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 Clare Williams - Sons of Ether

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Clare Williams - Sons of Ether Steampunk-girl-Favim.com-466313

Name: Clare Williams
Handle/Alias: Shark Week
----------------------------------- ------------------------------
Tradition: Sons of Ether
Faction (if any):
Avatar: School of Hammerhead Sharks

Dynamic: Flowing
Entropic: Ravenous
Static: Symmetrical

How you view the spheres: The spheres are all connected and flow from one to another like the currents connect the oceans of the world. Much like the currents flow stronger in some oceans more than others Clare favors the spheres Matter, Life, and Forces.

Mentor? Yes

Supernaturals? Met them/hate them/indifferent?
Never met them until New York and found it best to avoid them.

----------------------------------- ------------------------------
Age: 28
Height: 5’9” barefoot
Body Type: Slender and athletic from years of swimming
Physical Condition (Fit, unfit, something in between?): Fit, Well-Toned
Eye Color: Light Blue/Green
Hair Color and Style: Long blond hair that is always escaping a messy bun.

Distinguishing Features:
1. A Tattoo shaped like a shark but in the colors of a dive flag on her right calf

Physical Imperfections/Would Like Most to Change:
1. The scar on her side from an accident with a spear gun.

Characteristic Gestures:
1. Always tugging at the loose strands of her hair
2. Drums her fingers on whatever surface is available when not working on something
3. Deconstructing and reconstructing the pen she keeps in her pocket

----------------------------------- ------------------------------

Race: Australian
Religion: none

Family Background/Lineage
Father: Jack - deceased - Owned a surf shop on Bells Beach.
Mother: Emily - Was a dive instructor.
Siblings: None
Special Occupational Training: Ph.D. in Marine Biology

Skills, Abilities, and Talents:
1. Can handle a shotgun/harpoon gun
2. Surfing
3. Deep water Diving

Areas of Expertise:
1. Shark Anatomy
2. Boat Mechanics

----------------------------------- ------------------------------

Short-Term Goals:
1. Find secure location to begin work on the sub.
2. Make contacts to assist in gathering/crafing the items needed for the sub
3. Assist with the wounded coming in from New York

Long-Term Goals:
1. To create a massive submersable with wich to explore the ocean depths where only her beloved sharks dare go.
2. To locate Atlantis and the secrets that it holds.
3. To figure out what has New York in such an uproar that people are fleeing the city in fear.

Short-Term Needs:
1. A place to live outside the chantry.
2. Some waves to Surf

Long-Term Needs:
1. A better understanding of the shifting currents/tides
2. A large fish tank for her 'fish'

----------------------------------- ------------------------------

General Personality Type
Introvert/Extrovert: Extroverted, Clare will happily speak in detail of her latest project with any who care to ask though for some odd reason most get a glazed look in the eyes after about a minute her chatter.

1. Ravenous doesnt just describe Clare's Resonance. She can often be found eating handfulls of whatever snack she has available and come meal time many are hard pressed to keep up with her.
2. Before beginning any kind of project or work Clare will arange all her tools in pairs. Odd man out goes back in the tool kit untill needed.

1. She does her best thinking in the water. When a tough problem needs solving and there is no swiming to be had she can be found floating in the bath.

Method of Handling Anger or Rage (Repress, throw things, etc): When pissed Clare often lashes out before thinking. Vases, tables, other breakable objects are all at risk when she is in a mood.

Admirable Traits:
1. Makes the best of every situation.

Negative Traits:
1. Easily distracted

Bad Habits/Vices:
1. Bites off more than she can chew. Literally.
2. Temper Tantrums. When shes mad things get thrown.

Most Painful Things in One's Life:
1. The day her father went on a walkabout and never came back.

Ever Been Arrested?
1. Yes for tresspassing on a pivate beach. It had the best access to a reef Clare was studying.

1. Being Landlocked. Away from large bodies of water.

Mental Disturbances:
1. OCD. Everything has its place.

1. Diving
2. 'Fish'keeping

1. Sharks

Drinks Alcohol: Yes

Favorite Physical Attributes in Opposite Sex:
1. Nothing gets her going more than a nice pair of Biceps.
2. The Eyes are the window to the soul and clare could stare into a stunning pair for hours.

Attributes About Character that Turn on Opposite Sex:
1. She has a stunning pair of legs. Toned from years of swimming and diving.
2. Every move she makes is fluid and graceful.

Born and raised in Australia Clare has spent her whole life near water. She could swim before she could walk. Her parents hadnt planned on children but when Clare came along they decided to give parenthood a try. By the time she was 10 her father had become frustrated with how his life had turned out. He closed shop and decided to go for a walkabout to clear his head. He never came back.
At a younge age Clare had proven to be a bright child and with little effort she graduated Highschool at the age of 16. When she left for college to get a degree in Marine Biology she found herself alone as few cared to get to know the 'smart ass' kid on campus. By 26 she had her Ph.D. and began studying sharks. She had always had a great interest in the creatures and strove to understand everything she could about them. How they think, how they know what is food and what is not, where they go when they are not crusing reefs for a snack.
Within two years she was heading her own team off the coast of South Carolina studdying what draws Sharks in so close to shore that they often cross paths with humans often resulting in loss of limb.

Random Stuff:

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Clare Williams - Sons of Ether
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