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 Timeline for the World

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Timeline for the World Empty
PostSubject: Timeline for the World   Timeline for the World EmptyThu Oct 17, 2013 9:54 am

Main timeline for all World of Darkness Canon: http://whitewolf.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline_%28cWOD%29

In game year: 2013

What has happened recently...Mage and a few other supernaturals. This timeline is not complete with all information. See http://whitewolf.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline_%28cWOD%29 for the full timeline. If you have a question or a request for location background info, let me know!

Changes from Canon:

  • 2004 is the canon date for Judgement. This HAS NOT happened yet. Judgement is the end times for all supernaturals. If we decide to run Judgement, I have the books and content for this.
  • New York timelines moving out ward from the 1990s.


  • January - The residents of Jerome, Arizona return. Thousands upon thousands of ghosts rise from lost graves, appearing within households abandoned ages ago. The city once held 15000 people, with only 250 living residents left. Those living begin slowly dying until none are left. Anyone that comes to visit leave freaked out, screaming, with tons of evidence of photographed, video and voice recorded ghosts.
  • April - New York State - Albany Penitentiaries are busted open with all convicts disappearing into the night. All levels of inmates are missing, including those waiting on death row, maximum security inmates including a few serial killers and rapists. The story hits the news despite Technocratic attempts to hide it. They are divided on hiding the news or posting it with a slant towards embracing technocratic groups to protect people.
  • May - GAME BEGINS - Thornbriary Chantry in Syracuse officially reopens its doors. Mistress Melbourne declares those in serious need of help will be aided, not open for official students at this time.


  • New York - Battles in the streets progress at an alarming rate. Nosferatu begin leaving the depths of the sewers like rats from a burning ship. Odd nightmares plague sleepers.
  • Coma patients across the world begin whispering lyrics from ancient songs.
  • October - Dr. Felix Derman is found babbling and mad by his wife after he spent an evening watching the stars through his private telescope. He keeps talking about stars disappearing.


  • November: New York - A fire sweeps through Manhattan's Barnard College tonight, destroying the library and rare-books collection. The fire also exposes an extensive underground complex records call the "Chantry of Five Boroughs." Ashy remains are all that are left of the inhabitants.
  • November 26: New York - WTOJ broadcasts an intercept from Dictatrix11 on hunter-net.org, possibly referring to the fire of the 24th: "Those who wish to assist me, stay out of the blood camps. There is nothing you can do from inside. Stay on the outside to protect those who remain free. Weaken the power of the blood drinkers. And wait for the fire to start.


  • February - New York - Sinclair quietly arrives in NYC. He has a list of mortals and magi, which he uses to maneuver people within, into and out of the city. The Hollow Ones begin gathering any mage and specific supernaturals into their underground highway. No one knows why he is working so hard.
  • September - All Silver Packs across the world receive a dream. The next day, they all enter the umbra for a gathering. They never speak of what what is told by Phoenix.


  • March - Ancient ruins in the deserts of Egypt are located using new seismic tracking equipment for oil drilling. Archeologists visit the ruins, excavating charnal chambers and ritual rooms never before discussed in ancient Egyptian texts and etchings.
  • June - Mummy exhibits in London begin losing their mummies. Dust and funeral wrappings are found, but not the actual mummies.


  • New York - Zelios is spied by local Nosferatu in the depths beyond the deep subways. Witnesses mention he whispers to himself, disappears often. The sounds of squealing rock is heard echoing, but nothing is ever found of his work. The clan is unsure how long he has been in the depths.
  • New York - St. Patricks - Chantry of Heavenly Lights - welcomes a new cardinal from the Celestial Chorus. The power of the tradition gains a great deal of ground, with an increased return to prayers and rituals among the populace.
  • Various libraries and independent book stores notice a revival in Alice in Wonderland. Numerous old copies are found endlessly arriving, being bought, sent around. Among them is a rare edition of beautiful artwork, with a different view of it. Alice is always seen within a labyrinth of cards and glass, structures that have some sort of meaning.


  • Rumors of Caine begin surfacing. How realistic these are is unknown, but they are passed around on the backs of a goth death rocker band called The Eclipse.
  • Shrecknet is hacked and a message is posted by a handle called OutOTyme: "I need your help and calling in a favor, old chum. Zelios, meet me at that place at that time. The Tango of the Louvre. ~Sinclair"
  • Clan Nosferatu begins camping the Louvre, causing issues with Toreador. Any arrival of Zelios and the unknown Sinclair are not witnessed.
  • Sabbat movement begins from Mexico, hitting strategic cities along the way towards New England.


  • Astraea approaches the constellation of Leo. Prophetic visions begin manifesting.
  • During E3, Virtual Adepts H0usefly, C0y0te and Holly chat in a #lamerlecture channel. It ends when H0usefly boots everyone out after realizing C0y0te stole his lectures file through a back door.
  • An earthquake strikes Los Angeles.
  • Transmissions from the Rogue Council summon Emissaries to the Australian Outback. The Emissaries locate Nodes never cataloged by Void Engineer surveyors.
  • There are Angel (yes, being with wings and holy light) sightings in Los Angeles relax the area's paradigm.
  • Dr. Marcus Jackson receives a message from the Rogue Council on his classroom's blackboard.
  • January 1: If the Sons of Ether vacant department Chairs are not filled by this time, the Ad Hoc Restructuring Committee will suspend or combine them.
  • February: Gawain Alexander and Jezebel Lee land at Rome's daVinci International Airport, and prepare to visit Etruscan ruins the next day. By the end of the month, Professor Massimo Pallottino finishes clearing the entrance of what he calls the Tomb of the Priest. It resembles other Etruscan tombs of the period, save for a golden seal engraved with "By order of Quintus Fabius Maximus Cuncator, consul of Rome, let no man disturb this tomb, as what lies within is abhorrent in the eyes of the gods and the state of Rome." Gawain Alexander and Jezebel Lee follow Professor Pallottino to the Etruscan tomb early in the morning, and find it swarming with Spectres. They initially suspect a necromantic vampire, but seeing it use genuine Awakened magic, they realize it's a liche, and one who hates priests of Hermes. They shoot it into the Dark Umbra and escape. Gawain Alexander gives his final thoughts on the events on the Etruscan archaeology dig, and says that although he now believes in the Rogue Council, he doesn't necessarily trust it, wondering how much more about the liche the Council knew than what he had been told.
  • March 2: The Blacklisted mailing list discusses methods of circumventing the Avatar Storm. malevolence@iamlegion.org claims he just summons a spirit and then "steps through" it. Messy, but it works. inanna@afflixxion.com thinks that's reprehensible, and says she just asks her familiar to hide her soul.
  • April 1: During a raid on a Technocracy clearing-house under cover as a printer, Phillip Morcant and the rest of his cabal (Alexeis DesJean, Janet Wolf, Aaron Dogon and Xoca) find a pristine copy of The Fragile Path. The altered text sends them to Iraq, where they recover the Tenth Seat.
  • July 28: Page two of the London Times "Society" section features a photograph taken at the Taurus Club. Identified as present in the photograph was Mr. Eric Baring-Gould (a man missing and presumed dead since the winter of 1880) and Sinclair Hollingberry (a noted gardener and architect who aided in the building of the Crystal Palace in 1854).
  • July 31: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) today issued a press release regarding the appearance of Stellar Object #2001KX76, the tabloid-dubbed "Red Star" that recently became visible to the naked eye. The press release stated that details were still "admittedly inconclusive," but that the object is more likely to be a comet than a self-sustained radiant object.
  • August 1: Los Angeles County Board of Health reports that doctors in the area have reported an unusual number of crescent-shaped birthmarks on female children being born in the last two weeks.[26]
  • August 6: Deng Xiao-Min is under arrest for having dug up his father's grave three days after burial, and severing the corpse's head. There has been an increase in this sort of desecration in recent weeks, but Beijing police are at a loss to understand why.[29]
  • August 7: Tensions escalate in the Middle East as Israeli forces seek Palestine resistance fighters in the small town of Tulkarm, going so far as to fire rockets from helicopters at cars believed to hold resistance leaders.
  • August 11: WTOJ broadcasts a GWNet intercept. The message is sent from Karin Jarlsdottir to King Jonas Albrecht. Karin confims the findings of the Grand Concolation in the Sept of the Anvil-Klaiven and nearby territories: there have been no viable Garou births for more than a year. All children have been ordinary Kin human babies or wolf pups. Garou pregnant with metis have miscarried.
  • August 14: WTOJ broadcasts a SchreckNet intercept from Samir to Beckett. The message indicates that the two will be performing some sort of thaumaturgical ritual.
  • August 19: An intercept from the source "rogue" appears on WTOJ. The Tenth Seat of Horizon has appeared at a meeting of the Rogue Council. The intercept's authors demand the seat so they may defend it against the Technocrats, some of whom attacked the very meeting in which it appeared.
  • August 20: The marine biology research ship Tethys today in the Falkland Islands recorded the passage of what appears to be a southward migration of sharks of at least five separate species. Scientists aboard the Tethys commented that the migration was unexplainable by current studies of shark behavior, and the ship changed course to follow the migration and observe.
  • August 21: An Israeli Defense Force spokesman today named a previously unknown religious sect called "the Amkhat" as the target of recent incursions into Tulkarm and other West Bank towns. An IDF dossier released to the press accuses this cult of a wide variety of outrages, from terrorist activities to ritual cannibalism. Palestinian Authority representatives called the Israeli claims inflammatory, but insiders whisper that the Authority has been trying to root out Amkhat for some time. Meanwhile, Egypt announced that it was withdrawing its support from the current round of peace talks, citing the Tulkarm incursions and "Israeli fabrications."
  • August 22: New York State Troopers investigating the derelict garbage scow May Belle, found floating along the Hudson River last week, discovered the mutilated body of elderly mariner Alluscious Henry, along with the remains of three mongrel wolves. Today, the Albany County Medical Examiner declared Henry’s death a result of an attack by rabid wolves and alerted county and state public health and animal control officials. Investigators also uncovered some evidence linking Henry to a fringe animal-rights group called the "Sept of the Green."
  • August 26: An intercept from the Digital Web is broadcast over WTOJ. The citizens of Sleepytown are being drafted and assigned to "enhanced military training."
  • August 28: His Holiness John Paul II today issued a papal proclamation condemning the growing trend of violence, militarism, atheism and "pagan idolatry" across the world. Although such declarations from the pontiff are not unprecedented, his especially harsh language has worried several observers. One Vatican insider told journalists, "In the past, His Holiness has been a firm but benevolent advisor. This time he’s speaking of Judgment Day."
  • August 29: A previously unknown terrorist group calling itself the Fifth Age today released a nerve agent in a downtown Osaka office tower, killing over 500 workers there. The leader of the terrorists, a man known only as Mikaboshi, escaped the police dragnet.
  • September 11: Surrounded by crowds of horrified sightseers and papal novitiates, Cardinal Giancarlo Salvatore this morning immolated himself in the center of St. Peter’s Square after an impassioned speech proclaiming that the end of the world was at hand. Declaring that "the gates of Hell are breaking" and that "the Holy Church has fallen into the clutches of demons," Salvatore handed a document to a British tourist that he claimed would reveal "the truth that [his] fellow Cardinals have been keeping from the world." The Holy See has made no public comment regarding the Cardinal’s death, though the gates of the city have been closed to sightseers until further notice. The whereabouts of the British tourist who supposedly received Cardinal Salvatore’s testament are unknown
  • September 18: Spokespeople for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) today vigorously denied allegations released recently on several fringe websites and other alternative media outlets, which state that many of the satellites recently launched to observe Stellar Object #2001KX76 (the so-called "Red Star") are actually designed to monitor the global population and tied to a massive crowd-control project dubbed "Ragnarok." They deny that William Albacastle, named in several of the reports, has ever worked for NASA or JPL.
  • September 24: A Nigerian Bishop visiting Baltimore, Jude Bankole Kuti, collapsed today in the middle of a speech to local faith groups. Kuti died minutes after paramedics discovered multiple lacerations on his skin, carvings of Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew phrases. Six members of the audience reportedly suffered similar but non-lethal wounds. Four fled the scene. Linguists summoned by the city's medical examiners have translated the phrases into fragments of Gnostic scripture dating from the 1st to 5th centuries AD. The most common injury reads: "What binds me has been slain/and what turns me about has been overcome/and my desire has been ended/and ignorance has died."
  • September 25: New York - WTOJ today broadcasts an intercept from GWNet, in a message from Amy Hundred-Voices. She's met a Mokolé once before, so was considered the "resident expert" at the Sept of the Green. "Even Mother Larissa wasn't too shy to ask my opinion after the messenger had come and gone under flag of truce." Unforuntately, she wasn't much help, and could only confirm that the visitor was fresh from his First Change. He carried a single message: "What must be remembered?
  • October 2: New York - Three people were killed, dozens injured and traffic was snarled in Midtown Manhattan when a half-block of 43rd Street near Times Square collapsed this morning. Several yards of the blacktop fell in, overturning vehicles and releasing foul-smelling gasses. City engineers theorize the destruction resulted from the collapse of the so-called "dragon's graveyard," the underground facilities for the New York Times' decommissioned printing presses. Witnesses also report that thousands of sewer rats swarmed out of the fissures caused by the collapse.
  • October 9: A man identified as Eneas Zoetope stumbled into an Upstate New York town today, completely covered in blood and gore. He surrendered to the authorities, saying only "Revenge is done. Now my sister can rest." Police continue to question him as to who the blood belongs to and where the bodies are, but all he has said so far is "Nunnehi.
  • October 13: Calcutta authorities were helpless as mobs gathered along the shores of the Ganges River, claiming to be there to witness “the ascension of the demon avatars.” The gathering turned violent when an explosion rocked the scene. The crowd rioted, resulting in the deaths of well over 100 people and nearly five times that number injured. Witnesses claimed to have seen burning figures walking on the surface of the river and four-armed avatars (described as manifestations of Hindu gods) attacking people and drinking their blood. Indian authorities have declared a state of emergency and imposed martial law in an effort to restore order.
  • October 19: The newly installed American administrator in Iraq today called his agenda in the region "advancing the plan laid out for us in Scripture." Despite a stream of communiqués from Washington arguing that the ambassador was referring to Christian charity, sources inside the interim authority in Baghdad claim that many top officials are now "reading Revelations for policy choices."
  • October 20: One day after the US' Ambassador to Iraq called his agenda "advancing the plan laid out for us in Scripture," massive protests took place in Syria and much of the rest of the Arab World today over fanatic US rhetoric. Syrian government officials, speaking to protesters, decried the "Christian fanaticism being spouted by America."
  • October 22: WTOJ broadcasts an intercept from the Digital Web. "Twelve of us have come from far, three of us dying on the scarred ground of Bangladesh. We have but one message. Prepare, for Voormas has taken the Realm of Entropy.
  • December 22: WTOJ broadcasts an intercept from "Pascek" via SchreckNET: "H: Yes, I’ve put Bell on the matter as a condition of his reinstatement. Beckett is as good as ash."


  • Sphinx images begin displaying in new broadcasts, in emails, on random web pages.


  • Dreamspeaker Safia Phiri's paper "An Examination of Modern Mysticism" is due to be published by Baruti Press late this year.
  • Project Stormwarden, an effort to break through the Avatar Storm, is started.
  • In the summer, an outbreak of nightmares occurs among children of Indian immigrants living in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
  • House Janissary is wiped out during the Second Massasa War.
  • The Ngoma join the Order of Hermes as House Ngoma.
    House Xaos, a neo-Discordian group, is founded by Kallisti from the remnants of House Thig.
  • On her birthday, Niki Yemana and some other radical mages remove an oil spill from the Indian Ocean by causing it to rain over the owner of the responsible oil company on his home in Texas. The Paradox Backlash nearly kills her entire cabal.
  • The New Horizon Council meets in Los Angeles to trap the Nephandi, and decimate Jodi Blake's minions. They use the success to unite the Traditions.
  • Lord Edward Gilmore is the last to leave Concordia, at which point every path into Horizon becomes impenetrable.
  • May 22: Mortal scientists detect new planetary body in the solar system, distinctly red in colour, which they dub 2001 KX76.


  • 2000-2100: The Age of Aquarius arrives at some point during this period.
  • An Umbral maelstrom sweeps through Ta-tchesert, the Silent Striders Tribal homeland, scattering its few inhabitants to the four winds. This includes Natifa Wheel-Dreamer and Sekhet Wheel-Dancer, but Wepauwet remains.
  • Weaver Device “Conundrum” is released, called “Mechagodzilla 2000” by Warez e-zine.[8] Its creator seems to have used a Godel (Paradox-spirit) to make it.
  • The Akashayana and Wu Lung agree to an alliance to defeat the Technocracy and preserve their remaining strongholds in China and Tibet. Arranged marriages are introduced between Akashics such as the Vajrapani and the Wu Lung in service of the Thousand-Tiger Lord.
  • The Knights Templar are split over their direction. Several dozen reunited with the Celestial Chorus.
  • House Skopos, a tiny group within the Order of Hermes dedicated to quantum reality, is founded by Spiro Hatzis.
  • The Children of Knowledge accept the Order of Hermes' offer of membership, and join as House Solificati.
  • The Shadow Curtain surrounding Russia collapses.
  • January 21: Ishaq bani Quaesitor officially announces that the Quaesitori have declared a Wizards' March against House Tremere, thus beginning the Second Massasa War
  • February 12: A "Hazuko" sends a communique to "Niles" regarding the uncertainty with extradimensional matters, now that the Dimensional Storm has erected a barrier, and several Deep Universe outposts are out of contact.
  • This issue of Paradigma is the last to receive full circulation, and contains a call for a coherent and unified terminology to be used in describing Etheric studies.[48] Paradigma's Paris offices are destroyed.
  • A group of Czech Nephandi discover that the Realm of their unholy patron has drifted, as though the result of a great shockwave.

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Timeline for the World Empty
PostSubject: Re: Timeline for the World   Timeline for the World EmptyThu Oct 17, 2013 9:54 am


  • Anthelios appears in the Umbra.
  • Horizon realms of Mages in the Umbra begin to become more disparate from reality, some losing their connection to and from reality, others being attacked, and one may have had asteroids thrown at it by Rorg. This is likely connected to the arrival of Anthelios.
  • The Dark Umbra becomes less and less hospitable to werewolves, as a terrible storm starts to tear through it. Some Garou speculate that this is linked to the appearance of Anthelios, which is present in the Dark Umbra as well. Wilderness areas tend to be the worst, whereas cities are more stable against the storm. More Wraiths become Risen than ever before.
  • The last of Baba Yaga's mages are hunted down and killed, and the Shadow Curtain collapses.
  • The Children of Knowledge join the Order of Hermes as House Solificati. House Thig collapses.
  • With the release of a science fiction film The Matrix from a pair of un-Awakened brothers, a leather-clad Oakley-wearing cast, and vertical streaming code, Awakenings increase across the board but triple recruitment rates among Virtual Adepts.
  • April 4: Cornelius Balt expresses his delight with Xadreque Machado's astute observation on "free spirits," and feels they're making great progress on getting a solid description of the Umbra and its natives.
  • The Week of Nightmares

    • The Ravnos Antediluvian Zapathasura awakens.
    • Fighting over Calcutta continues between the Ravnos and the Kuei-jin.
    • The Ravnos begin employing Sabbat mass-Embracing techniques, resulting in the deaths of large numbers of thin-blooded vampires, thereby hastening the awakening of the Ravnos Antediluvian.
    • In the first week of June, sensitives around the world begin having horrific and prophetic nightmares. The period becomes known as the Week of Nightmares. Some demonologists suspect this is a sign of the return of the Prince of Nightmares.

  • Zapathasura awakens.
  • As the Vajrapani and the Euthanatoi prepare for revenge following the death of many of their followers, the Kannagara and Euthanatos leaders see a new Himalayan War in the making. Together, they urge the Traditions to abandon the Ascension War.
  • The Technocracy implement Operation Ragnarok. They use neutron missiles and four reflecting orbital mirrors to reduce the Ravnos Antediluvian to dust. Simultaneously, Technocrat Xerxes Jones detonates a nuclear device in the Labyrinth at the mouth of Oblivion, while the forces of Stygia drop a relic nuke on Enoch. So much spirit energy releases the Sixth Great Maelstrom and starts the Avatar Storm.
  • The Red Star — also known as Anthelios or Wormwood — appears in the sky.
  • Stanislaus Wojciehowicz meets Dr. Bernhardt Mueller, and find a startling correspondence between the demise of Scientifically advanced civilizations and previous passes of the hyperdimensional supercomet Mirzaba.
  • A lot of Iteration X is drinking pretty heavily, seeing the year's rollover as a symbolic change ushering in a New Era. Virtual Adept Willy Pete spends the night babysitting servers at a small office.[91]
  • The status of the Hyperion War is as follows: Traditions hold Ganymede, the Technocracy holds Europa, the Marauders hold Callisto, and the Nephandi are camped on Io.


  • The Garou of Russia hunt and destroy many of the agents of Baba Yaga, noticing that her structure and allies seem to be disappearing. Baba Yaga is destroyed by persons unknown to the Garou. The Shadow Curtain crashes down, reuniting the Russian werewolves with the rest of the Garou Nation.
  • Nightshade passes on and Charlotte Quay takes the Seat of Life on the Horizon Council.
  • In the summer, the Seer is discovered in the Digital Web.
  • A terrible War in Heaven culminates with the destruction of Concordia and the death of many Tradition Archmages, including the famous Porthos Fitz-Empress. Tradition leadership staggers as most of their mages and council members are killed, including Master Hyemyŏng Sŭnim.
  • A Cyberpunk discovers a back door to an Iteration X mainframe at NORAD and lifts 20 gigabytes of data before they trace him.
  • After a Core War, a Virtual Adept begins tripping off virus scanners wherever he goes despite being run through every known virus scrubber.
  • Virtual Adept H0usefly, while parsing February's Iteration X download, realizes after checking his clocks that every time he hears the name of Alan Turing spoken aloud, all related information is wiped from his memory, and so he repeats the same segment over and over again. The mnemonovirus is dubbed the Turin Virus.


  • Early this year, Garou begin to regroup in Russia and launch a series of counter-attacks against the forces of Baba Yaga.
  • The 59th Council of the Council of Nine meets in Horizon.
  • This year's volume of the Annual Proceedings of the Arcanum includes an article by Sandeep D'Souza entitled "The Road of the Black Arts." It generates some protest from the Arcanum's more conservative members.
  • A "hotshit whacko" calling himself "Heylel-Something-Or-Other" leads a charge on Horizon. He's joined by bitter Hollower Jeremy Case, making the Hollowers even more outcast.
  • A cabal of mages attempts to bring down a Horizon Construct. The result is a bloodbath on the Front Lines which lasts for days.
  • In late October Baba Yaga's forces attack the Sept of the Crystal Mind (of the Stargazers) and the Aral Sea Caern (House Wise Heart Silver Fangs). By the end of the month every single member of the Silver Fang sept had been destroyed, ending the line of House Wise Heart Silver Fangs in Russia. The Stargazer caern barely survives through guerrilla tactics. At the same time, the hag sends forces into Siberia to deal with the Wendigo who had fought her back in early 1995.
  • November 10: Doissetep explodes, causing a shock wave affecting everything connected to it, including the Digital Web, which experiences the Great Crash. The entire Web goes offline for three seconds, killing many, injuring others for weeks or months, and any sector that wasn't permanently erased is damaged.


  • Baba Yaga sends an ambassador to the Spirit Stone Caern of the Uktena, offering them power and safety if they would swear fealty to her and show her a way to reverse the Rite of Draconic Binding. The ambassador is torn limb from limb. Retribution comes swiftly, destroying a quarter of the sept.
  • The Shadow Lords utilize one of the few, hidden surviving Children of Gaia of Russia – Alyosha Lyubov, leader of those remaining – to help them approach the Get of Fenris to achieve an alliance for the benefit of all Garou in Russia.
  • By now, the Garou of Russia are at only two thirds of their original strength.
  • Late in the year, the first Glass Walkers caern in Russia is attacked; the Sept of the Learning Hall in Moscow is paid a personal visit by Baba Yaga, and it is destroyed. Luckily, Children of Gaia had advised the Glass Walkers to pull out, and so only 17 of the 40 sept members were present during the attack, though all of them died.
  • A movement begins in Horizon´s Fresh Wind Covenant to abolish Wards as a holdover from Heylel Teomim´s betrayal.
  • Master Archivist Nicodemus Mulhouse compiles a brief history of Horizon.
  • In the summer, the Sons of Ether establish a temporary settlement within the terraformed region of Mars' Penumbra. The settlement is officially called Marsbase One, but nicknamed "Bradbury."
  • Mus, the hidden moon of Mercury, falls. Fors Collegis Mercuris is no longer accessible to neophyte Hermetics.
  • Attacks on the Sons of Ether and Verbena prompt the Traditions to arrest Theora Hetirck, Voormas' Adept, for crimes ranging from murder to rape. She's remanded to Senex's custody indefinitely.


  • Early this year, Baba Yaga's armies are forced to temporarily retreat from Siberia, so fierce are the attacks of the Wendigo living there.
  • Master Porthos Fitz-Empress publishes The Fragile Path, an account of the First Cabal.
  • A tenth region is formed when the Great Rift opens on the continent of Posht in Horizon, between the territories of the Sons of Ether and the Virtual Adepts.
  • The winter issue of Paradigma contains an article by Doctor Van Baas and Dr. Alexis Hastings entitled "Kelvin 6500: The Melting Temperature of Primium."
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Timeline for the World
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