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 Japan: Genji Vs Bishomon

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PostSubject: Japan: Genji Vs Bishomon   Thu Sep 09, 2010 2:30 pm

Fusae, Gaki of the Genji, speaks about Bishamon...

First of all...do not assume Bishamon do not understand the intricacies of technology or the modern world. Do that and find yourself ousted by the Yakuza, without funds, without a home, and soon without a leg to stand on.

The Bishamon know this world. They understand the modern and the antique in the same way we understand the traditions of our past. Heritage of the age is not the issue between us, the wedge that drives us apart and to war.

What causes the friction is actually our view of the world beyond our shore. America. China. Korea. Europe. India. All of these wonderful lands have so much to offer. Beginning in the ages of Minamoto and Yamato, our land has sought to be the jewel of the sea. The true dynasty under the Hundred Clouds (heaven). Yet, how could the world tremble before us, how could we not push back the lessers if not by learning from them, interacting, and such.

See, beginning with Yamato, the dynasties of Japan thrived on honor and tradition. But most all, they thrived on isolationism. I know, just sayng the word makes me cringe. Isolationism continued its wonderful mantra for the traditionalists for centuries. In the realm of the Gaki, it became the cornerstone of faith and action. The gaki then took the name of Bishamon after the god Bishamon-ten. A warrior in armour, the god of war and glory, holding a lance in one hand and a small pagoda shrine in the other, emblematic of his patronage of the priestly caste.

However, the world would not leave Japan alone. And soon, travellers from all of these lands appeared. During the age of blood and silk, a new clan emerged in Tanto and Kai called Genji. This clan above the voices of all spoke out for entertaining the world. Soon, it would overcome our land like the tsunami. Wars raged, yet the Genji continued. And no less so than in the worl dof the gaki. Though their voices were small, their influence grew.

Time past, but the world did not fall away as the Bishamon hoped. It strengthened into a roar of that terrible ocean that threatened us every rainy season. Genji grew in power with the rise of a weak emperor in the world of men. The gaki of this clan quickly replaced their mons (symbols) of gold for jade, becoming a House of the Gaki. And what an era that was! The age of Sunset Empires, where power errupted and died as the moving of the sun from dawn to dusk.

So, what happened after that? Genji got its wish! We found others in the lands of China, KOrea, and the Philipines all fighting with the same invader issues. And in no time at all, the Great Leap Outward became more than a catch phrase. It was a way of life. Of course, we never bring up the problems during this time such as the World Wars or the collaborations we have made in such grand fashion against China during the Sino War. But we have learned so much!

Now we infiltrate the lands beyond gaining resources and power untold. We have grasped the keys that seek to enslave Japan. We trade our wares and seek the art works we lost to the invaders. We have yoked the western barbarian scum to our will. Yet, the Bishamon still consider us nothing yet stupid in our power dreaming.

So, there now you know. The Genji don't believe that Japan should remain aloof to the world. It will not pass us by. And if we have to gain attention through war, insider trading, industrial concerns, thievery, and the loss of our neighbors...so be it.
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Japan: Genji Vs Bishomon
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