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 The War of New York - The Ascendants

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PostSubject: The War of New York - The Ascendants   The War of New York - The Ascendants EmptyThu Oct 10, 2013 9:48 am

New York is a landscape of bright lights and dark moments. I've lived here my entire life, guided lost souls through the streets, and yelled at the prestigious on their pedestals. But something is coming. I didn't think much of it, until some others started talking about the same shit.

And then I found a note in the offering basket, a flyer scribbled on with a symbol I've found carved in the flesh of the homeless. It's all true. Hell is opening deep in the heart of my beloved city...and I can't do anything about it.

No one is sure what it is. Or even if it's a who. The chantries have been winking out from people leaving or dying, some captured. I wouldn't send this word to you if it wasn't dire. But I need your help, Cassie. I'm closing St Patricks, sending mages your way. Take them in, or leave them in the city. Your choice. But I'm calling in a favor and sending my journal to you.

Help me, please.

War has come to New York City, sending vampires and mages to the edges of the city and beyond. Cars careen through the streets, tossing fire bombs and herding mortals into large areas like cattle. Mages are hunted by a rivalry of Tremere, Tzimisce, and Lasombrans, the many falling on each other and then the mages, embracing and terrorizing any they find. Even Technocrats are not safe as the Progenitors have lost a few of their own from their research facilities.

War in New York
The battles began small, then sped up in terror. Some anarchs were living well enough in areas the Camarilla court allowed them. Sabbat were non-existant, but watching from the edges like vermin waiting for the kill.

Magi have their chantries large to small throughout the city. Nothing seemed really to cause much of a stir, despite what a few tuned to feel such things said. Only a few members of the city had any clear idea of what was coming, finding more homeless dead or torn apart in weird ways, others just missing. Rainier of the Lost Hearts mission for the homeless found more and more cases of possession, blood burning, things that screamed of a moving in.

The Choresters led by Archbishop Michael West thrived in the lovely church of St Patricks. One of the oldest chantries, no one believed it could be touched or rivaled. Until they found the Archibishop feasting on his altar boys...as a vampire...rushing out to explode in ash on the steps of the church. Rainier took control, contacting mages, sending them out, as the days became as frightening as the nights.

St Patricks Chantry
The War of New York - The Ascendants St+Patricks+Cathedral

The small warfares have become something far darker, as the Sabbat have invaded in force. In intense moves, small hits have become all out war, to a point caerns are being hailed from the Glasswalkers. Small chantries have been gutted. Hollowers provide support to help numbers move from the city to the lakes. There small submarines have come to help take people to their small underwater stronghold chantry.

Atlantian Retreat
The War of New York - The Ascendants Abyss1

The chantries of other states and areas have taken many from the Sons of Ether subs, but one chantry has recently opened in Syracuse. An old chantry called Thornbriar, led by a verbana Cassandra Rose Melbourne, has sent word they will accept members again. The house is a collosal creation of the old world, set on a 100 acres of woodlands, mountainside, and lakeshore. The house itself has multiple wings and floors, gardens and hunting, servants quarters and barracks, with a nearby abandoned airfield. It is always covered in a strange mist, perhaps due to hot springs, climate, trees, the great lake, and ....magic.

History of Thornbriar
James Lynch built a house on a 100-acre farm north of Syracuse when he came to Onondaga County from Ireland in 1835. The house and farm passed through three families before the Army Air Corps built the Mattydale Bomber Base around it in 1941. It was home to a succession of commanders at Hancock Field.

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The War of New York - The Ascendants
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