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 House Rules

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PostSubject: House Rules   House Rules EmptyTue Mar 31, 2015 3:58 pm

Here is a bit of info when creating your character!

How old am I?
As a kindred, about 1-5 years is best. You are neonates after all, the lowest of the low. You can be older with some merits and flaws. This age may change, depending on our chat Friday.

Can I take true faith?
Are you insane?! True faith and golconda are paths to be godly, as in, holy. This can be quite the death sentence. If you are serious about it, just be aware of the consequences!

Can I be a Noddist?
Want to study Caine and the book of Nod? Sure! You won't have killer info, but Knowledge: Lore - Nod is totally an option. Are there Noddists in game? Course! Finding them can be troubling. At game start, no more than 2 points is allowed in Nod lore.

Can I be a Clan Lore junkie?
Each clan has a 5 point Clan Lore ability available. This gives you historical insight to your clan. Not required, but available. At game start, no more than 2 points is allowed in a clan lore (example Lore - Assamite) or faction lore (example Lore - Sabbat).

So this is modern modern?
Yes! We are in 2015. All tech is available. Austin in game is the same as in life now. If you know a shit ton about Austin, I recommend some Lore - Local with some specializations in Austin. If the game takes us to other cities, you won't lose the general Lore - Local points.

Specializations House Rules - ABILITIES
This is my home grown rule! I love specializations in Exalted. I am willing to continue the tradition. If you get 4 dots in an ability like Computers or Melee, normally you get 1 specialization. That is booooring!

With my system, at the 4th dot, you know enough for specializations in that ability! You get 2 specialization dots at character creation for the 4th ability dot. You spend these specialization points into specials for your ability. So you could do Computers: Hacking for 1 dot and Computers: Programming for 1 dot. Or just toss both in Computers: Hacking for 2 dots. These are extra dice! Specializations can get insane and awesome, such as Stealth: Urban Shadows or Athletics: Parkour.

You can buy more dots with freebies and experience.

  • You can only have 3 specializations per ability.
  • You can max each specialization to 5 dots.
  • Specialties can stack, such as Melee + Dirty Fighting + Crowbars.
  • Cost at creation is 1 freebie point for 1 dot, max 3 dots in a specialization.
  • Cost for experience is 3 experience for 1 dot and training/practicing/aid of master/etc.
  • Feasting on a living man till they die gives you a temporary specialty. You can roll for buying this for experience.
  • Diablerie of a vampire will give you temporary access to a specialty. You can roll for buying this for experience.

Specializations House Rules - ATTRIBUTES
I am still thinking on and deciding these!

Linguistics House Rules
I like Knowledges: Linguistics. This is a skill that gives you the ability to read, write, and translate into other languages. It also includes working with languages to decipher ciphers, create coded languages, understand dialects. You can take this as a knowledge if interested!

Dots give you the following language access.
1 dot - 1 language + base language
2 dot - 3 languages + base language
3 dot - 6 languages + base language
4 dot - 9 languages + base language
5 dot - 12 languages + base language
Specialty examples: ciphers, translation, coded languages, dead languages, specific languages by name (english, spanish, old english, mandarin, etc), creating languages, etc

You can take dialects, coded languages, dead languages, etc. But you need access to them! Rosetta Stone can't give them all to you.

Specialties can also be used for a depth of knowing a language to write in it, decipher them, etc.

Temp Merit/Flaw
These will occur throughout game play based on actions you take, shit that happens. Rules and info on those as they happen.

What clans can you play?

Tzimisce (fleshcrafting freaks, koldunic limited)
Lasombra (shadowcrafting political/warrior powerhouses)
Nosferatu (ugly as hell, secret keepers, info traffickers, all concepts)
City/Country Gangrel

Allowed Sabbat Antitribu Bloodlines:
Assamite Antitribu (assassins, hate Haquim, very different path than other assamites)
Ventrue Antitribu (honorable accord warriors)
Toreador Antitribu (demented as fuck artists, think hellraiser/giger)
Brujah Antitribu (unrelenting warriors)
Malkavian Antitribu (madmen)
Tremere Antitribu (sorcerers, limited! these are defectors from the Cam)
Ravnos Antitribu (warriors of the Sword of Caine, rogues, dif than independent Ravnos)

Independents (NOT ANARCH):
Followers of Set (deal makers, the snakes)
Ravnos (lore fixed! playable! nomadic, illusionists, tricksters)
Giovanni (speakers to the dead, Italian mob, you must be in the family)
Assamite (assassins)
City/Country Gangrel (beastlike vampires)

Bloodlines are also possible, though limited. They lend some lovely flavor, and some may be about as NPCs.

Allowed Bloodlines:
Daughters of Cacophany (women only, singers)
True Brujah (poet kings)
Samedi (extremely ugly Nosferatu, touching on voodoo)
All others are too rare or would not work in this game.

Caitiff (independent) or Panders (caitiff of Sabbat) - these are allowed! You have NO IDEA who sired you. This is pretty damn common if you were a shock troop shovelhead risen in the ranks. Less so for independents. Keep in mind, this means I have full control of who your sire really is, and possibly your real clan.

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PostSubject: Re: House Rules   House Rules EmptyTue Mar 31, 2015 4:23 pm

Hunger: Or I could use some Type AB HotPockets right now!
Getting down to 2-3 blood will not make you hungry...it will make you frenzy ravenous! Hunger will be run a tad different. You get hungry just due to hours passing as a human. A similar situation occurs for kindred.

A hungry vampire is more inclined to hunt, even if they have more than one blood point remaining —
a Kindred can generally be considered hungry when they have fewer blood points than (7 minus Self-Control or Instinct).

What happens if you feed? You could earn yourself a +1 willpower for sating the beast within.

What happens if you ignore the hunger? You could have an increased difficulty willpower roll to do anything that requires focus until you feed.

Hunting for your Meal
Vampires are all about that hunt, sinking fangs into the throat, and enjoying some blood! As such, we will be running your feeding. Having a herd is ...nice. But you are not hunting! You are not sating the beast growling around your thoughts DEMANDING the thrill. Keep in mind, eating from herd is good, healthy, and about as boring as brick hard ramen 20 times in a row...unless your herd is constantly in panic, kept in a maze, fearing for their lives, as you hunt them down. If so, you will need to hunt more herd victims! Those guys won't last.

Hunting isn't the same for everyone. Running in the dark, leaping like a hyena on the gazelle, works for some, not all. Think about HOW you feed. Need inspiration? Look at your path! Some paths want you to become the beast. Some want you to seek perfect calm. Consider these ideas. You might come across some interesting perks for really roleplaying out your feeding!

Life Flashing Before My Eyes
When you feed, till close or fully to death, a mortal has memories flashing before their eyes. If the feeding is brutal, they may remember the worst crimes ever committed against them. If kind and calm, them recall a happier time. Through seduction, they relive a sexual moment.

As the feeding vampire, guess what. You may relive them too. If you have the auspex to feel and see everything the person is reliving, you gain far more than seeing it all. You truly LIVE that moment, not as a detriment, unless you botch. Without Auspex, you experience the flashbacks like watching a movie. It may excite the beast more, causing you to rip the corpse to pieces, or curl around them lovingly.

When feeding, you could be ambushed or surprised. It's not like you are sitting there sipping a slurpee damn it! You are in ECSTASY! It's like sex, drug highs, euphoria, and all that mixed together with a cherry on top. The ultimate ice cream sundae of FUCK YES.

This is what gives you that chance to learn things when you suck em dry! We will work out specifics as we go.
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PostSubject: Re: House Rules   House Rules EmptyTue Mar 31, 2015 4:35 pm

I Have a Mouth and Shall Eat
So you think that eat food merit is just for the social piece of shits. Well, true it is great for hiding among the humans without projectile vomiting. And never a bad idea to consider it.

But...does that mean the only time you get to enjoy yourself is eating a human like a jelly donut?! Oh heeeell to the no. I have a different view of these things.

By now, vampires have learned some tricks with molecular gastronomy. With the right mixes of chemicals, blood can now be enjoyed in fancy chocolates! How about a blood beer? Nothing is better than Guinness Irish Male Who Ate Bacon or Hurricane Southern Lady High on Cocaine.

And vampires willing to PAY for these delicacies are many! You can take Craft - Vampire Liquors or Craft - Vampire Treats. As long as you don't cook the blood, you are good!

And you get blood from it all. You need to drink/eat more to get full points. If you have the merit of eating food, you get full blood points with less eating as a perk for the merit! But you also get the enjoyment from life, get the highs from the blood, and another perk... Stealth Blood Bonds! Why not pay a kindred chocolatier to make you batches with your own blood? How about raspberry blood white chocolate ice cream using your own blood? YUM! You better just hope the kindred chef is trustworthy when using your own!

Are there NPCs with this craft? YES! They may train, but rarely. And they sell their wares for mega money.
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PostSubject: Re: House Rules   House Rules EmptyTue Mar 31, 2015 7:50 pm

How Abilities Dots Work
Your ability dots mean more than just some dice. Common questions folks ask include what should you know to get by in game and what each level really means. Here's your answers!

Each dot indicates you know something. Beginner > Practitioner >  Trained > Expert > Master. Hitting 4 dots in an ability is quite a feat. Consider it like getting a Masters degree in a skill. Hitting 5 dots makes you known. 5 dots in acting would be Patrick Stewart or Sir Ian McKellen. 5 dots in science would be Stephen Hawking. 5 dots in driving would be Ken Block. 5 dot in fashion design/clothing craft would be Dior and Valentino.

Dots in Melee Example: Roger loves smashing stuff with a bat! He takes melee.
No Dots - He doesn't know shit, or just picked up the bat and started.
• Novice - He can smash stuff pretty good, just takes a long time. He may miss alot, crack the wrong things, but eventually he could kill or break something.
•• Practiced - He can pick out and smash a leg before an arm, knowing better where to target and how much force to use.
••• Competent - Roger can do pretty well in a steel cage UFC fight! He can clobber a head, nigh taking it clear off the neck. He's added steel to the bat, crushing bones and skulls with skill.
•••• Expert - People do not fuck with Roger. He is picked out and paid to obliterate people with that bat. He's pretty much become legend. Only idiots pick fights with him.
••••• Master - The Legend - Roger massacres with a single hit. He's like John Wick. You say his name, people tremble. If anyone lives seeing his work, or it's video taped, he's easy to pick out and be followed for the killing. Some folks seek him out to learn how to become such a famous leg breaker. Cops know his kills just looking at photos.

So what abilities are good to at least know?
• Drive - you can drive around
• Academics - you can read, balance the checkbook, stuff
• Firearms - you can sorta shoot a gun
• Alertness - you notice stuff around you with your senses, like picking people out of a crowd or seeing someone following you
• Awareness - (for the magically inclined) sense some magical stuff happening around you
• Athletics - you can run, leap, etc

Talents: Hobby
This category encompasses anything that the Storyteller deems to be mainly self-taught and is usually (though not always) more active than intellectual. Storytellers should first examine the list of existing Talents to determine if a particular activity might fall under one of those (for example, Swimming and Climbing would be specialties of Athletics).

ST NOTE: This is your level of expertise in your chosen hobby. If your hobby is comics, it's collecting, the lore, the history, the artists and writers, etc. It is not the artform, creating, and producing.

• Novice: You’ve dabbled.
•• Practiced: You’ve got a good grasp of your hobby’s basics.
••• Competent: Other practitioners regard you as fairly skilled and
•••• Expert: You are familiar with the subtle nuances and applications of
your Talent.
••••• Master: You could write a book on what you do. Perhaps you already
Suggested Hobby Talents: Carousing, Diplomacy, Fortune Telling, Negotiation, Scrounging, Comics, etc

Skills: Professional Skill
This category encompasses anything that the Storyteller deems to be a taught Ability and is primarily active in application. Storytellers should first examine the list of existing Skills to determine if a particular task might fall under one of those (e.g. Tracking would be a speciality of Survival).

ST NOTE: This is something you are trained in, to work and earn pay for. You are a professional in this field, whatever it is!

• Novice: You’ve apprenticed.
•• Practiced: You have a handle on the basics.
••• Competent: You could make a living, although not a fortune, doing what
you do.
•••• Expert: You know the more esoteric uses of your Skill, and are rarely at
a loss.
••••• Master: You are an acknowledged authority in your chosen field of
Suggested Professional Skills: Blacksmith, Cooking, Fast-Draw, Forgery, Game Playing, Gunsmith, Navigation, Torture.

Knowledges: Expert Knowledge
Like Hobby Talent and Professional Skill, this is a catch all category. An Expert Knowledge is anything that is primarily intellectual or mental in nature and must be studied. Storytellers should first examine the list of existing Knowledges to determine if a particular field of expertise might fall under one of those (e.g. Forensics would be a speciality of Investigation).

ST NOTE: I view this as far different than Academics. Academics is general studies, mix of literature, science, math, etc, with a degree. You have a smattering of knowledge in that. Expert Knowledge is being the absolute scholar of that field. You eat, breath, sleep your subject.

• Student: You’ve taken an undergraduate course or read a few books.
•• College: You may have minored in the field.
••• Masters: You might hold a degree and are well versed in what’s been written.
•••• Doctorate: You are well-versed in what hasn’t been written.
••••• Scholar: You know the hidden mysteries of your field and are a veritable font of information.
Suggested Expert Knowledges: Archaeology, Game Theory, Military Science, Psychology

Knowledges: Lore
Lores are specific pieces of information for the many creatures, myths, lengends, and supernaturals of the World of Darkness. You MUST be trained in these knowledges by a mystical library, sire, grand master, spirit, etc to know.

1-2 dots is possible for your character to know depending on your clan, backstory, concept, sire, etc. But that is going to be RARE. Lores tend to be advanced content, you can learn over time, seeking masters.

  • Kindred Lore - Anyone can take this 1-2 dots max at start.
  • Camarilla Lore - Only Sabbat probationary sect member (flaw) and Independents can have this, and only at 1 dot at start.
  • Clan Knowledge - 1-2 dots possible for your clan, not others at this time. Kaitiff/Pander cannot take this.
  • Lupine Lore - Werewolf lore, no reason to have this yet.
  • Faerie Lore - No reason to have this!
  • Mage Lore - Only Tremere would really have this, 1 dot max.
  • Sabbat Lore - Sabbat members can have this at 1 dot to start.
  • Sewer Lore - Nosferatu only!
  • Spirit Lore - Umbra knowledge, need to have a reason for having this.
  • Wyrm Lore - Wyrm knowledge, need to have a reason for this.
  • Wraith Lore - Giovanni tend to use this, lore of the ghosts and shadowlands

Lore List: http://www.unmasqued.com/lores.php
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PostSubject: Re: House Rules   House Rules EmptyWed Apr 01, 2015 11:57 am

INCEPTION - Synergy Bonuses
(ability + attribute + stacked specialties) is pretty awesome right? But what if you have multiple abilities that are related? You could earn some interesting Synergy Bonuses. These don't just occur with your one sheet, but between kindred.

Holy Team Work, Batman! For example, Katy wants to be a mortician. She doesn't really need academics and medicine. She just plays with tubes, bondos faces, etc. She could take Knowledge: Expert Knowledge - Mortuary Science and Skills: Professional Skill - Mortician. BAM, synergies!

What if multiple people are scouting out an area, they could use alertness together, successes helping towards finding that person. Mix in survival is scenting, auspex for heightened senses, and more. Or breaking into a building, if you had two security bad asses, you could work together to bypass sensors, locks, cameras, etc to get in.
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House Rules
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