits out horrors to plague the city.

An urban hell of rickety buildings, makeshift stalls, gang warfare, Wyld-spawned monsters and worse, Firewander is generally inhabited only by those who have no choice in the matter, either through poverty or violence. Scant trade occurs here, and most of that would be illegal anywhere else in the Scavenger Lands and is frowned upon by the “upright” citizenry of Nexus itself, but the denizens make do with what they have.

Nexus District

The commercial and entrepreneurial center of Nexus, more silver pieces change hands here in a day than there are stars in the sky.

Home to the Big and Little Markets, the Nexus district is where the real business of the city gets done. Home to the headquarters of the Guild and innumerable other trading companies, merchant organizations and caravan masters, if Bastion is where the rich and powerful rest, then the Nexus district is where they work.

Nighthammer District

The noise of forges, smithies and other manufacturing processes resound night and day throughout the streets of Nighthammer.

Industry rules in Nighthammer, a place where three or four times a day thousands of workers travel to and from their places of work within the forges, smithies, looms and others factories that produce the thousands of tonnes of goods that pour out of the city and into Creation on a daily basis. The air here is thick with smog and the rivers are heavily polluted by toxic effluents, both by-products of the production that brings so much wealth into Nexus.

The Undercity

The Undercity of Nexus is a series of caves and tunnels under Cinnabar and Sentinel Hill. The black fog of poor man's breath clots and taints the air underground. The poor and those who are just scraping by live and work down here. Small, torch-lit markets thrive in the sunless enclave. Three main routes make getting around underground straightforward.

Sentinel Hill

A vast residential area south of the Nexus District.

This area of the city is filled with apartment buildings, hostels, tenement houses and town houses. Its is built upon a vast hill that rises up to bastion and down into Firewander. The District is named so after the vast sentinel towers that local mercenaries watch out from to see if any wyld spun dangers are coming from Firewander. Several of prominent cultural ghettos are present in this district, Calin Town, Great Forks Town and Maruk Town.
History of Nexus

In the First Age the city was know as Hollow and was a bustling center of agriculture the keeper of three powerful magical dams that regulated the flow of the three major rivers. Like many First Age cities, its glories were slagged and decimated by the Usurpation. The city remained a place of little consequence throughout the Shogunate Era, other than a testimony to devastating price of the Usurpation. After the horrors of the Great Contagion ended, many refugees from all over River Province flocked to the ruined city for shelter. They built vast inter-connected refugee camps. After five decades, a vast coalition of small camps,communities, and market places ruled by feuding gangs rose from the ashes of this fallen city. In RY 52, the Emissary appeared before the city and soon there after the Council of Entities was formed. In a short amount of time all the gangs who protested their authority were killed or driven out of the city. The Council established the Dogma at this time, and the city garnered the name Nexus for its position at the Nexus of three major rivers. River Provence fought three wars with the Realm. Each invasion was repelled by the allied forces of the River Province. For a brief time the Realm occupied Nexus during the Second Realm invasion in RY 75. The Emissary himself politely informed the Realm Legions they were in violation of the Dogma. The Dragon-Blooded generals refused to pull out their forces. The generals all died by mysterious circumstance by the dawn of the next day. Nexus was nominally involved in the third Realm War, and did field Nexus troops at the final conflict. In RY 77 a Representative was present to sign the charter of the newly formed Confederation of Rivers. Over the first century of the Scarlet Empress's rule the Council and The Guild formed a strong economic alliance. This alliance brought much profit and prosperity to both Nexus and the Guild over the centuries. In RY 117, the Guild moved their headquarters to Nexus, thus securing it as the center of trade and commerce for the Threshold. In RY 373, there was a violent insurrection called The Nighthammer Revolt. It was put down by the Emissary personally, with no need for aid from local mercenaries.


Council of Entities

Nexus is rules by the Council of Entities, a group shrouded in mystery. Theirs is the power to add and modify the Civilities of the Incunabulum. Their edicts are enforced by the mercenaries of the city and the mysterious Emissary
The Incunabulum

The body of rules that passes for law within the bounds of Nexus, the Incunabulum consists of thousands upon thousands of pages, all carefully indexed, as each new edict by a member of the Council of Entities must be checked against every previous entry, and any previous edicts that it contradicts are removed. It comprises the Dogma, the six unchanging rules of Nexus; its capital crimes, enforced by the Emissary; and the Civilities, the chaotic and ever-changing body of rules, great and small.

The Dogma

No taxes shall be raised, save by the council.
None shall obstruct trade.
None shall bring an army into Nexus.
No-one shall commit wanton violence.
None may falsely claim the council's name or sanction.
None shall harbour a fugitive from the council's wrath.

Tavern of the Four Winds

The tavern is located in the depths of the Firewarden district. A small god runs the bar, though who owns it remains a mystery. The tavern was laid around the base of a large tree, branching off into many rooms with one main bar the entrance. No mortals are allowed, though all of the exalted, fair folk, spirits and ghosts are welcome. If a fight breaks out, no one seems to care. And often amazing bets are won from such warfare!

Of the entire tavern, the simple bar that seems to barely hang on hinges catches the eye. But few ever enter it.

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PostSubject: Re: Nexus - The City of Cities   Tue Aug 30, 2011 5:59 am


The Emissary

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Nexus - The City of Cities
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