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 Desperados of Austin - NPCs

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PostSubject: Desperados of Austin - NPCs   Thu Mar 26, 2015 8:06 pm

The Independents

Follower of Set
Leader of the Independent State
"John Wayne Enthusiast"
Contact Spot: County Line BBQ 2222 & 360
Jake has lived in the Americas as long as anyone can remember. Hailing from some land long dead and gone to dust in Europe, he turned his keen business acumen and curiosity to the new world. The man is just damn lovable or frightening. A good friend or terrifying enemy. Very few get the shades of grey from this Setite. He arrived in Austin, carving out a bit of the northern edge of city while the Sabbat and Camarilla warred. He tends to be that great third party, offering services to both!

He comes across as a modern version of an old western cowboy, even has a few pairs of snakeskin boots to match. A few he notes as gifts, har har.

"The Evil Russian"
Natalie found her name and life so utterly boring, battling for so long for food, prey hard to corner in an over populated Moscow. After the odd self destruction of her young kindred in her clan, and fearing the same fate, she left fast and furious to America to the highest bidder. A man named Jake had a ticket ready and waiting. He keeps her pretty happy, excitement and travel, and a hefty amount of blood games to be had! And she is his little evil Natasha.

Hanging Man William James O'Keef
For as long as Jake has been around in the Americas, so to has William been at his side. He had another name in another time, saved from certain death as he hung from a tree, neck near departed from his head, unable to keep his mask up. The locals thought him some sort of leprosy victim, which he looks like under the mask. He kept the noose after being saved by ol' Jake, leaving quite a few of their enemies swinging from trees.

Dead Fred
"For Hire"
Jake can help get you in contact with Dead Fred. But typically, it's when Fred feels like being a nice guy. Otherwise, you have you find him yourself. He's a killer, guns his preferred method, raining bullets till nothing is left but a light rain of ash and a pile of spent casings.

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PostSubject: Re: Desperados of Austin - NPCs   Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:32 pm

The Sabbat

Victor Capello
Leader of the Sabbat Incursion
"Lethal Party Drinker"
Born to the blood a few centuries past, Victor has always been the utter life of the party. He has schmoozed and sauntered his way through numerous parties and hot spots, blending himself into numerous Camarilla gatherings to hide even his clan weakness due to the sheer number of people in the room. An infiltrator at heart, he has aided in the conquering of a few key cities, providing detailed information on kindred domains, with a notable act of getting past the foyer of one Cam elysium. A true feat.

With the city in control by socialites and politicians, Victor was sent from Spain to begin the take down of Austin, a key position on the border of Mexico and transportation hot spot past a lethal cairn of Garou. Everything has been going swimmingly, as he slowly wended closer to the mistress of Prince Dorn. Then everything turned upside down.

The prince was deposed by a military leader, Maxmilian of Brujah. Dorn is on the offensive, a painful play Victor must combat, without gaining eyes on him from Maxmilian. The war just became difficult. Victor has put out the call to Mexico for reinforcements, and is in talks with Jake of the Independents to get more support. He needs to make a move...soon.

Contact Spot: The Lost Well bar
Depot for Sabbat: Midtown RV Park

Vivian Demarco
Vivian has the heart of a warrior in her breast, seeking battlefields of dominion and society. She prefers a sword over the refined elegance of her soft features, curvy figure. Often opponents think her simply a pretty face of politics, until she duels them into the ground. She tends to errands for Victor.

Madam Lexi
The dear Madam has a way with human cattle. Breeding, getting them healthy, dressing them up, and delivering them for dinner! She supplies the Sabbat with an endless supply of bodies.

Marcius the Pale
"The General"
He prefers merciless destruction of his enemies. But Marcius never acts rashly. Every kill and battle has a reason, a need to fulfill. The Tzimisce keeps a rather humanoid look, with eyes brilliant red, easily overlooked as contacts. With the arrival of Maxmilian, Marcius was sent from Mexico. Now he plots, waits, and prepares.

The Selfies
Nosferatu Pack
Contact Point: Service FEDEX drop off at Airport or selfies@shrek.net
No one can get you and your shit in and out better...than the Selfies. Addicted to taking pics of themselves, what they barter and transport, the pack earned this esteemed name during their extensive blogposts to Shreknet. They take great fun in using masks to look alike, sometimes even for the camera. Once they were thought to be Blood Brothers, which earned a tidal wave of memes. If players need their help, check with Victor, or Jake. Sometimes the pack is out on deliveries.

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PostSubject: Re: Desperados of Austin - NPCs   Thu Mar 26, 2015 10:50 pm

The Camarilla

Maxmilian Donovan
Warrior Prince of the Camarilla
"Old School Ass Kicker"
Contact Spot: Brown Building (7th and Colorado)
From a line of respected and adored Brujah warriors, Mamilian has proven the blood true in his conquests. His past is revered among the Camarillan states. When the stalemate and potential loss of Austin reached the Archon's, they called for and game clemency to him, requesting his aid. He arrived in Austin, entered court, and claimed his place. Unlike the stereotypes, this gentleman presents a formidable defense with incredible knowledge of arms.

Charlotte St. Crois
Malkavian (derealization)
As a child, Charlotte lived in another world. Always seemingly a step behind others, she felt and saw the world from afar, as if through the bottom of a glass. At times she would hurt herself, peering at the pricked finger or twisted ankle, crying out only after minutes passed. Those moments truly felt real.

The older she was, the world became far more vibrant, easier to feel, unless overwhelmed. The books remained closed unless she found herself overwhelmed, cornered with a feeling of panic, usually from far too much pain. Pain she related to seeing blood. Her own, that of a hunted kill, dinner far too rare. Once seen, felt, touched by blood, the world shifted as the world drew inward and outward, realism becoming skewed.

Seeking the solitude of books, the haven of imagining the world in her own mind, she felt complete peace. She approached her family for the allowance of a tutor, of which they declined. Without the boon of new stories, she become lost, dissociative, unresponsive for long moments when approached. Within the year, a neighboring lord and lady entreated Charlotte's family to allow the young lady to summer with them. The pair wound themselves around her in turns, the wife enjoying the conversation of another lady, the husband enchanted with her keen mind.

The wife met her end in the years that followed, Charlotte marrying the lord. That eve in their adjoined bedchamber, he revealed his master wished for her arrival. The wine was blood, her blood bonding began, with a Malkavian that sent his own ghoul to find others for his entertainment.

By the year she was embraced, Charlotte gained an extraordinary education in literature, having written many works herself. Feeding became a painful experience, leading to her fits if too messy. In Austin, she wanders into libraries, book stores, anywhere books are stored, sold, or found. Her mind holds endless amounts of knowledge, keen insights, that many welcome.

Shane Dorn
"The Deposed Prince"

LeeAnn De'moire
"Charitable Socialite Shark"

Niles Bacharat

"The Missing Scholar"
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PostSubject: Re: Desperados of Austin - NPCs   

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Desperados of Austin - NPCs
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