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 Avernus - Elf Mage Shadowrun

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PostSubject: Avernus - Elf Mage Shadowrun   Avernus - Elf Mage Shadowrun EmptySat May 25, 2013 9:47 pm

Avernus - Elf Mage Shadowrun Elvenmage

Shadowrunner Alias: Avernus (it's the lake entrance to Hades in Greek myth)
Black Lodge Name: Lady of Mazes, Labyrinthian (due to her losing people into complex mazes in their minds based on ancient texts)
Elven Name: Dr. Sionnach Villon
Human Name: Dr. Emily Danvers (prior to awakening)
Other Alias: Chal'han se' Bele se'Farad (Sperethiel: Vengeance of The Great Hunt)
Penname after Awakening: Dr. Sylvan Averness (just a fun play on words)
Age at Awakening: 40
Current Age: 78
Original Home: London

As a Human
Prior to the Awakening, Emily was a rather boring woman for most, living in Britain, working in antiquities for the British Museum of London in Antiquities. She held degrees, taught at Oxford, worked in the museum, all for the love of knowledge and history.

Her work brought the Black Lodge across her path. They sought her expertise in ancient civilizations and organizations heralded a particular opportunity for revising some aspects of freemason history within the IRA and British Parliament. Through the two, they may gain more membership and ground for chosen families.

She never considered their interests more than merely academic, leading to significant finds of documents and family lineages. Strangely Emily could not believe how very old the finds were, yet completely new, as if locked away and hidden until precisely the right moment. She began an intensive investigation. Travels took her to Germany, deep in the mountains and forests, digging free strange celtic burials even so far southerly as that. Her books and papers were genius, and new archaeological finds extraordinary. All of this for changing party lines and acceptance among numerous parties for Black Lodge members into the IRA and Irish politics. Next would be the British.

Unfortunately, much changed for the Black Lodge and Emily before they could make their move.

The Awakening
Magic awoke, and everything changed. The day before, Emily finished a draft on a book chapter, graded papers in her Ancient Civilization class, and got home in time to make pork shops and rashers. Her son would come home late if at all. And her husband would drink himself to a right old stupor until returning, stumbling in with a sloppy kiss on her cheek and falling asleep in his stinking clothes.

Rubbing her tired feet, she dreamed about the simple pleasures of a bath, a rather sexy man to rub her back, while she regaled him about lost cities and ancient peoples that he might even find interesting. Sleep was fitful, terrorized with dreams she once had as a little girl and graduate student. In the early hours, her husband shook her shoulder mumbling something about being late. So bored was he of their life together, he never once noticed the brown dull hair had changed, or those plain curves much more developed.

Finally she sat up, alone in her home, sensing minds around her and tasting the very air. Every moment was lighter, far more fluid as she stood before the mirror. Her eyes are about the only thing that remained remotely the same, being blue but far more clear. Her hair changed to stark white, height increased, beauty painfully enough as well became hers. But most importantly, magic blossomed and a tremendous hunger for power.

She left her husband and kid, took their money, stole relics from the museum and Oxford, and sought out others immediately. Watching the news for but an hour gave her the information needed. Ireland. Confederates within the Black Lodge reached out to her immediately when they interviewed her husband and child. But within months, the lodge tracked her down in the last place they assumed she would be.

The awakening had torn many of their scholars and masons away in Ireland, followed closely by Britain. But the lodge had little to offer at the moment whereas the newly rising nation of Tir na nOg had everything. A tug of war began, constantly working the two nations against the other in a bid of power, resources, and knowledge. And due to her rare mix of skills, magic, and scholarship, they had to just deal with it.

After years of constant manipulations, the now named Dr. Sionnach Villon had continued her writing, advanced those works into magical tomes and theories which made some elven politicians quite rich, and kept the lodge in the game. Everything was just ...perfect...until she happened upon a roving group of spirits called The Wild Hunt. Powerful and insightful, the spirits aided her in claiming more artifacts. But on the final night of their hunt, she turned what treasures they provided into a sword rather than for further research and discovery. Angered, they vowed a curse upon her during their reign.

Being a visaed British citizen in the Irish elven nation, this became a defining black mark. The council approached her then. They would hold all prosecution, if she worked as a double agent to learn secrets of the Black Lodge that grudgingly continued to work with her. She accepted, and took the rather quaint Shadowrunner name Avernus.

Tir na nOg
Joining the new nation at its blossoming was not the saving grace that entered Sionnach 's life. Nor was it taking a Gaelic name. She was awakened a mage, complete in every day, and a scholar of renown. A need for power had filled her, to harness magic and control everything. Yet after the incident with the Wild Hunt, the "terms" proposed by the council and the willingness to welcome her back by the lodge left her wondering of something...larger.

She helped craft the very institutions of the nation, solidified the training. And now they wanted to manhandled her in every way? It was time to take charge, and make quite the move for power. During her years, she sought to join the Path of Righ.

SKILLS 20 +6 from flaws
Appraise (c) Magic 4

Magical Theory (creating new spells, theory) 4
Sociology (c) archeology 4 (c) anthropology 2
History - (c) Ancient 4 (c) Middle Ages 2 (c) Magical 2 (c) secret societies 2
Linguistics 2
Sorcery 5 (casting spells)
Etiquette 2
Armed Combat - (c) Edged Weapons - (s) Sword 3

Languages: Sperethiel, English, Latin, Arabic, Greek

A magical
B attribute 24
C elf
D skill 20
E money 500, 5 force pts

money spent on force pts
1 - 20,000 ny 2 from flaw = 40500 nuyen
1- 6 force pts x 6 from flaws = 36 + 5 = 41

Willpower 6
Intelligence 6
Charisma 4 +2 = 6
Body 3
Quickness 2 +1 = 3
Strength 3

Flaw 15 pts
Computer Illiterate -3 she wrote everything by hand and typewriter, entrusting any digital copies to trusted staff for her written books. She does use computers for general things like email and searching very easy things, but stays away from them. She would definitely seek a decker to make friends with for trading information.

Dark Secret -2 member of the Black Lodge - As a human, she was becoming a member of the Black Lodge. After Awakening, she has continued into accepting a place among the lodge to provide information back to the elven nation.

Magic Magnet -3 all magic affects the character more, target numbers reduced by 1, but does not make weapon foci hit easier. When she awakened, magic affected her tremendously. She has always felt magic more than most when cast against her.

Bio Rejection -2 Her body changed dramatically with the awakening, leading to a complete revulsion when anything not from her own body is introduced to her system.

Spirit Bane -2 during her work with the Black Lodge, she has gained the ire of Wild Hunt type of spirits. She stole something most precious to them, the Grundwstrup Cauldron. The cauldron was fashioned of silver coins that many historians believed were Roman. She believed otherwise, the quality and lack of any tarnish or patina quite strange for the metal. She stole the piece and used it in her early efforts to gain power, angering the Wild Hunt as she called them forth, geased them, right on the eve of Walpurgis. As they fell into their yearly slumber, they swore vengeance. She never speaks of what she did with this cauldron, but soon after...she was wielding a sword.

Quote :
Grundstrup Cauldron
This remarkable cauldron was unearthed in Denmark near the parish of Aars. One of the younger entries on this list, the cauldron only dates to around 100 BC; this however means that we know much more about this piece. Fashioned from solid silver it is believed that this cauldron was constructed from smelted coins, more than likely roman coins. It is constructed from individual plates joined together, each with an individual theme. The central plate depicts a female wielding a sword, the rest of the plates depict woodland real and mythical creatures such as stags and dragons. These plates also show zoomorphic deities from Celtic mythology. One of the most notable of the plates depicts a horned figure surrounded by wild life. It is likely that this is the woodland god Cernunnos who was renowned for his ability to metamorphose into woodland animals. Also noted as the lord of wildlife, he is one of several gods portrayed on this piece. It is likely that this object was involved in the rich drinking culture of the Celts.

Cyclic Magic -3 Flaw - Favored magic of the Annual Cycle of the Wild Hunt - She stole something previous, and was once blessed by the Wild Hunt. But now during the cycle of the Wild Hunt, her magic suffers. For 6 months, starting Oct 31st (Norse Winternights) until April 30th (Norse Walpurgis), she suffers +1 difficulty for hermetic magic. On Walpurgisnacht, the greatest night when all chaos reigns and the Wild Hunt ends its reign to slumber, her difficult of magic is +2 on April 30th for 24 hours. She cannot buy this curse off without also buying off Spirit Bane. And she may never even give a fuck to do so.

College Educated +2

Combat Spells

Mana Bolt 3
Hellblast 3

Detection Spells
Analyze Truth 4
Mind Probe 4
Memory Probe 4
Detect Magical Sites 2

Illusion Spells
Undetectable Lie 4

Manipulation Spells
Control Thoughts 4
Control Actions 4
Barrier 3
Mana Barrier 3

Health Spells
Heal 3

Detect Magical Sites
This hypersenses spell allows the subject to know the location of all medicine lodges and
active hermetic circles within range. The spell does not indicate the force or rating of the lodge or circle. Also, the lodge or circle does not have to be in LOS of the caster or the subject.
Type: Mana Range: Extended Target: 4 Duration: Sustained Drain: [(F/2)-1]M

Memory Probe
This spell is similar to the Mind Probe spell (p.153,
SRII), but the magician can also learn what the target has stored in his Headware Memory. Sifting through Headware Memory is done at a speed equal to the caster's Intelligence multiplied by 5, in Megapulses per Complex Action. The caster can remember only simple things from what he reads in the Headware Memory, such as names, telephone numbers, etc. Complex things can not be remembered, although this is up to the GM to decide.
Type: Physical Range: Touch Target: 6 (R) Duration: Sustained Drain: [(F/2)+3]D

Undetectable Lie
This subject of this spell can tell lies while being “scanned” by Analyze Truth and similar spells. The spell works by fooling the Analyze Truth spell into believing the subject is telling the truth. Every two successes rolled for the Undetectable Lie remove one success of the Analyze Truth spell. If the Analyze Truth spell has at least a single success in its favor, it works normally. The Undetectable Lie spell only works when the subject is speaking; if he writes a lie, a spell that can detect lies in writings can discover it normally. The Undetectable Lie spell does work against such manufactured devices as lie detectors, but only if they are used to verify the subject of the spell directly. The spell gives no “pro
tection” if a recording of the subject is pulled through a lie detector.
Type: Physical Range: LOS Target: 9 - Willpower Duration: Sustained Drain: [(F/2)+2]M

Hermetic Library - Sorcery Rating 4 (32000ny)
Cane Sword conceal 2* reach+1 damage (str+1)M weight 1 600¥
Fetishes reusable - Combat, Detection, Healing, Manipulation (total 1050)
Ritual detection spell force 4 (400), healing spell force 3 (1500), manipulation spell force 2 (2000)
Full Armored Topcoat conceal 10 ballistic 4 impact 1 weight 2.5 2,000¥
Uniware armor torso conceal 8 ballistic 2 impact 2 weight 2 300 ny
Uniware armor legpads conceal 8 ballistic 2 impact 2 weight 1.5 300 ny
Journals and pens, typewriter

Avernus - Elf Mage Shadowrun Aislinn%20Ryer
Avernus - Elf Mage Shadowrun Eva_commission_by_bardoftheseas-d3hholo

Avernus - Elf Mage Shadowrun Pipe
Avernus - Elf Mage Shadowrun Chp_old_books

British Slang http://denver.wikidot.com/log:british-terms
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Avernus - Elf Mage Shadowrun Karel-roden-lidice

In every land, every major move, Dr Villon has her Alfred, or Remington, or other fine gentleman to keep her affairs in order. He is never quite so lily white, and deeply twisted by her mind magics. They may even have a secret need for them, such as tearing out some part of their horrid past. Her favorites are to take a murderer or rapist, something truly vile, and wipe them clean. The instincts remain deep in them, but honed to a dreadful purpose.
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Avernus - Elf Mage Shadowrun
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