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 Iron Chef Alton

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Iron Chef Alton Alton%20BrownFencing0018-edit

Alton Brown led a most unassuming life that led to something fantastic. Armed with fine degrees in biology with a focus in botany and organic chemistry, he might have gained a position within the corporations if not for borderline grades and his....hobby.

Rather than turning his abilities to something truly scientific, he used them to cross-breed new species of plants all for his true passion of cooking. Working through the kitchens of numerous restaurants, he learned all he could until tossed out for a bad attitude. But his food always gained attention as a few of the affluent would seek out his courses when he moved place to place. It was one of these men that contacted him with an opportunity he could not pass up.

For the next decade, Alton continued his work in cultivating species, crafting some of the finest meals ever tasted, wandering through a wide range of genres and cuisines,
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Iron Chef Alton
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