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 Pocket full of posies...

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PostSubject: Pocket full of posies...    Pocket full of posies...  EmptyThu Oct 10, 2013 8:53 pm


Celestial Chorus
New York City
St Patricks Cathedral
Has spent his life protecting the streets, cleaning up the trash, and helping the demon possessed find a way back. He was a proper priest, finishing seminary, when the true calling found him. A drug addict needed help, smashed into him and tried to take his money, rosary, anything to score. Rainier reached out to help him. Somehow...he forced the pain and drugs from his system, a demon leaping at his face. He joined a church and immediately went to work. His body is a roadmap of pain, tattooed symbols against the dark and light. He walks with demons and angels equally.
Pocket full of posies...  Hellblazer-cancelled

Cassandra Melbourne
She has lived and worked in the chantry Thornbriar for many years, taking over from the last keeper, a Hermetic. With the rapidly changing world and painful increase in technology with a sharp decline in manners, Cassandra locked down the entire chantry. She only welcomed very selective members that showed a love of art, literature, the finer and far more traditional things in life.
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Dr. Phineas Robberason
Sons of Ether
The world of water holds the keys to history and magic, and deep in the oceans lies the secret of Atlantis. The ideas of the doctor and his friends go far and long into science and myth, but for now those dreams of underwater worlds is on hold to help those of New York City.
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Sinclair Hollingberry
New York
Hollow One
Rarely met, often overlooked, Sinclair seems like a mix of Oxford professor and world traveler. His old world charm and soft British voice tends to get him into important functions or next to important people. Regardless of where or when folk are set to meet him, he is already there, waiting and napping on a chair, couch, curled up in a corner. Many of the Hollowers have stories either real or fictitious to fit in of some dandy gentleman coming to their aid, wearing clothing from the wrong era, quoting poetry and histories like a learned professor. He currently leads the charge of Hollowers in the shadows of New York. Finding and capturing his people are nearly impossible, always seemingly one step ahead.
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PostSubject: Re: Pocket full of posies...    Pocket full of posies...  EmptyWed Oct 16, 2013 3:40 pm


Edwin Chaskel
Librarian of Thornbriar

How long has Edwin been in the chantry? Running from old fears, Edwin met the past Chantry keeper Alfonzo Basso, Order of Hermes. He was a vampire and woodworking craftsman seeking the Americas during the Victorian period, seeking New York and continuing past the city to find a place much smaller and more his speed. In Syracuse, Alfonzo met the vampire when he was crying over a young woman that he nearly killed and embraced. The sight baffled the mage, and led the two to talking often. Soon he was welcomed into the chantry, crafting new rooms and a fine library at the mage's side. He uses a Mask of a Thousand Faces usually, though his vampiric form is rather drawn and wrinkled to barely having beady eyes from the folds, with mottling and lumpy fleshy bits all on his head and shoulders giving a weird sort of look to him.
Pocket full of posies...  Indy-12

Marlena Duboi
Follower of Set
Marlena is a Setite that focuses mainly upon one thing alone: connecting people and things. She is a procurer for Anarchs in New York state, refusing to live in the Big Apple itself. Living in a nice condo, she surrounds herself with contacts, allies, and ghouls while running an import/export business. Normally, her services are sought after for specific, smaller deliveries by Cainites. But with the war, she's been bombarded and quite frantic. The latest movement turned out not to be specifically goods or services, but a damn Cainite!

Her abilities and work may not come across mages, but she has some of the best connections and contacts for travel.
Pocket full of posies...  Emily-02

Michael Reginald Rothchild III
A true blue blood, Michael has lived his life in the footsteps of greatness in the Ventrue halls...or so he wishes. In truth, his sire is little more than a left over fop of a golden era long since dead and tarnished. Young for a Cainite, the Camarillian vampire has worked his way into a veritable fortune in finance and investments for estates of his clan. With care, he continues to provide financing and CPA work for other vampires either too stupid to control their own books, or too used to having servants run it all. As Cainites die, he takes their goods and assets. Comfortably, he now works as a trader and banker, with strong ties in antiquities through Sotheby, Christie's, and Bonham's auction houses of New York. With the coming troubles, so many escalating issues in the city, he paid to have himself shipped to Syracuse. His ghoul already had moved to the area to secure a domain.

Mages could come across him in high society, theater, music, and business.
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Parish is one of those rough men that looks like a thug waiting to smash a face in. There is rage in this man unrivaled and potent, enough to be felt by humans with weak hearts. When he does come to the city, it's just for supplies and checking in with a few friends he has. Otherwise, he has no interest and remains in the wilds. It is there...he finds true peace. His life as a kindred led to the Children of Gaia to the southwest. The guardians of the caern found him attacking poachers, hunting for sport and leaving beasts to die painfully until the wyrm tainted into their hearts. Rather than kill him, they aided him in handling the men with evil in their hearts and face off. Standing before the wolves, he did not back down, but stepped back and kneeled. Ever since, they have a connection between them. He is not welcome in the caern, but does provide support when horrors come, or warns of things he comes across, one of their contacts into the affairs of the wyrm.

Mages can come across him in the wilds, hunting, or hanging out at more taverns and the like. He's a strong, towering black man followed around by a dog, but it's not blood bound.
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Posts : 899
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PostSubject: Re: Pocket full of posies...    Pocket full of posies...  EmptyThu Oct 17, 2013 3:54 pm

Pocket full of posies...  Dbbcba20241fc60ade2db1a92a3e3841_large


Growls First
Children of Gaia
Ahroun, Lupus
Growls First was born of a wolf and lives his life that way. When forced to a homid form, the closest he gets is glabro. He received his name because he approaches -everything- with a growl, even friends. He works as a warden of the caern, stalking and hunting the lands.
Pocket full of posies...  Werewolf-3

Healing Rain, Andrea Maitland
Children of Gaia
Theurge, homid
Born in Boston, Andrea was a simple girl with a love of the woods and literature. Geeky, shy, she trudged through school with the blinding hope to attend college for a degree in literature and to travel the world seeing great libraries. After graduation, she moved to Syracuse for university. Often she would go camping, enjoying the woods and lakes, until one fateful night. She felt this...need to run. Not in fear, but bliss. By the time she came to her senses, she was nude and shaking out in the woods. Growls First found her, growling of course. Eventually after scaring her to death, she learned she was a garou and everything had changed. A theurge, she gained her deed name as she took care of cubs and garou through terrible storms that rocked the land, staying up and keeping strong until finally peace returned.
Pocket full of posies...  Worgey

Mark Two-Fisted
Nothing says loving like a song and a beer. That's definitely Mark. He earned his name by always having two fists of booze at the ready whenever he sings and tells his stories. The man...is always...drunk. Always. Whether in battle or love, he faces everything buzzed to some degree. His attire is entirely blue jeans and beer tshirts. Even his armor for battle has bottle caps hung from it. He used to be a footballer in Albany, getting into one helluva fight on the field. During that fight, he went through his first change, putting friends into the hospital.

Mages can come across this garou through the Children of Gaia sept (name tbd).
Pocket full of posies...  Worgen

Jonas Albrecht
Silver Fang
King of the Garou Nation
Sept of the Green
New York
If you are meeting this garou.....pray. A
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PostSubject: Re: Pocket full of posies...    Pocket full of posies...  Empty

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Pocket full of posies...
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