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 Drone Battle Royale (DBR)

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Drone Battle Royale (DBR) Empty
PostSubject: Drone Battle Royale (DBR)   Drone Battle Royale (DBR) EmptyMon Sep 23, 2013 12:37 pm

It began with a battle between Drone-ikus Maximus and Lord Roto. They began warring through drone control as rival shadowrunners. No drones were safe as they used every corp and business as their dueling ground. But the true beauty came when Lord Roto began televising his warfare with Drone-ikus on a Shadowlands feed. Angered, he retaliated in full destructive passion, eager to let those televised shows display the absolute ass whoopin' he was going to deliver!

Groupies recorded the fights, bets began being placed, and soon enough underground battles broke out. The rules started simple enough then grew as the warfare ensued. Scrap yard creations vs corporate hacked drones, extreme weapons grade drones vs self-destruct time bombs. The underground movement has grown into a gambling den of war robots and drones that defies logic at times.

Position: The Crackerjack
This is the games master, setting the rules and arenas for all battles. They rule the engagements of robotic warfare, setting the boundaries and ensuring full recording and gambling. Vexxer was considered the finest Crackerjack, destroying a five story building with one of the vilest battles known to drone war history: Tilt-n-Skrag! This fight used high-grade explosives with tremble devices. The moment the trembles hit a threshold of tilting and tossing, the explosives struck, taking out the robot...and the building...floor by floor!


  • Roto - flyers, gliders, hover
  • Dig Dugs - underground, diggers, drop bombs
  • Rover - ground runners, wheeled, walkers, jumper jets

Each division has levels based on nuyen, tech (off rack, customized, scrapyard), weaponized, and battle royal rules.
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Drone Battle Royale (DBR)
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