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 Tribe: Get of Fenris

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PostSubject: Tribe: Get of Fenris   Fri Apr 22, 2011 6:58 am

Get of Fenris

Totem: Fenrir

The Get of Fenris know the truth: Gaia created them as vessels of vengeance. The humans of the great, frozen north lands killed the wolves without remorse, and so She created the Get of Fenris to return the favor. When they'd tamed or killed the most ruthless humans, they slowly joined with the culture of their onetime enemies and even began mating with them. Long after others had abandoned the Impergium, the Get continued the duties they'd received, dealing death to the careless and watching over the remaining Scandinavian tribes. Looking back at the recent past, many of them feel they'd have been better off to continue the killings. The Get learned from the Norse men. They learned the glory of combat and the joy of killing an enemy: lessons they've never forgotten.

When their Norse Kinfolk moved to other lands, the Get went with them to serve as protectors and sometimes as leaders. Wherever they went, the Get of Fenris sought out the other werewolf tribes, watched them and learned their ways. What they saw disgusted the Get. Most other Garou were weak, barely managing to hold their lands and seldom doing anything at all to keep control of their human Kinfolk.

When the time came, the Get began teaching their werewolf brethren a few hard lessons. Most important of all was simply this: Protect yourselves and your caerns, because if you can't, we'll do it for you. The Get of Fenris are warriors. They fight the Wyrm, its minions and all who need killing, and they fight the other Garou to make sure that all are ready when the time for Ragnarok — the final battle with the Wyrm — comes around. They fight because they must. In distant times, they were content to fight only when the need arose, but these days the struggle demands that they constantly test their Garou cousins, whether
their cousins like it or not.

For much of their time the Get have managed to keep at least a handful of the tribes constantly offended by Get attitudes. They don't care. The time for polite conversation, if such a time ever existed, is long past. Ragnarok comes soon enough, and everyone the Get strengthen will be grateful for such efforts. Until that time, the other tribes may whine and whimper about this "mistreatment." Until they stand and fight, the Get choose not to listen.

Recent History
Since the time of the second Great War, the Get have seen dissension within their ranks. A few still contend that Hitler had the right idea: Kill the weak completely and save them the inevitable suffering. While such extreme survivalists find the idea sound, the vast majority can't tolerate the idea of genocide — that is the way of the Wyrm and the way of the fool humans who can't be trusted to know better. But the supremacists are still out there claiming that only the Get and their Kinfolk have the right to survive. The struggle has produced fragmentation among the Get of Fenris. The camps war among themselves, each determined to seize control of the tribe and lead the way to victory. While not all of the Get are members of camps, they all feel the repercussions of this strife just the same.

Older battles still continue to rage as well. The Wendigo have long contended that the Get's interference in the Pure Lands is at least partially responsible for the Wyrm coming to North America. The Get don't agree. To the Get, the Pure Ones' own lack of fighting skill and general complacency made the Wyrm's arrival inevitable. Just recently, the Wendigo began trying to take back what the Get of Fenris claimed by force over a hundred years ago. The Get aren't exactly waiting around for the attacks. These days, they're actually fanning the fires.

At the worst possible time, the humans have begun making life especially difficult, threatening the rights of all to arm themselves and fretting over whether or not each action another makes is "politically correct." The Get have no time for such nonsense. As human militias gather their arms and prepare to fight against the country that granted them their freedoms, the Get gird themselves for battle and prepare for the bloody carnage to come.

The Get remain convinced that Ragnarok is upon the world. The time for niceties is past. Even as they deal with their skirmishes, they prepare for all-out war against Jormungandr — the Wyrm — and its minions.

The Get of Fenris are ruled by Jarls. The tribe chooses Jarls for their ability to fight and their ability to lead, in that orderr While each Jarl has advisors, it is his option to ignore them, so long as he can keep his title. It's not uncommon for a Jarl to fall in ritual combat only months after taking his command. Younger, stronger Get are always around the comer and always looking for any sign of weakness. Jarls may be overthrown only in ritual combat held after moots, and only if there are other Get to witness the battle. Anyone eager to take a Jarl's place had best be among the finest warriors the Get ever produced, however, as the Get often fight to the death.

As stated earlier, the tribe is somewhat fragmented. Most Get still manage to work together, but there are growing political factions that are beginning to make noises of conquest, of seizing power in the tribe. Some of the factions seek control, others seek only a voice in tribal affairs. Either way, as is usually the case with the Get of Fenris, they will be heard.

  • The Fangs of Garm: The Fangs of G arm are among the most active of Garou in protecting the innocent. The best way to save people from the Wyrm, they insist, is to make certain the Wyrm never touches them. Where areas of high crime exist, the Fangs are likely to form neighborhood watch teams and vigilante groups to end the problem. Among the Get of Fenris, the Fangs of Garm are the most sympathetic to the other tribes. The Fangs often demonstrate at Native American protests and fight for the rights of
    North America's first citizens. This camp is just as likely to make its sympathies known at gay rights and NAACP rallies. The Fangs are at least willing to listen to the Children of Gaia, and they often have dealings with the Wendigo and Uktena tribes; nevertheless, the Fangs' relations with the Pure Ones are sometimes strained. It should be noted that the Fangs, like virtually all Get, still believe themselves stronger and more skilled than the average Garou, but they're willing to overlook the others' flaws and work with their cousins anyway.

  • The Hand of Tyr: These Get hold to a simple, old school philosophy: The only good death is one that happens in glorious combat. Nothing is more important to the members of the Hand than victory and an honorable death. However, their love of honor has led them to severely punish all whom they see as useless for anything other than fertilizer. The camp is well known for its brutal reprisals against murderers, drug dealers, child molesters and rapists. They save the need to change into the Crinos form as a last resort, as they prefer to use their bare hands in destroying such human opponents.

  • The Valkyria of Freya: The Valkyria want equality. This camp, primarily of female Get, demands that its members' voices be heard. It wants to make certain they're seen as equals by all the Get. While this camp is small, it is sometimes among the most volatile. Some of the Valkyria want to defect and join with the Black Furies, but the long history of bad blood between the two tribes makes such unions very unlikely.

Getup! I'm not done killing you yet. You fight like a woman, now die like a man!
-- Kaavi Axe-Hurler, Get of Fenris Ahroun

Book: Tribe Book
Example: Ahroun, Ragabash Get of Fenris
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PostSubject: Re: Tribe: Get of Fenris   Fri Apr 22, 2011 7:43 am


Great Fenris is a Harsh task master. He demands endless sacrifice from his Get. And in return, he grants them the power to survive at almost any cost. The price for cowardice is death, for Fenris cannot abide the fearful heart. The reward for courage is a place beside Fenris himself when the Ragnarok is finally at its climax and the final battle rages at Vigrithr.

The spirit who follow Fenris are for the most part as harsh and unforgiving as Fenris himself. Very few of Fenris' brood will tolerate even the slightest deviation from the proper rituals for summoning them. None will associate with a coward. The cold Northern territories are often affiliated with the brood of Fenris, and not unjustly so. Many of the spirit who join Fenris appear cold and barren when first seen. Beyond what is immediately obvious, however, a wealth of beauty and power waits. At all times, the brood of Fenris note how the Garou they meet act, and report any impropriety to Fenris.

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Tribe: Get of Fenris
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