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 Tribe: Black Furies

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PostSubject: Tribe: Black Furies   Fri Apr 22, 2011 7:16 am

Black Furies

Totem: Pegasus

Luna is many things. She is wondrous and capricious by turns; and she is jealous, too. You can see nightly how she turns her face toward Gaia and away from Her in turn. This is because of Luna's envy. And yet, from that envy was born a powerful tribe of warriors. Listen, cub, and you will learn. You see, when the world was young, and the Weaver had first dragged the Wyrm into her web to strangle from it its secrets, Gaia could tell that ill would come of that struggle. She felt the darkness of the future as you would feel an oncoming fever, or as a pregnant mother feels her child's strength. So She gathered Her strength, and from it She gave birth to the Garou and to all the other shapeshifters besides.

Luna watched as the shapeshifters were born and gladly offered her favor to them when Gaia asked her to do so. But it troubled Luna that of all the creatures running wild and free, none were truly hers. All belonged to Gaia first and venerated Luna second. So Luna decided that she wanted children as devoted to her as they were to Gaia. She looked all across the world as she traveled above it, and finally she found what she was looking for — a band of female Garou who patrolled the shores of the Mediterranean. "Yes," thought Luna, "they'll do nicely."

Wearing the face of the Huntress , Artemis, Luna descended among the Garou. Instantly, each dropped to one knee before the splendid sight of the Moon Huntress. She smiled at that and said, "You know who 1 am." As one, the five bowed their heads, and the first and most beautiful among them — her name was Medusa—spoke. "Majesty, we could not fail to know you," she said. "Our blood sings your name to us.

Artemis smiled then. "Listen," she said. "I've looked across the world, and you five are the strongest women that have ever shared food and drink. You are wild and stubborn, and for that I want your service."
Again, the five bowed as one. "Majesty," rumbled Isthsmene, "we could ask nothing more." Artemis walked among them then, and to each woman she gave a gift. "To you, Euryale, I grant my Cloak; for you, Helena, my Salve. Stheno, I grant you my Bridle; and Medusa, take my Loom. Isthsmene, you may take my Bow, and may you slay many beasts with it in my name.

"But listen: The power I grant you is yours only so long as you keep yourselves pure and true to my wishes. You cannot teach the lore I give you to the sons of man or wolf, for they would be confused and clumsy with such knowledge. This power and wisdom is yours alone." She smiled, and spread her hands. "And now, I must leave you." "But, wait!"cried Helena."You haven't told us the secrets of these treasures yet! How can we use them in your name ?" Artemis smiled as she climbed back into the sky. "I shall always be with you, but I will not share my secrets with the world! What I have to share is for you and your daughters alone — and not for idle ears. Look for me in the wildest and most remote places; there I will tell you the secrets of Sun and Moon."

To this day, the daughters of those first Black Furies guard the wildest places. There they speak to Artemis, Hunter of the Moon. But because Luna is fickle, they have yet to learn all of her secrets. Nonetheless, they now that Artemis' wisdom is for them alone, and woe to the would-be eavesdropper who tries to steal lore from the Furies!

Recent History
The Furies are becoming spread all too thin in these Final Days. Their struggle to improve Woman's lot has" borne some fruit, at least in some cultures. However, they have so much further to go that many despair of accomplishing their goals before the Apocalypse comes. What's more, the Furies are beginning to become far too rare to devote proper attention both to their social agendas and to defending the Wyld. Every year, more Furies die than are born, and every year, more of the Wyld places are defiled. Even their recruitment of females from other tribes is not enough, Today, many Furies feel torn between their duties, as they believe that the tribe cannot win both the war for women's status and the war for the Wyld. The Black Furies today remain too proud to ask (or trust) the other tribes to help, and some pessimists outside the tribe claim that the Furies will snap if they keep trying to bear half the world on their shoulders.

In defiance, the Furies struggle even harder in the Final Days to protect their charges. Several Furies have traveled into Bosnia/Herzegovina over the past few years, determined to put an end to the rape camps and worse that have sprung up there. Few of those crusaders have been heard from since, leading some of their sisters to believe that great and noisome powers are lurking in the area, feeding off the anguish of the locals. Other Furies have passed into Bar; Amsterdam, New York and Hong Kong, where the found foul evidence of a conspiracy that feeds the Defiler Wyrm with the violation of innocents. Some Furies have
asked the other Garou to aid them against this network of depravity, but most, upon witnessing the suffering of its victims, are too enraged even to spare a thought for allies.

The Black Furies are scattered across the wqfjd, and they jealously guard most of their caerns in the wildest, most secluded places. They allow no lupus or homid male to serve in the tribe, and they usually forbid such werewolves from the Furies' sacred sites. Oddly enough, they accept the metis sons of Furies into their ranks, although male metis never gain much prestige or responsibility in the tribe and usually
remain in supporting roles.

The entire tribe takes its direction from the rulings of two circles, or Calyxes. The Outer Calyx is composed of 13 Furies, chosen by lot, who come from all over the world.

These Furies coordinate the tribe's activities across the globe, and each one oversees a certain region and administrates the edicts of the Inner Calyx when necessary. The Inner Calyx consists of five Furies chosen by Artemis herself. These five are reputedly the keepers of the sacred treasures and certainly the highest law of the tribe. Each one exemplifies a certain role (or facet of Artemis) and is a sterling representative of her auspice. The five are the First Daughter (Ragabash), the Elder Crone (Theurge), the Great Mother (Philodox), the Mistress of Artisans (Galliard) and the Chief Warrior (Ahroun). These five are not always of the highest Rank; Artemis herself determines the worthiness of a member of the Inner Calyx and does not share her reasons..

  • Amazons of Diana: This secret order is dedicated foremost to the ideal of protecting women from abuse. The Amazons run the gamut from patient social workers who operate women's clinics to vicious warriors who stalk and dismember rapists and sex offenders. They rarely cooperate with male Garou and gladly perpetuate the bloody rivalry between the Furies and the Get of Fenris.

  • Freebooters: By comparison, the Freebooters are interested more in discovering and defending lost sacred ground or undiscovered sites of the Wyld. They operate mostly on the fringes of human society, as they prefer their missions even over tribal politics. Freebooters are known for capturing Wyrm fetishes and placing them under the tribe's protectijp, as well as being the advance guard to reclaim lost caerns. Always leaping into the next adventure, they certainly make for interesting companions.

  • Moon-Daughters: This camp concerns itself mostly with the mysticism that is its tribe's birthright, and the Moon-Daughters often distribute filtered-down Fury spirituality into various human subcultures. They are about as egalitarian and accepting as Fury camps get, and they work constantly to raise the consciousness of the humans around them. However, outsiders who dismiss the Moon-Daughters as yet another New Age or pagan sect often miss the point — the Daughters are as ferocious in battle as any of their sisters, and their patience is hardly limitless.

You are Garou. You understand that the connections of the spirit world, of spirit and flesh, are far more than superstition. Then why can you not understand that sex has its own power and wisdom? You need to leave your pathetic pop psychology behind and accept that our roles have been set since before humanity was baking clay bricks in the sun.
--Cassandra Shadow-Watcher, Black Fury Theurge

Book: Tribe Book

Confessors from Legend of the Seeker
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PostSubject: Re: Tribe: Black Furies   Fri Apr 22, 2011 7:36 am


The Furies claim that Pegasus sprang from the blood spilled by the Gorgons. Finally horrified by her daughter's deeds, it is said, Gaia herself sent Pegasus to reason with the Gorgons, and to teach Man the ways of harmony. To do so, the Incarna wove together the chimaera, a patchwork creature combining Man's arrogant strength, nobility and lust. She then searched for a man to slay this rampaging monster. His name was Bellerophon, and he seemed noble enough to become her companion. They drove the chimaera from the mortal world, and the totem helped him heal the breach between woman and man.

But in time Bellerophon because arrogant; his power corrupted him and he became just another tyronnos, a petty ruler on man's throne. Pegasus finally killed him in disgust and devoted herself to the Furies, turning her white coat black to match their own. Her example had not been lost on them, hoever, and she stands to this day as a beacon of cooperation, tolerance, and forbearance.

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Tribe: Black Furies
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