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 Desperadoes wanted!

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Desperadoes wanted! Empty
PostSubject: Desperadoes wanted!   Desperadoes wanted! EmptyThu Mar 26, 2015 11:12 am

Desperadoes wanted! Vtm3-Brujah

Welcome to the modern nights...with a bit of old west twist.

"Remember the days of the wild west? Probably not. Any kindred that claims that deserves brass ones hanging from their rearview mirror...or are damned liars. But these days, Austin seems like the old west. Gunfights, duals of honor, the cavalry trying to save the day, and the ol' Sabbat plundering like cattle thieves. Enough to make you want six shooters, chaps, and a slick name like The Kid."

Jake leaned back, chomping on a cigar, wishing it blazed. A shuttered lantern blazed its flame into the face of a kindred tied in barb-wire. Thrashing in throes of rötschreck, blood tinged saliva flung from the open maw, howls like a wounded coyote echoing in the cement walls.

Forcing a sigh hard into his lungs and out, tasting the tobacco in the cheap wad wet in his mouth, Jake leaned forward to light the cigar on the open flame. With a flick, the lit end tumbled and fell near the screeching Ventrue.

"Deep down, I hoped you would have come to your senses for a real chat. Brigs will just have to live with disappointment." A heave of body sent the fierce beast from his smoker. Soon the cigar burned enough to catch the oils pooled on the floor, soaked into piles of mesquite. Another hall, another door, and the old cowboy lost from a bygone era, or simply a mega-fan of John Wayne, made his way into the main restaurant floor of the County Line.

"Hey Jake, them ribs done?" The old slob Patrick McCallahan surely didn't have any more room for yet more meat, straining his stretch pants and the chair that creaked under him.

Jake gave a grin, breaking open a bottle of Quervo. If the vampire wouldn't talk, maybe the ghoul would? "Sure, sure, just getting the dry rub and ashes ready. Good mesquite embers are just getting hot, then I'll smoke some of the best ribs this side of the Red River. So, while they smolder, how about we have a nice chat?"

Desperado Blues - Vampire: The Masquerade Chronicle

A good ol' classic Vampire game! Tabletops for those that can visit.

Nights: Friday, 7pm
Place: Live Tabletop at the gamerchic den (will email location)
Setting: Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary edition
Game books and sheets will be made available.

Allowed Characters: Sabbat and Independent, NO CAM allowed
Clans: Typical Sabbat and Independent, all toons must be reviewed and accepted
City: Modern day 2015 Austin
Ruling Power: NONE - You are in a stalemate war between the Sabbat and Camarilla for the border. Independents have a chunk of Austin, run by Jake (Setite).

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Posts : 899
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Desperadoes wanted! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Desperadoes wanted!   Desperadoes wanted! EmptyMon Mar 30, 2015 9:06 am

What clans can you play?

Tzimisce (fleshcrafting freaks, koldunic limited)
Lasombra (shadowcrafting political/warrior powerhouses)
Nosferatu (ugly as hell, secret keepers, info traffickers, all concepts)
City/Country Gangrel

Allowed Sabbat Antitribu Bloodlines:
Assamite Antitribu (assassins, hate Haquim, very different path than other assamites)
Ventrue Antitribu (honorable accord warriors)
Toreador Antitribu (demented as fuck artists, think hellraiser/giger)
Brujah Antitribu (unrelenting warriors)
Malkavian Antitribu (madmen)
Tremere Antitribu (sorcerers, limited! these are defectors from the Cam)
Ravnos Antitribu (warriors of the Sword of Caine, rogues, dif than independent Ravnos)

Independents (NOT ANARCH):
Followers of Set (deal makers, the snakes)
Ravnos (lore fixed! playable! nomadic, illusionists, tricksters)
Giovanni (speakers to the dead, Italian mob, you must be in the family)
Assamite (assassins)
City/Country Gangrel (beastlike vampires)

Bloodlines are also possible, though limited. They lend some lovely flavor, and some may be about as NPCs.

Allowed Bloodlines:
Daughters of Cacophany (women only, singers)
True Brujah (poet kings)
Samedi (extremely ugly Nosferatu, touching on voodoo)
All others are too rare or would not work in this game.

Caitiff (independent) or Panders (caitiff of Sabbat) - these are allowed! You have NO IDEA who sired you. This is pretty damn common if you were a shock troop shovelhead risen in the ranks. Less so for independents. Keep in mind, this means I have full control of who your sire really is, and possibly your real clan.
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Desperadoes wanted!
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