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 Tribe: Children of Gaia

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PostSubject: Tribe: Children of Gaia   Fri Apr 22, 2011 6:33 am

Children of Gaia

Totem: Unicorn

Blood. All creatures are born in the blood of their mothers, and no less so the Garou. The Children of Gaia,
however, know that they have been born twice to their calling — once from the suffering of their Mother Gaia and again from the violence that split the Garou. In the beginning, of course, there were no such things as tribes. When Gaia was first torn by the poisoned talons of the newly maddened Wyrm, She birthed the Changing Breeds from Her pain. The Garou didn't know what tribes were back then. Whether their pelts were silvery or shadowy, gray, brown or white — it made no difference.

What a different world it would have been had that lasted. But no. The Garou watched as the humans grew more numerous. They watched as the softskinned humans learned the tricks of using tools where they had no claws or building shelters to make up for their lack of pelts. They watched, and they grew angry. Where once the Garou would walk among the humans and guide them, now they stalked the hut villages by night, carrying off their victims to keep the population in check. This killing festered in the hearts of some Garou, and they went mad with the touch of Beastof- War. For the first time, Garou fought Garou over the rights to certain territories or the stewardship of certain human villages.

And in that fevered time, they slew their own cubs.

Gaia wept to see the cubs die and caught up the pups to Her breast. There She breathed new life into them and raised them among the branches of the World Tree. As they grew, they learned the secret of Death, as all wolves do. And then, Gaia taught them the secret of Life.

When the cubs grew to adulthood, Gaia brought them back to the world and charged them to teach the others the 'way of Life. But the other Garou were ashamed of their anger, and they would not listen. They wandered away, embarrassed, and in so doing split apart. To this day, the Children of Gaia strive to bring the Garou back into one tribe, to live as Gaia always intended them to.

But the Children were clever and did not speak to the Garou alone. They also went among the humans and
brought Gala's messages of love and Life with them. Few humans could bear to think of the Mother's infinite love, and they, too, wandered away from the Children. But the Children never left them, and the proof lies with the ancient Greeks — and with the humans today.

For in Greek, and then again in the languages that followed and learned from the ancient Greeks, the humans knew and spoke the true name for the Earth, the Mother — Gaia.

Recent History
The Children of Gaia have always had to struggle, and recent years are no exception. The tribe heaved a great collective sigh at the end of the Cold War, relieved at the thought that the humans might not leap as quickly into a third World War. However, the situation remains grim, and humanity will not simply stop being cruel and brutal to itself. Some Children of Gaia ran the desert sands in the Gulf War and brought back tales of the technological terrors that reaped human lives there by the hundreds. Others were caught in the horrible events of the Rwandan civil war, and they watched the Penumbra there boil with Blights as the slaughter continued. Still more went to the Balkans and were nearly devoured by the evils that humanity's hatred had awakened there.

But the Children are nothing if not persistent. Their strident cries for peace in the Garou Nation are swaying some of the younger, more open-minded werewolves — and alienating the elders who believe that the time to act is now. The Children also refuse to give up on humanity, and they strive to heal both human society and Garou society alike, even though it strains their resources more and more with each passing day.

Currently, the tribe is attempting to smooth out and further peace negotiations in the Middle East. The Children of Gaia are active in trying to bring an end to human rights violations wherever they occur. They arc also attempting to bring democracy to China and other nations whose failed attempts at Communism have brought only more hardship to their people. Unfortunately, they are meeting with resistance in China from the native shapeshifters, the hengeyokai, who firmly argue that the Children have no place in a society they do not truly understand.

Children of Gaia can be found almost anywhere around the globe. Wherever there is conflict to be resolved or suffering to be alleviated, there are likely to be Children of Gaia or their Kin trying to do so. The tribe isn't dominant in any one area; they prefer to try spreading their message as widely as possible. Many Children are nomadic or involved in missionary work with other tribes.

To the tribes who have rigidly structured hierarchies of dominance, the Children of Gaia appear to have no leaders at all; their leaders encourage the participation of the Garou beneath them in decision-making and determining tribal policy. It is true that the tribe has no overall ruler. However, the Children of Gaia understand dne value ofggqd government and have — with varying degrees of success — tried to get human societies to follow their lead. Each sept has a threefold leadership structure,. The Voice of the Goddess, traditionally a female role, is the lawgiver and policy maker of the sept. The Arm of the Goddess, usually male, is in charge of enforcing Gaia's will. The Heart of the Goddess, most often a metis or an elder past childbearing years, acts as judge and interpreter of Gaia's will.

  • Angels in the Garden: For the Angels, immunizing the youngest human generation against the Defiler Wyrm is of paramount importance. These Garou maintain an underground network among their Kin to protect children from abusers, even if it means breaking the laws against kidnapping once in a while. They also strive to inseminate children's books and other media with Gaian ideals, in hopes of turning youngsters against the Wyrm. Cynical Garou sometimes warn these Children that the Apocalypse may well
    come before this next generation grows to adulthood, and that all the Angels' work will be for naught. The Angels invariably reply that they cannot afford to take that chance.

  • Imminent Strike: Not all Children of Gaia counsel negotiation and compromise. Imminent Strike is composed of Garou who are prepared to enter the Final Battle as soon as the horn sounds, and to the Abyss with any who are reluctant to heed their call. If the other tribes cannot cooperate, Imminent Strike advises, they must be severed from the Garou Nation and abandoned to their fate. Better to lose the dead weight, say this camp's members, than to have it drag you under.

  • The Patient Deed: The antithesis of Imminent Strike, the members of The Patient Deed insist that the
    Garou can prevail only through the unity of all tribes. If the Garou cannot even solve the problems that plague their own society, how can they hope to solve the problems that plague the whole world? The Patient Deed sends missionaries to learn more about the other tribes and to promote understanding between them. Gaia needs all of Her children to defend Her. Even the willful, rebellious ones must learn
    to do their part.

Honor? You claim you duel for honor! What honor is there in abandoning your duty to Gaia, your pack and tribe? If you two duel now, then one. of you will surely die — and will have failed. What will you do then? Seek to return as a spirit to aid your cubs, who needed you alive? What of cubs who will never be born because you had to die before siring them? Pah! If either of you fools think you know what honor is, then look me in the eye and tell me!
--Michael Mountain-Shoulder, Child of Gaia Ahroun

Book: Tribe Book
Examples: Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke CoG Ahroun
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PostSubject: Re: Tribe: Children of Gaia   Fri Apr 22, 2011 6:42 am


Totem Spirit to the Children of Gaia, unicorn stands for innocence and purity, but also stands for healing, unity and chivalry. She is the embodiment of the blissful and encompassing love of Gaia. However, doesn't mean that she is a weak totem. Only to the ignorant and unexperienced is Unicorn a totem that seems weak. Old One Horn is called that for a reason, for she has a sharp horn, and even sharper hooves… Those who follow unicorn in packs are swifter than the norm, and can move doubly fast when running. Unicorn is a totem of healing and emotion And as such packs under her excel in things relating to them. All though they have problems when it comes to harming those who aren't of the Wyrm. Those who follow unicorn gain more Wisdom renown, and will always find dealings with the Children of Gaia to go along even smoother.

However, Unicorns children must protect the weak and exploited, as long as doing so doesn't aid the Wyrm.

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Tribe: Children of Gaia
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