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 Ris better known as Hot Lips!

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Ris better known as Hot Lips! Empty
PostSubject: Ris better known as Hot Lips!   Ris better known as Hot Lips! EmptyMon May 13, 2013 9:50 pm

Handle: Hot Lips
Stage Name: Diamond Shadow
Name: Marisol or Ris as Mama Stronghand and her 'siblings' call her

Marisol is an orphan who grew up in the in the labyrinth known as the Ork Underground. Born one of the first in the new generation of Ork she has little memory of her non-meta parents as she was given up by them on the Night of Rage. A Night that to this day haunts her dreams with images of flames and the echoes of screams. With no parents stepping forward to claim her Ris soon found herself in the care of Mama Aleas also known as Mama Stronghand. She grew up the oldest of 13 children that Mama Stronghand was unable to find Foster Homes for. She was given a decent education and so long as she didn't cause any trouble for the underground or harm the family she was free to explore as she pleased. Thanks to her smart mouth she quickly learned why Mama Aleas was called Stronghand.

By the age of 10 she was already in and out of the tunnels sneaking past guards when possible and sweet talking them when not. One day a group of human Shadowrunners tried to break in through one of the less-secret entrances. The guard on duty had fallen asleep. After sounding the alarm she began picking off the runners one by one through clever hiding places and sniping until reinforcements arrived. In recognition of her efforts the guard began giving her some extra training to hone the skills she showed when defending the tunnels.

As she grew older she began getting more involved in the community and started showing more of a talent for firearms and an interest in cyberware. Mama Stronghand helped Ris get her first pieces of cyberware in the form of data jacks and wired reflexes. She eventually added on to this with some vision enhancements and smart links as she become more involved with the runner lifestyle.

Soon Ris began showing an interest in smuggling and so she began moving goods in and out of the Underground. In the beginning most of her business came from the Tongs and Seoulpa who needed reliable routs to move their shipments without detection. The pay was good, and they didn't sneer at Ork's like the local Mafia still did. One night down at the local docks as she was unloading a shipment of goods when sirens start howling and chaos followed. The Seoulpa started running and her Pack began to scatter with them.

Stopping everyone in their tracks Ris took control of the situation telling the Seoulpa to get out of sight and The Pack to look busy. She walked up to the cops pretending to be the local foreman. It turned out the cops were just out on a routine patrol and had noticed people moving around in the dark. She managed to convince the cops that thanks to some broken lights and budget cuts they had not been able to get the generator working. After a little tour to show them they were just unloading cargo and quick drink the cops were on their way. In thanks for saving their cargo the Seoulpa gifted Ris with what is now her pride and joy. A Ranger Arms SM-3 sniper rifle that was originally part of the cargo she helped save. That night also earned her a rep for being the person to go to if you need to move cargo out of the Downtown docks. She now has her own place and is working to expand her business while working a more legit 'Day Job' to pay the bills.

By the time she reached maturity it was obvious that she was stunning especially for an ork. Her contacts in the Seoulpa saw a opportunity to make some extra money and offered her a job as the star of her own 'Show'. Taking on the screen name of Diamond Shadow, Ris began producing simsence as a porn star. Her popularity growing she soon became a recognizable face though few would openly admit to knowing who she was. Finding she liked the attention Ris began to branch out and while she still stars in plenty of porn she also has a side job as a stunt double as she is a bit of an adrenalin junkie and that really gets going. Between her day job and good looks Ris was soon to earn the name Hot Lips and to this day it is how she is known among the shadowrunners.

(More to come!)
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Ris better known as Hot Lips!
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