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 Infernals: Deeper than Neverborn

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PostSubject: Infernals: Deeper than Neverborn   Thu Sep 09, 2010 3:55 pm

For centuries, most of the yozis despaired of ever gaining their freedom. He who had become the Ebon Dragon, however, did not. His nature had changed the least since before the Primordial War, and much of his craft and cleverness remained in him as he descended into the Demon City. As time unfurled, he watched and waited. He contemplated the Abyss at the center of the Underworld and made contact with those at its event horizon -- the Neverborn, the dreaming souls of his slain kin. From them he learned the secrets of the Great Curse and how to recognize its effects upon the heroes of Creation. He watched as the Celestial Exalted all went mad in their own ways. He inhaled the discontent of the Terrestrial Exalted and recognized in it certain delectable potentials. Many bitter Dragon-Bloods turned to the Yozis for help during this time, causing some of the prisoners to rejoice. The Ebon Dragon withheld judgment, however, certain that something momentous was coming.

He was right, and the storm that broke over Creation was cause for much celebration in Hell. The Terrestrial Exalted threw down the Solars, the Lunars were scattered, and...something happened to the Sidereals. Creation was in turmoil. and for a time, the akuma flourished. The Yozis urged their beaten king, now called Malfeas, to take some action or come up with some plan to capitalize on Creation's instability, but Malfeas could do nothing. The Ebon Dragon, likewise, was powerless, but still he watched and contemplated, refusing to give up hope. He turned his eyes once more toward the Abyss and waited to see what the Neverborn would do.

What they did was reach out to the souls of their slain does who either plunged into the Underworld or hovered around an odd jade construction sunk into the bottom of the Inland Sea. Similar to the way the Yozis turned mortals and the Exalted into the akuma, the Neverborn rebuilt the ghosts of the slain Solars into more powerful versions of themselves, yet ones still beholden to their Neverborn masters. This turn of events intrigued the Ebon Dragon, but less so that the jade object on the sea floor. With careful, roundabout inquiries, he managed to discover that it was a prison containing the essential cores that had given the Solar Exalted their power. These Essences, these Exaltations, were masterworks of motic filtration, amplification and conversion, designed by the Primordial deserter Autochthon. They were effectively eternal and indestructible, losing no function between successive iterations of bonding with and empowering mortal souls.

The Ebon Dragon had studied Solar Exaltations before, as had many of his fellow Yozis, in their various experiments with Solar akuma. Yet, those Exaltations had always been affixed to mortal souls, and there was just so much they could tamper with them without cutting them loose of their moorings--whereas Exaltations invariably got away. Here, however, was this Jade Prison that somehow contained the Exaltations despite their natural propensity to seek out new souls to empower. Seeing this ingenious construction, the Ebon Dragon slowly formulated a plan...

(seduction of Gorol)

Akuma - Ebon Dragon
Purpose: Find the lost work of Wyr

The Ebon Dragon needs many to complete his work. Especially in the land of mortals and small gods. So did he seek the heart and mind of a mystic on the fringes of the eastern tribes. Wrapping about her mind, he has consumed it with a task, and one task alone.

He needs it for the plans within plans.

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Infernals: Deeper than Neverborn
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