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PostSubject: Ivory   Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:39 pm

Upon returning to the inn Ivory made herself a stiff drink with a little something extra mixed in. After all that had happened in that dark place below the tavern she needed it to relax. Drink in hand she wandered over to a chair near the doors to the balcony, sank into it and closed her eyes. For a brief moment she considered sitting outside but could already feel the burns on her skin from the trip to and from the tavern and did not relish the idea of spending any more time out in that heat that she had to.

Opening her eyes she looked over at Opal and for a moment thinks how have I become so attached to him in such a short time? With a half smile she says quietly “That dragon blood Onyx is going to be nothing but trouble Opal. In return for his help in delivering a message to the rose black we promised to take him to meet this odd creature we found the other night. None of us knew what it was, not even Lilith. Dane’s anima burned it when he used it to light up the room.” Sighing she took another long drink from her glass. “When we took Onyx to see it again down in the runes of Hollow the fool attacked it but the scary thing is I could swear it was only playing with him right up until Archimedes and Vile joined the fray and then Archimedes turned on his cast mark and it was all over. There is not much left of whatever it was. Pity to because while it may be for the best that something burned by sunlight is dead I still wish I’d had a chance to learned more about it first.”

For a long moment she stares down into her drink and just lets her mind drift thinking of nothing in particular. Glancing up again she says “I hope Arada did not treat you too poorly. While I am no match for one such as him I will not stand by an allow someone to harm those I care for. I’m sorry I was unable to come for you myself but I had a promise to fulfill with Onyx and Dane had volunteered to do so as the dark one did not like him much anyway not that I can blame it for that.”

Glancing longingly out the window she says wistfully “I cannot wait for the winter to get here. I miss the colds winds of the north and the snows that cover my home. I would like for you to visit there with me someday.” Closing her eyes she imagines sitting on the balcony at home with just Opal for company sipping some of his hot chocolate and listening to the sea rage against the cliff far below.
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PostSubject: Re: Ivory   Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:44 pm

Opal smiled like a secret friend spying their lover returning. When she settled with her drink, speaking away, he snagged a large piece of ice from his own drink and set to rubbing it along her pink face, her temples, even those hands if she let him. At times, he would blow across it making the air cooler on her now dripping skin. Small touch, but it did help a little.

"Ah Ivory, I was quite alright. I understand these Dragon-blooded a bit more than the average Lunar. I may be the worst Lunar Luna ever embraced, but I do have a few tricks up these sleeves." He gave a sincere wink, looked around, and snuggled up closer to whisper with her conspiratorially.

"If you wish to learn more of that shadow, I am sure there are ways to delve into that mystery even if it has been extinguished. We just have to give it some thought. Something in me believes Onyx has a role to play in our journeys. Of that, I am certain. He could have called the Wyld Hunt upon on us, as to of Arada. Their word could cleanse us from their world with scarce will employed, truly. And yet...they do not. I think some of the Dragon-blooded, for all of their flaws, may be coming to realize, their are larger problems to deal with than us. I know you despise them, and do not fault you for that. I would battle by your side for eternity against them if you ask that of me."

His smile was a delicious comfort, touch like snow. Slipping his hands into her hair, he brushed it with a determined skill, kneeding the muscles until the stress bound in her head lessened. He teased the pieces, beginning to braid them much like the Haslanti, into a crown of braids. "Tell me what you wish to do, and I will forever follow to help."
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