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 Timeline for Exalted

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Timeline for Exalted Empty
PostSubject: Timeline for Exalted   Timeline for Exalted EmptyThu Sep 09, 2010 3:00 pm

All things begin as they must. And some things are a silly ass mess!

For this of course is but a limited view of what has come. But it begins with some aspects of history to argue over, with a specific interest in the realm.

(Put together, editing alot of it, more to come!)

-millions years ago - Primordials Create everything...you don't know this!
(5000+ years ago) - Primordials ganked...you know this wee!

----------------------------------------AoM - Age of Man--------------------------------------------
1 - The Ochre Fountain Era so named (Creation). Queen Merela accepts the Crown of Thunders from the Unconquered Sun. Chejop Kejak is born.
9 - Brigid returns to the Ochre Fountain with the secret of sorcery.

100 - The capital of Creation is moved from Rathess to Meru.

109 - The founding of the Solar Deliberative.

110 - First Deliberative Era begins. The Deliberative renames Ochre Fountain the Realm.
(4380 years ago) 121 AoM - Autochton leaves - you don't know this!
639-652 - Dissolution Invasion
653 - Unfurling Horizon Era begins. The Deliberative begins its war of expansion against the Wyld.
1039 - Brigid vanishes.
1107-1215 - The Aftershock War where a rogue Primordial returned to make war upon Creation before its demise in 1215.
1216 - The beginning of the Shining Reflection Era, which was a renaissance of culture and art for the Exalted.
1721 - Facet Raven becomes the first Solar to die of old age.
1722-2543 - The beginning of the Thousand Struggles Era, where after the Solars discovered that they were not truly immortal, they took the opportunity to cultivate alliances and nurse grudges against each other.
1807 - Ingosh Silverclaws born.
2325-2543 - The period of time where Creation was broken, which lasted 217 years, 129 days, 11 hours, 43 minutes and 8 seconds.
2544-3203 - Second Deliberative Era begins. The Celestial Exalted found a new Deliberative with The Heirophant as its de facto leader.
3192 - I Am is activated.
3204-3516 Era of Dreams - The beginning of the last age of the Celestial Exalted prior to the Usurpation.
3255 - Admiral Leviathan (Lunar) is born.
3366 - The Black Nadir Concordat emerges from the Underworld with the secret of necromancy.
3493 - Operation Wyldhand begins, ending in 3493.
3517 - Calibration - Sidereals invoke the great prophecy (you don't know this!). The Usurpation occurs during Calibration and continues until the vast majority of the Solar Exalted are slain or imprisoned and the Lunar Exalted are driven beyond the borders of Creation.

----------------------------------------Shogunate Era--------------------------------------------
1400 years The Dragon-blooded rule over Creation for 70 mortal generations.

----------------------------------------Great Contagion Era--------------------------------------------
Causing the end of the Shogunate Era, a deadly disease is unleashed upon Creation by the heretofore unknown Deathlords killing off almost 90% of the population of Creation. This disease is known as the Great Contagion. It is unknown how long the Great Contagion ravaged Creation. The Fair Folk invade Creation in what becomes known as the Balorian Crusade in the aftermath of the Great Contagion; so named for the Raksha who lead the Crusade, Balor. It is unknown just how long the Balorian Crusade lasted.

----------------------------------------Realm Years--------------------------------------------
-1 - The Seventh Legion fortifies at Deheleshen
1 - Great Contagion ends. ( NOT COMMON KNOWLEDGE: Jade Prison sunk in the sea. ) Scarlet Empress goes after the Fair Folk, then the Seven Tigers. Then she founds the Realm.
3 - Scarlet Empress starts building the Imperial City.
12 - Scarlet Empress forms the All-Seeing Eye.
20 - The Seventh Legion starts building Lookshy on the ruins of Deheleshen. The Lintha gain control of critical food supplies in the West.
38 - Realm establishes the first ministries and magistrates.
40 - Realm re-establishes the Legions.
44 - A lovesick suitor assassinates Araka Jeresh, lover of the Scarlet Empress.
45 - Emissaries of the Scarlet Empress approach the leaders of various Scavenger Land city-states, demanding oaths of fealty. Several cities swear their allegiance. Most, including Lookshy, do not. Threats of reprisal convince a number of additional cities to change their position and sign on.
48 - The Palace of the Maximum Fallahshu reconstructed in Lookshy, resulting in the Lookshy Nexus and the sorcerer-engineer in question getting Maximum Fallahted by the god of the city.
52 - The Council of Entities takes control of Nexus.
55 - Teocalla of Tu Yu reconstructed in Lookshy. No blowjobs this time.
57 - Realm invades the Scavenger Lands. The forces of the Fourth Imperial Legion begin a systematic campaign of conquest, while notably bypassing the entrenched forces of the Seventh Legion at Lookshy. Scattered resistance quickly intensifies, and the Fourth Legion soon discovers that it controls only the area its forces currently occupy, and often not even that. Sesus McCain walks through the streets of Nexus with a thousand Imperial Heavy Plate, claims "progress is being made."
69 - After enduring 12 years of increasingly brutal guerrilla resistance, the Fourth Legion retreats to the Realm’s allied city-states. Also, Bren Marst is born in Great Forks. This probably has some formative effect on the Guild's rivalry with the Realm.
75 - The Realm invades the Scavenger Lands with four full legions. Lookshy is besieged, and Nexus itself is occupied. Resistance throughout the region is blah blah blah disorganized but scrappy rebels heroically fight the power blah blah blah.
76 - 4th destroyed by 7th, the Emissary.
81 - The Empress, perhaps realizing that she's kind of a shit warlord, tries to distract voters with linguistics policy, decreeing the separation of High and Low Realm.
83 - Ships of the Imperial Navy engage in allegedly unofficial and unsanctioned attacks on merchant vessels near the Scavenger Lands. In response, various Scavenger Land nations issue letters of marque against the Realm and begin constructing their own warships.
88 - Realm’s last full invasion of the Scavenger Lands. Marst bunkers down with the Counters, who, since this is Exalted, are a secret society of kung-fu accountant-philosophers. Take that!
89 - The Empress’s Guard is destroyed on the fields outside of Melevhil, in part due to blah blah blah Seventh Legion. This battle marks the last instance Realm troops are deployed in force against the Scavenger Lands. It's about time; Creation's history was starting to sound like a lamer "Braveheart" ripoff than "300." Marst returns to Great Forks with the Counters' insights on running large-scale for-profit operations.
90 - Frozen Wood shadowland formed by clashing Realm and Lookshyan troops.
95 - The various free city-states of the former River Province form a loose confederation, signing a treaty of mutual aid and support. The membership of this League of Many Rivers includes Lookshy, Nexus, Sijan and more than a dozen other Scavenger Land cities. For simplicity’s sake, borders for the area’s nations are based on the old administrative districts of the Dragon-Blooded Shogunate. Trade becomes easier for Brem Marst.
99 - Marst forms the Guild from merchants in the North, South, and East.
103 - The Scarlet Empress founds the Deliberative.
104-109 - Coastal states of the former River Province foreswear their fealty to the Scarlet Empire and petition to join the nascent League of Many Rivers. After much deliberation, these states are allowed to join the League. Protests from the Blessed Isle are derisively ignored.
110 - Nexus has the largest, most sophisticated, and most successful iron-workings operation in Creation. All other nations are inferior producers of potassium.
111 - Client Wars, in which Lookshy slaps a bunch of states around for fun. Lookshy then decides to be really nice to everyone from now on, and "[n]ever again would Lookshy engage in any form of imperialism. The mere suggestion of taking a state as a client, through war or otherwise, is even today looked upon as unthinkable and obscene."
111, in my Creation - Client Wars, in which Lookshy slaps a bunch of states around for fun, gets a lot of fat loot, and decides that imperialism is fun. Metics and citizens call out for more blood, and a bloated military caste feeds their lust and their own budgets by going on an endless, goalless series of adventures.
114 - Assassination attempt on the Empress; founding of the policy of the Thousand Many Paths. Empress marries Rawar of Arjuf.
117 - The Guild moves its base of operations from the Marst Family Estate in Great Forks to Nexus. I bet they totally bilk the Council for juicy tax deals, too.
130 - Birth of Manosque.
139 - Birth of Ragara.
146 - Bagrash Köl uses the Eye of Autochthon to build a great kingdom in the North, which surpasses the early Realm.
174 - Nine Duchies Banner is raised to the northwest across the Inland Sea. Three legions are sent to crush it, which of course they do.
176 - Bagrash Köl destroyed by the Eye.
181 - Rain Deathflyer brokers a one-century peace deal with the raksha, lead by Prince Slulura. Silver Python happens to be there, but this was all him. Course history may say it was Silver. But he knows the truth. So do the fae, and quietly forces always try to take him out. Then it's open season mortals!
202 - The Thousand Scales reaches its current form, which the Realm somehow manages to deal with for the next half a millennium.
211 - Tamuz Delzahn Horde conquers Chiaroscuro, offers fealty to the Realm. He's a first age Lunar, but you don't know that...shhhh!
223 - Satrapic rights and duties are finalized with all states along Inland Sea and many well into the Threshold.
227 - Nellens starts boning the Empress.
231 - Sesus born.
235 - Ledaal born.
244 - Manosque Viridian uses the Eye of Autochthon in an attempt to stage a coup. He is destroyed by the defenses of the Realm, and his House is put to the sword.
261 - Nellens dies. Bye bye thanks for the fish.
263 - Tensions heighten between the Laris and Velen administrative districts over water rights concerning the Sandy River. In truth, this conflict harks back to First Age border disputes between the two districts.
265 - Velen administrative district militia forces seize control of a number of irrigation and viaduct pumping stations along the Sandy River and destroy several others. Laris retaliates by destroying the dikes at both Lowground and Sutter’s Marsh, flooding the towns. War erupts between the two powers and draws in most of the regional states.
278 - Spinner of Glorious Tales, Weaver of Dreams of Victory, and Shield of a Different Day pwn Princess Magnificent with Lips of So On and Such Forth; raise Great Forks. Mush rejoicing. yay.
281 - The raksha rise from their Freeholds and seize captives from among the Haltans. OH SHI! That century of peace is over...don't worry, they get it right again. Silver and Rain to the rescue!
299 - Trae Leng’s Revolt. Do you know who Trae Leng is? Neither do I. I'm guessing from that that it failed.
301 - House Iselsi sponsors a quasi-official Realm invasion of the Scavenger Lands that, of course, ends in disaster.
303 - House Iselsi attempts a coup after its unsuccessful adventure in the Scavenger Lands. The attempt is crushed out of hand, and the Iselsi are stripped of most of their possessions and made servants of the Scarlet Throne. Dayum!
314 - Salt is taxed at 2% in the Realm. This is actually more interesting than it sounds.
326 - Vengeful Harvest uprising.
335 - First Guild office established in the Realm, at Chanos.
362 - Tepet taken as consort.
364 - The Arczeckh Horde invades, like everywhere. Get asses kicked by Seventh Legion, Eleventh Legion, mercenaries, etcetera etcetera.
369 - Birth of Mnemon.
370 - Rawar dies.
371 - Imperial consort Tepet vanishes.
373 - Nighthammer Revolt against the Council of Entities. Emissary puts it down personally.
385 - Explosion at Versino, after which Mnemon ages not a day: she shall remain a Magical Schoolgirl forever.
412 – The Wyld Hunt brings down Arvida of the Crescent Eye, Lunar protectress of Haslan. Haslanti fracture to nigh complete destruction. This is the North yo.
416 - The Guild boycotts trade with the Blessed Isle. The Trade War ensues; resolved in RY 418 as each side recognizes how untenable continued hostilities are. Guild trade items bear an extra tariff for the next two centuries as a result.
418 - Lintha Ng Hut Dukantha born.
422 - Elevation of House Nellens. Hai we're back!
433 - Fire seen in the skies over the Imperial Mountain. Mountain People send emissary to the Empress and return with remarkable gifts, though their delegation had been reduced in number.
434-435 - Dukantha engages with Campbellian vagina metaphor; returns Exalted and with the old traditions of Kimbery. Kimbery? Yozi momma of the Lintha. Just shake in your boots and weep.
450 - In Halta, Queen Kalenen tries to seize power from the Council of Nobles. She succeeded fantastically, but her regime fell apart several years later to a countercoup. FYI, the Lunars are really in charge, but she learned the hard way. Tee hee!
465 - Unbroken Rushes Rebellion.
500 - The Guild approaches the Haslan through the Four Camps, their trading grounds. Guild begins to subvert Haslanti customs and government. North yo!
547 - The Fair Folk and the forces of the Wyld assault the Hundred Kingdoms.
550 - Treaties renegotiated with Chiaroscuro and other major cities to relax tariffs.
554 - The Fair Folk are driven back. Bye bye ....again.
557 - In the wake of the Fair Folk invasion, representatives from the Scavenger Lands’ major powers forge a stronger defensive alliance, the Confederation of Rivers.
570 - House Iselsi is officially dismantled. The Mouth of Peace, an Iselsi, is murdered under "mysterious circumstances." Truly, a mystery worthy of Solar Investigation Charms!
578-585 - War against the Anathema Jochim. Tepet Arada earns his Daiklave by ending it. Yay he gets Tepet's sword!
580 - Guild influence is pushed back to the Four Camps in Haslan territory. Haslan say screw you!
583 - Gerd Marrow-Eater, no moon Lunar, unites the Haslan into the Haslanti League, crushes the Four Camps. POW bitches! North yo!
591 - Ragara’s Widows Uprising.
674-724 - Wyld Storms blow through Haslanti League. Poor north yo.
707 - Bloodied Scythe Uprising.
748 - The Autocrat of Thorns dies. His younger son conspires with the Realm to invade the Confederation of Rivers in exchange for the throne of Thorns. The Realm sends a complement of Dragon-Blooded “advisors” to aid the younger son in his bid for power. Afterward, the Scarlet Empress legitimizes the usurper. The Realm then sends additional “advisory” forces to Thorns, along with a large supply of First Age armaments, under the pretense of loaning them to the Realm’s new ally.
752 - Those who learn nothing from history are doomed to invade the Scavenger Lands over and over and over again. Silly invaders.
754 - The forces of Thorns and their Dragon-Blooded allies are defeated at the Battle of Mishaka. With its military annihilated, Thorns teeters on the brink of civil war. The Autocrat maintains his rule only thanks to his Dragon-Blooded allies.
761 - The Bulls starts butchering the Linowan.
763 - The Scarlet Empress vanishes.
764 - The Council of the Empty Throne. Armies of Mask of Winters attack and sack Thorns. Vile Whispers gets his manse! Very Happy The Battle of Krellin Ford: Four Dragons of the Tepet Forces defeats Five dragons under the Dragon-Blooded Mors Ialden and force them to retreat.
Council of the Empty Throne in the Realm
The Bull of the North’s Forces under Mors Ialden are backed up by Samea and two Dragons and devastate the pursuing Tepet Legions.
The Deathlord Mask of Winters attacks and sacks Thorns
The Battle of Ironthorn Forest: Half the Tepet Legions attack and wound Samea, forcing a retreat. The Bull of the North slays seven Immaculates, and his summoned creatures destroy five Warstriders
The Battle of Fallen Lapis: Two Bronze Faction Sidereals destroy the allied city of Fallen Lapis, slaying all inhabitants. The Bull of the North and Samea slay one Sidereal and devastate their forces.
Tepet Arada, “The Wind Dancer”, orders a retreat to Greyfalls.
The Battle of Futile Blood: the Bull of the North’s Forces destroys the remainder of the Tepet Legions. The Battle of Futile Blood, the Bull of the North slaughters the remainder of the Tepet Legions, under the command of Tepet Arada, in the Valley of Shards. Arada leaves the battle field, to seek a monk's life in the immaculate order.
765 - Arada vanishes without trace, he hates contemplating his navel, though some sightings have placed him in the homesteads of friends most ancient, and in lands least expected. His final marked entry on the Blessed Isle has him leaving to the North.
766 - One of the true tombs of Starless Sky is found and opened by a circle of Abyssals. They claim a prize most powerful and begin scheming on plans of world domination. Go Vile Go!
768 - Year One of our Campaign:
-- Silver Python foresees a great prophecy some call The Black Sun. It is given when binding the first circle of Solar and Lunar after ages apart.
-- Sal'Maneth is reopened, awakening Jakou Prince of the West and Azure Claw of Luna.
-- The tomb of Klay-Kun the god of seals is found by the circle. They learn of five keepers, five stones, to unlock something lost.
-- Rumors begin in the Imperial City as houses seek control of the throne. A series of names are provided. In a brash move, the Regent is replaced by a Ragara. One of three exalts will claim the throne: Cathak Cainin, Mnemon, or Tepest Ejava.
-- Ma-Ha-Suchi calls together the Lunars of the east for a Moot and discusses the concerns of the Bull of the North invading their territories. He continues his constant invasion and warring against Dragon-Blooded in the east, focusing on Greyfalls and outlying strongholds. His motives are difficult to glean by Lunar and Dragon-Blooded.
-- Arada surfaces in Nexus before Calibration.
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Timeline for Exalted
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