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 General Campaign Post

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PostSubject: General Campaign Post   Sun Apr 17, 2011 5:12 pm

Here's the idea I had for werewolf...if this sounds good, we can move along into some serious character creation. Smile If you would rather not play a modern day game, I can work up something sexy in Dark Ages.

Setting: Austin, Texas (get to use your knowledge of the city ZOMG)
Dates: 1990s
Concept: Something bad has happened in Austin, the local packs have gone silent. And the nation needs your help!
How it starts: We make characters and chat about how your pack forms, what you wanna do as a theme, and then...we play.

Can you play evil? Yes.
Can you play good? Yes.
Can you be a murderer? Yep
A saint? Mmhmm
Is there alignment? Nope, just your own idea of right and wrong. But there is the litany of rules.
Can you kill other Garou? Kinda, you have to be smart about it.
Can you plot against your party? Sure.
Do we need a healer, a tank, a--- *SMACKS WITH A ROCK* Nope! This is a game of "build a character and play"!

General info on Werewolf:

You are a Garou, a wolf. You aren't some man that gets hairy cause the moon is out, but the chosen child to fight a war. It isn't pretty. Most days, it isn't even fair. Everything may have seemed pretty normal growing up, it was just everyone else that was off. But when those tough teenage years hit, nothing would be the same. Maybe you just felt a need to run, to be free. Maybe you got in a fist fight, and everything went wrong. Maybe your family has a dark secret, and you found out when daddy came home nine feet tall, staring down on you, and calling you pup, laying down the bare bones of what was really up in this world. Just know, if we don't fight, it all goes down from here.

There's a bright red star in the sky. It's getting bigger. Science guys have some fun theories. We know the truth. Gehenna is coming like a freight train out of control. So the choice is yours. Man up, or die with your tail between your legs.

We run in packs, formed during a rite of passage. We have five faces of the moon for the paths we are trained in. Not everyone can be the warrior. But everyone can kick some ass.

(Auspices - think of these like roles - with limitless possibilities)
• Ahrouns, the full moons, they fight hard. They protect us, lead the charge, and can't be stopped. (warriors of AWESOME)
• Galliards, the gibbous moon, they sing our stories, keep the histories, tell the tales. Without them, we wouldn't know what the hell was going on. (storytellers, warriors)
• Philodox, the half moon, are the mediators and judges. They are the spanish inquisition, and no you don't expect them. (judges, warriors)
• Theurge, the crescent moon, are the seers. They hold us true to the spirit world, speak to our ancestors and help us remember what we fight for. (shamans, healers, seers, warriors)
• Ragabash, the new moon, are the tricksters. Don't underestimate their duty for a bunch of pranks. If we don't question, we're just a bunch of army brats. (tricksters, warriors)

((Why is warrior in each of those? Cause they all are killing machines!))

Next you have our tribes. These are sometimes thicker than blood. Most of us are born to a tribe. Some are just meant to join them.

(Tribes, you MUST belong to one. Each one has an amazing history, story, and bad ass options)
• Black Furies —An Amazon Brigade styled after Greek mythology. Weakness: Easier time frenzying against men.
• Bone Gnawers —Urban Garou who stick to the slums. "The Glass Walkers keep an ear to the streets; the Bone Gnawers are the streets." Weakness: Outcasts. Increased social difficulties with other Garou
• Children Of Gaia —Peace-loving pacifists and/or Church Militants. Weakness: Pierced Veil. Muggles are more likely to remember their beast forms.
• Fianna —Celtic bards with a love of beer and song. Weakness: Low Self Control, harder to maintain willpower.
• Get of Fenris —Nordic Proud Warrior Race Guys. How the Garou see the Get tends to be how other supernaturals see the Garou: Loud and beligerent, but not to be crossed. Weakness: Intolerance against a specific type of person or concept.
• Glass Walkers —Urban Garou who deal with high class, technology, business, and organized crime. Weakness: Weaver Affinity. Can't regain Gnosis in the wilderness.
• Red Talons —An all-wolf tribe fanatically opposed to humans and civilization. Has an obviously dim view of the Glass Walkers. Weakness: Wyld Affinity. Can't regain Gnosis in cities.
• Shadow Lords —European nobility with less-than-scrupulous methods. Weakness: Heavy social stigma against failure.
• Silent Striders —Travellers and necromancers who resemble the Egyptian god Anubis. Usually come from African or Romany stock. Weakness: Haunted. Entering the Spirit World risks accosting by ghosts.
• Silver Fangs —The traditional ruling tribe, based in Russia. High breeding is valued and incest is high. Weakness: With Great Power Comes Great Insanity (well, more like mild insanity but still).
• Stargazers —Ascetic monks and astrologers from the Far East. Best known for developing Kailindo, a type of Supernatural Martial Arts that utilizes werewolves' shapeshifting and wind magic. Weakness: Obsession with puzzles.
• Uktena —Mystics who delve for new secrets...sometimes from dubious sources. Originally just Magical Native Americans, but count Blacks, Latinos, and others among their ranks in modern nights. Weakness: Obsession with secrets
• Wendigo —Native American Proud Warrior Race Guys with a dim view of non-Natives. Weakness: Varies by season. Shapeshifting penalties in spring, easier time frenzying in summer, willpower penalties in fall, but higher damage resistance in winter.

The Story So Far...
The Septs (home bases garou live in) of Texas include three that rule the fine lone star state: Dallas (Get of Fenris run it), Houston (Glass Walkers run it), and Austin (Silver Fangs run in). The years have been good ones, but a war had an option of breaking out between Austin and a few smaller septs in the Hill Country (san marcos, etc). Dallas and Houston are concerned, and sending out a call for packs to check into Austin. The sept...has gone silent... That's not normal, in the slightest.

Your pack could start off in Austin, or be travelling there to help investigate matters. Your theme of your pack, what you want to do is -entirely- in your hands. Evil? Good? PFTTT! Who needs it. The only limits are in your own head.

MOVIES to give you an idea:

Lucian would be a Shadow Lord: https://youtu.be/Hy1hgZsKuM8
Brotherhood of the Wolf, Mani would be an Uktena: https://youtu.be/TTwkbTUpsgg
Doc Holliday would be a Glass Walker Ragabash: https://youtu.be/8yDgkvWh3JQ
13th warrior, the blondes are Get of Fenris, the red heads are Fianna, and Antonio B is a Silent Strider: https://youtu.be/tL1acYvpR_E
13th warrior, the tall blonde ordering the fight is a Get of Fenris pack alpha, the shortie getting into a fight is a Fianna Ragabash, Antonio B is a Silent Strider Galliard: https://youtu.be/sp1mzx5O4ao
13th warrior, example of a Get of Fenris Theurge seer at a Sept, building a war party of packs: https://youtu.be/ciUd0f5Xjos

Get the feelin for it? Very Happy

Option 1: (Old School) Werewolf: The Apocalypse
Time: options include Medieval and Modern Day, modern may be way easier and I have a plot already set ...for Austin even!
Concept: The world is nearing the final age before the true end, the Apocalypse. In the birthing of our world, there once thrived magic and spirits. Protectors were chosen from the great beasts, those of wolves. You are all that remains of the first tribes, to gather in packs, and fight the two raging forces that would destroy all that remains pure. When Gaia (the spirit of earth and all life) dies, all perishes. Your enemies are the Wyrm (chaos, destruction driven mad ages past) and the Weaver (technology and borglike logical thought and creation). But even the tribes at times cannot work together, for everyone has a differing view upon how. This is the 6th age of the age, with the 7th and final nearing close.
Websites: http://whitewolf.wikia.com/wiki/Werewolf:_The_Apocalypse

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