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 Jericho "Jim Bob" Jimenez, The Barbed Wire Bard

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PostSubject: Jericho "Jim Bob" Jimenez, The Barbed Wire Bard   Jericho "Jim Bob" Jimenez, The Barbed Wire Bard EmptyThu Apr 23, 2015 11:35 am

Things tagged in Spoiler are read at your own risk and are very much meta-knowledge your character would not have unless specifically revealed. Do not read if you want surprises.

Character Name: Jericho Jimenez
Player Name: Marissa
Internet Handle: Barbed_Wire_Bard
Clan: Gangrel
Sabbat/Independent?: Independent
Path: Power and the Inner Voice (*)
Sire: Rosco P. Coltrane Edwards

Personal Quote: "So this one time we put an onion soaked in blood on Roscoe's belt to get Peaches to play 'chase'. Took out two trees and part of the fence. But my point is that you got to incentivize people now a-days if you need 'em to do what yew want!"


If you had a title, or nickname, what would it be? His sire keeps slipping up and calls him Jim-Bob, and it tends to get stuck. But he vastly prefers Jericho.

Appearance: "Scruffy" was a word invented with Jericho in mind. A scraggly bit of beard and mustache that occasionally gets waxed and curled, and a shaggy, unkempt mane of black hair. Blue jeans with worn spots and old (cleaned) mud stains. Typically black or red flannel, with a little tarnished turquoise broach on his throat. Big black texas ten-gallon, dark brown eyes, and a pair of dark hide boots completes the Jericho ensemble.

Jericho "Jim Bob" Jimenez, The Barbed Wire Bard 1b336329d73961dcbf6cc110f0592e6b


Personality: Jericho comes across as a dumb hick country Gangrel who don't know nothing and ain't possibly ever done nothing. His accent is thick, his manners thicker... when he talks in more then a grunt and a slouch. This appearance of dumb, slightly naive Texan lends the man a perpetual halo of innocence. No-one can picture him ever doing anything actively malicious or conniving. He's good ol'Jim-Bob Jericho. Helps Jake out with work, sets up his sire and the other country Gangrel with free HBO.


History Before Embrace:

This is a man with a foot in both fields of Gangrel. He was a brat from a shifty suburb on the outskirts of San Antonio. Half the people were new money moving in, and the other half were old poverty, illegals and rednecks with rusted out old cars out back. He moved to Austin almost as soon as he turned 18 and never looked back.


Then his family came into town. To show he wasn't "Too Good" for family, he accompanied them to Don Depot, better known as the very scary bar on old 5th. One scary lapdance from a pregnant 'waitress', and Jericho finally got up to use the bathroom and escape out the window. Next thing he knows, he's waking up in the cab of a truck with a crying redneck who asks that he call him 'daddy'.

The rest is history.

After Embrace: Some people have it rough when they know from Minute One they're an "oops" embrace. Why did my sire do it? Does he wish the condom hadn't broken? Angst city, ya know?

Jericho couldn't be happier. Some of the aspects of Kindred he's still getting accustomed to. The ongoing war and madness started by the new Brujuh hasn't exactly made things easy. But he doesn't sparkle, Roscoe is pretty understanding about his childe being a little more City then Country, and Jake is like a second (third?) father to him.

Loves: Computers, anything connected to the internet, "Smart" technology, electronics, cameras, spy movies, coffee, punk chicks, androgynous suits, bright lights, circuit boards, food, being underestimated.

Hates: Heavy physical labor, authority, getting dirty, chick flicks, authority, having his knowledge of computers challenged, how hackers and hacking are portrayed in film, authority, getting made fun of for having been a hick when he's not actually being one.

Favorite thing in the world: Tom Hiddleston is his Idol.

Interesting Flaws or Quirks: Jericho dearly misses eating. Very occasionally he'll taste mortal food (in privacy) even though he throws it right back up if he actually eats. He'll also come up with the weirdest analogies or stories to explain something.

Ambition: Jericho? Ambition? NAAAH. He just wants peace and quiet for all kindred kind. Especially on his lawn. Getting pretty tired of people shooting each other up on the lawn.
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Jericho "Jim Bob" Jimenez, The Barbed Wire Bard
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