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 Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy.

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Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy. Empty
PostSubject: Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy.   Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy. EmptyFri Nov 15, 2013 3:25 pm

Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy. Godfrey-gao-vancouver

Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy. Godfrey-gao-and-magnus-bane-gallery

Name: Diosdado Maliko
Handle/Alias: "Dio"
-----------------------------------           ------------------------------
Tradition: Cult of Ecstasy
Faction (if any): none
Avatar: Leopard Cat
It is very much the personification of that Cat in Fillipino folklore - cunning, knowledgeable and keeper of mysteries. Fickle and secretive. Cat always manages to land on it's feet, but it may not always tell you how it did it.
Resonance: Energetic (Dynamic)
Foci: Dance, secondary music

How you view the spheres: Magic, people and the world are all part of the great dance - Haliya's. Some refuse to walk it and never feel it's joy nor find their true path. At the peek of the dance, when your mind loses it's grasp on the rules of perception and reality you've come to accept - by walking it's steps toward Ananda - you can do anything.

Mentor: Jittra

Supernaturals? Met them/hate them/indifferent?
He's not really met many that he knows of. He's fairly hostile toward Vampires due to the nature of his departure from New York and friends there, unless they've proven to be harmless.

-----------------------------------           ------------------------------
Age: 27
Height: 5'10
Weight:  160 lbs
Body Type: All lean and extremely flexible muscles
Physical Condition: Fit
Eye Color: Copper-brown
Hair Color and Style: Black, short and straight, in a simple cut.

Distinguishing Features:
1. Ear piercings
2. Slight scruff beard and mustache, very well maintained.

Physical Imperfections/Would Like Most to Change:
1. Nothing. Dio is a handsome man and knows it. Don't ever tell him he's not.

Characteristic Gestures:
1. When people say something stupid or suspicious, he squints at the person who spoke and stares at them until they stop.
2. Very long, languid stretches when waking or rising from a long time at rest/seated.
3. Listening with his chin on his hand, tapping his lips or fingers.

-----------------------------------           ------------------------------

Race: Mixed, Filipino and Chinese
Religion: Mixed, Tagalog and Chinese Taoist
Family Background/Lineage: Father: Bayani

Dio grew up in a fairly poor area of the Phillippines, the northern Mindanao region. Raised a child of mixed blood along the coast, alongside the little communities of Roman Catholic and Muslim neighbors. His parents were staunchly determined to help him gain a better life then fishing and scrapping by on beaches. Pushing him all through his childhood to do well in school, learn all he could of that mythical place called America. The promised land his parents promised for him. Though not naturally gifted in school, Dio pushed and was pushed to excel.

Special Occupational Training: Dio is phenomenal aerialist and acrobatic dancer, constantly acquiring new styles of dance. Along with that he's gotten extremely good at handling his own make up and music for his performances.

Skills, Abilities, and Talents:
1. Dancing, in combination with climbing and acrobatics.
2. Make up, disguise and blending in.

Areas of Expertise:
1. Tropical and desert survival
2. Traditional Filipino cooking

Military Experience: Three years. Dio was a forward scout and driver for the Army in Iraq, particularly due to his knowledge of arabic. His job often consisted of sneaking into or around enemy camps - spot out their activities and report back.

-----------------------------------           ------------------------------
Short-Term Goals:
1. Try to get himself financially settled - himself and his club.
2. Meet the new neighbors. When the hell did a chantry show up?
3. Make in roads on the local art scene to promote his club.

Long-Term Goals:
1. Find the source of the new drug in Syracuse
2. Keep his new buddies in the Hollow Ones alive. He owes them one.
3. Toward Ananda. And trying to inspire as many others - sleepers and mages alike - to live their dance.

Short-Term Needs:
1. Cleaning his damned place out after half the New York Hollow Ones crashed on his couch.... at once.
2. Meet his Sons of Ether neighbors to find out what their involvement is in all this.

Long-Term Needs:
1. Keep his family back in the Philippines off his back.
2. Not die.

-----------------------------------           ------------------------------
General Personality Type:
Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovertish. Cat is a contrary bastard, even with people he likes. See quirks.

Speaking Style: Long pauses, followed by fast, confident and often snarky responses.

1. Very picky about being clean.
2. Dislikes getting wet unexpectedly.
3. Always has a talisman - a coin of Pandaki, he who saves the undeserving from ill-fate - on him, which he flips and spins to invoke his Entropy

1. Can get very philosophical when drunk.
2. Contrary, and given to disappearing or avoiding people seemingly at random when he's broody.

Method of Handling Anger or Rage: Dio paces when mad, upset or angry, will verbally and viciously lash out at anyone who makes themselves a target. If he's not able or unwilling to take it out on someone, he broods. Brooding is bad, because he gets vindictive.

Admirable Traits:
1. Unprejudiced. He's been mistaken for so many ethnicity's and had so many stereotypes applied as a Cultist, he ignores the opinions of others unless they have facts to back it up.
2. Acknowledges when he owes a favor, and will always repay it.
3. Very friendly and hospitable. Likes to cook for guests.

Negative Traits:
1. Vain. You will acknowledge how pretty he is.
2. Exceedingly curious
3. Vicious temper, which manifests in him being extremely vindictive.

Bad Habits/Vices:
1. He will (often) overstretch himself in his dance performances to the point of actual injury.
2. Any form of physical activity that allows him to reach that altered state, he throws himself into excess. Dance, acrobatics, climbing, and even the horizontal tango.

1. Tourists.

Pet Peeves and Gripes:
1. People assuming he's a drug addict or supplier because Cultist. Amirite?
2. Being mistaken for the wrong racial/ethnic group. Which is often.

Things That Make Uncomfortable or Embarrassed:
1. Being reminded of his family in the Philippines. The promised land wasn't what is turned out to be, and he fears that he's going to eventually shame them.  

Ever Been Arrested?
1. Nope!

1. Drowning.
2. Being paralyzed

1. Cooking
2. Music

1. Performance arts. The livelier the act, the better.
2. Philosophy. He really likes to learn about how other people (especially other mages) view their place in the great dance.

Drinks Alcohol: Very sparingly now, after his OD and near drowning. Rum and rice wine are personal favorites.

Favorite Physical Attributes in Opposite Sex:
1. Dio loves perky, soft rears. He is an admitted and unabashed ass man.
2. He prefers to be around the same height as his partner. Comfort.
3. Pale skin. He has an absolute weakness for it, being so exotic to him compared to his homeland.

Attributes About Character that Turn on Opposite Sex:
1. Dio is tanned and very clearly athletically lean.
2. Extreme level of flexibility. Dio is naturally double jointed, which he loves to show off and has the grace and dexterity to match that.
3. Outward confidence and flirt. Dio is absolutely shameless flirt when he's interested in someone. Or just teasing someone. Or because he feels like it.

Sexual Turn-Ons:
1. Piercings
2. Creativity.
3. Clear comfort in what his partner wants, and willingness to indulge.

Sexual Turn-Offs:
1. Dirty. Sweaty is fine, but if you (or he) stinks of poor hygiene, Dio will not even touch you.
2. Discomfort or denial of your own desires or whom you are.
3. Crumbs in bed.


18 years old, idealistic, eager to serve his new nation - and not much in the way of job skills - Dio enlisted in the army and was eagerly snapped up due to his knowledge of Arabic. First deployed in Afghanistan with the occupation forces. Then redeployed to join units in Iraq moping up 'resistance' in 2007 - with himself acting as a forward scout to spy on rebel outposts.

What he saw there on the desert sands nearly broke his spirit and sanity. The eyes of the cat whispering to him at night that they were all, all of them going to die. Showing him of what had already passed there in the desert, the attrocities commited by these men. It gave him a terrible glimpse into the past and future. His attempts to report the pillaging and abuse were laughed off without evidence (nor did anyone seek it out). After witnessing and being unable to stop the attrocities that had already happened in each place they visited, he was finally given a discharge on disability - after he ran screaming and babbling out into the sands in his scivies.

With his discharge and savings in hand, utter bitterness and despair consumed him. He tried to lose himself in vice, drown his sorrows in anything that could erase the pain, make the Cat go away, or make him feel alive. On one night and nearly-fatal dip into the pool, a passing mage named Jittra realized that the young man had awoken. And was drowning. It was a long road back out of his overindulgence in the years since, but he found a channel for that restless passion and magic in him through arcobatic and aerialist dance. Using rope and poles to propel himself high, hard and far above audiances. The Cat eyes, no longer a tormenting foe, but his Avatar urging him on.

The Ecstatic now maintains a night club in Syracuse, well away from the insanity of New York, but close enough that his acts attract a good crowd. He occassionally works with the Sons of Ether and Hollow Ones that pass through town. Utterly unaware that there was any chantry nearby.
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Posts : 254
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Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy.   Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy. EmptySun Nov 17, 2013 5:57 pm

Dio's dance style is extremely energetic and acrobatic. For full performances at the club he employs a range of silk ropes and poles to stay above the crowd.


Pole and Hoop Acrobats.

Evgeny Greshilov - Mikhail if he learned to dance from Dio, but one of the best male dancers I could find.

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Posts : 254
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Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy.   Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy. EmptyTue Dec 10, 2013 6:54 pm

I get to research pole dancing as performance art and aerialists for this character!

More awesome examples of Dio in action.

Evgeny Greshilov again!

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Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy.   Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy. EmptySun Jan 12, 2014 8:21 pm

This lady is *AMAZING*. Performance set to the Diva song from 5th Element. WATCH IT.

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Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy.   Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy. Empty

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Diosdado Maliko - Cult of Ecstasy.
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