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 Zhan aka The Shadowblade

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PostSubject: Zhan aka The Shadowblade   Zhan aka The Shadowblade EmptyMon May 06, 2013 7:12 pm

Still working on writing up his backstory, but I wanted to make a place holder and throw up a picture or two.

Zhan aka The Shadowblade ZanBackgroundcopy_zps9eb170b7

This is one Dania did a while back and I've always loved it. ^^

Zhan aka The Shadowblade Zanarmy_zps4129f206

And for shits -n- giggles... (technically it's Alucard from Helsing, but it's perfect as Scruffy Zhan!)

Zhan aka The Shadowblade DragonTattooAlucard_zpsff660e06

More to follow as I work it up!
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Zhan aka The Shadowblade
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