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 Artifacts: All kinds of power

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PostSubject: Artifacts: All kinds of power   Thu Sep 09, 2010 3:56 pm

** These are first round drafts of the artifacts the circle owns!!! I will edit and change them, just work with me. Smile **

Skin of Blades (artifact 4)
Leather Armor
Owner: Theon
Magical Materials: mix of metals (none celestial), deep sea shark
Black leather with racing lines of red leather, bladed and dangerous. The razor lines are made of refined bone of deep sea shark teeth, blazed in fires from southern lava stone, gilded in a mix of metals. This armor is a lost piece of the First Age, once worn by Starless Sky/Nialle, solar night caste.

* Hides under clothing
* When grappled, destroys the clothing of the enemy
* 6L/5B soak
* Breaks grapples
* +4L damage when fighting hand to hand or grappled

North Wind
Power Bow
Owner: Ivory Storm Hunter
Magical Materials: Moonsilver, glacial sapphires
Spd 6 Acc 0 Dmg +2L Rate 2 Range 150
This power bow is a beautiful design of moonsilver in swirls that look like winds blown with small snowflakes and inset sapphires. This was not created by any in the circle, but given by Gerd, her mentor.

* 1M - bolt explodes 20 yd diameter on impact, must be a successful hit. The bolt must be made with a blue or black jade arrowhead. (3 resources to keep supplies)
* Make a Dex + Archery, # of successes is how many minutes the cloud exists
* Cloud causes 6 - STA lost from Dex pool (from shivering)
* with 3 successes, targets in cloud grappled in place by frost

Skein of the Hidden
Coat of Fey Hair
Owner: Archimedes
Magical Materials: Fae Hair
Made of the refined hair shorn from the head of Sinclair/Sireeliar the fae king, snatched by Theon and given to Archimedes. Archimedes made this upon a loom marked in arcane symbols. Silver Python and other no moons aided in the process. It is floor length, warm, with a softness to it. It is purest silver white.

* Cloak can make the wearer invisible, but not silent.
* +2 dif to hear the stealthed player.
* 5M to enact the stealth, but only for the wearer.

Widow's Grasp
Owner: Onyx
Magical Materials: Black Jade

* Widow's Strike - Successful MA attacks incur 2L damage from acidic venom
* 3M climb on non-lethal surfaces, like a spider climb ability

Unending Tide (artifact 5)
Owner: was Pojashi, being repaired
Magical Material: Blue Jade, breath of the Dragon of Water

Forgive me on getting these stats together, working on it. It is one of the most powerful artifacts the group has. This armor is for a Martial Artist, designed for enhancing those forms.

Also I did alot of research on "repairing artifacts". This one is pretty damaged. I have a list of issues. I will work with Swede on it. He has completed all the repairs he can without the right tools or a workshop/workshop manse. Possible help includes Rain Deathflyer and Ivory's Manse.

The Black Box (artifact rating N/A)
Owner: Archimedes
Magical Materials: unknown
(will post em as you KNOW them, not posting all available. it's tooo powerful for that Smile )
3M shadowy world preview
6M open a portal, focus on the person or place
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Artifacts: All kinds of power
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