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 What is this here thang?

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PostSubject: What is this here thang?   Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:16 am

Use this forum to post stories, descriptions, whatever you want! I'll add a storyteller journal too.

If you desperately need a sample template, here you go!


Character Name:
Player Name:
Faction (optional):

Personal Quote:

If you had a title, or nickname, what would it be?



History Before Embrace:

After Embrace:



Favorite thing in the world:

Interesting Flaws or Quirks:

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Posts : 899
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PostSubject: Re: What is this here thang?   Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:58 am

Sample Background:

Character Name: Jake
Player Name: NPC
Clan: Follower of Set
Faction (optional): none
Path: Typhon-Set
Sabbat/Independent? Independent
Sire: Horus

Personal Quote: "I see you've gotten yourself in one helluva pickle. Not only can I help get you out, I can help get what you wanted. So, let's talk price. First, some BBQ."

If you had a title, or nickname, what would it be? The Cowboy, Mr Wayne, Bastard

Appearance: He has long dark brown hair, given to be curly, with hazel green eyes and chiseled features. He's heavily muscled, wearing shirts and jeans so tight, if he lived, he couldn't breathe. Jake is never without a huge smile and a carefree attitude. But that can change in seconds...

Personality: Jake loves to laugh, relax, and chill at the ol' BBQ joint. When on his home turf, he tells stories and listens to anything you have to say. He makes everyone feel damn important. Deep inside is a burning anger, ready to flare and engulf anyone that hurts or threatens those he cares about. Kindred that devote themselves to him receive far more in kind. Any slight or threat is met with a resolve of authority and ferocity that makes most kindred blood their pants. He never acts with hate immediately, no matter clan or faction, willing to give everyone a chance.

History Before Embrace: Jake has had many names. His birth name only he really knows. Born to farmers in southern Italy, local nobles forced him and other sons into wars. Honed from hard labor, he learned far more than he ever expected, taking up sword and mace. In these battles, he came to find a true love of battle and death, joining a pack of ravagers and bandits. During that year, they hit numerous villages and caravans, a blind experience of bloodshed he indulged completely. One of these caravans was different than others, seemingly simple merchants revealing themselves to be brutal warriors. They circled the bandits, the leader of the caravan setting the men against each other until the strongest remained. Jake wasn't that man, but he had far more intelligence than the others. Pretending to be fallen, he awaited the last to stand, hurting, near death, then struck. The caravan owner was so impressed, he embraced the man on the spot, inducting him into the caravan and his unlife.

After Embrace: Jake traveled with his sire into the lands of Egypt and others as business drew them. He learned of business, survival, his limits and skills, accepting of others, and seeking allies in the kindred and mortals he saved and helped. Boons bred old hatred and fear. Favors were between trusted friends. His latest travels led to the Americas, and a new identity. As an ol' cowboy, he has reinvented himself and embraced a greater life.

Loves: Friends, favors, power, cooking, hot women. He's a man after all.

Hates: Broken friendships, dishonesty of the self, people that beg.

Favorite thing in the world: A kindred he let live and cannot have. He's still trying to find her.

Interesting Flaws or Quirks: He loves everything about cowboys from the old westerns. Something of frontier heroics and honesty makes him feel good about the world. He has let a few kindred off if they gave him one of a kind killer recipes.
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What is this here thang?
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