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 Cars and Drones

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PostSubject: Cars and Drones   Cars and Drones EmptyTue Dec 09, 2014 11:38 am

Car idea: Wraith

High class, high quality, refined Dial a Rigger service for posh clients. Makes a damn statement. And could be a flagship car for gaining contracts to make more of these.

Paint job:
http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4007/4318217423_84dbe5dfa9_z.jpg Ghostly paint job like this. A heat/cold sensitive paint that shifts between white to black, used in patterns. Basically white under paint, the black is sensitive to temp and dissolves to the white when heated then back to black.

Heavy duty truck frame for tonage support. Car frame built over in the style of a modern Rolls Royce: tall doors, shorter windows, lean looking machine. Intention for a 4 door from a frame capable of 6 door/sliding door. This will require some minor fabrication, but should be possible with liquid metal alloys.

New coolant ideas for lowering and distributing heat, should give the paint job a hella cool look. Built more for taking a beating with push power for weight, more than incredible insane speeds. Think the stability of a train with some modern techniques. The heat distribution should help for installing nitrous, not for uber boosts like a light car, but for break away speeds.

This will be a labor to solidify...but want to put together some nice interior using dark materials for the ceiling (thinking neoprene which is insanely durable and matte). The ceiling will have teeny tiny pinpoint lighting added, mimicing a night sky. The seating, thinking of Softex until she can get hands on something very unique.

Softex is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). What makes Softex unique is its high breathability and thermal quality. It actually runs cooler because it reflects infrared rays, which is a primary reason for seat-cover heat absorption. In testing, Softex can run up to 10°C (18°F) cooler than other seating materials. The thermal effect is from within the polyurethane layer itself, not a surface treatment. It is currently used in car manufacturing (rather new).

Smuggler compartment like the Skyline I built, with Hot Lips helping. Drop deck and onboard deck options. Music, video, privacy options for meetings and negotiations. Recording can be completed on the drop deck/onboarding option for those needing to capture that data.

Need to look through options. Mainly thinking of deterrents than cannons. I have some ideas for drop mines or micro-drones, but that will take time.

Using the protection stuff I've been learning with Dodger and Tish. Custom systems.
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Cars and Drones
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