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 Native American Nations

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PostSubject: Native American Nations   Native American Nations EmptyMon Apr 29, 2013 9:13 pm

The Native American Nations - Overview.

The NAN and NAN Council are the overarching umbrella created by Daniel Howling Coyote after the treaty of Denver. It acts as a mutual confederation that all the different tribal nations belong to – providing mutual defense, economic support and laws. Each nation sends a representative to the council, and through it disputes and laws are handled in a equitable manner.

How well some of the laws and agreements are enforced inside the boundaries of the individual nations is an entirely different matter. Often those local differences of opinion are where an ambitious Shadowrunner can slip between the cracks.

The seven countries of the NAN Council are:

  • Ute Nation.
  • Pueblo Corporate Council.
  • Salish-Shidhe Council.
  • Sioux Nation.
  • Alquinkian-Manitoo Council.
  • Athabaskan Council.
  • Trans-Polar Aleut Nation.

One country is no longer a member state. The Tsimshian nation seceded from the NAN in 2037 after disputes broke out between the Tsimshian and the rest of the NAN. Officially the dispute was in regards to Tsimshian's over-strict immigration policies that not only barred all 'pinkskins' and metahumans, but also other Amerindians – in violation of council law.

Rumor and evidence suggests that Tsimshian wished to free itself of the environmental regulations of the nations council so it could pursue more rapid logging and mining operations. Multiple reports have also emerged from the border of oppressive and brutal policies toward the minority tribes residing in Tsimshian (particularly the Haida tribe). At this time, the Tsimshian is an isolated country politically and economically, without support or even recognition from most other countries. Even Matrix traffic in and out of the state is severely limited and goes through major government oversight.

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PostSubject: Re: Native American Nations   Native American Nations EmptyMon Apr 29, 2013 10:10 pm

The Salish-Shidhe Council

The Salish nation is one of the most traditional and tribal-oriented of the nations, and is itself a microcosm of the NAN. Each tribe within the Salish-Shidhe sends representatives to the council, and beyond those laws passed for the whole nation, each tribe governs it's lands as it sees fit. Within the boundaries set out by the NAN and Salish Councils.

As a result, laws and enforcement can vary wildly across the Salish nation as each tribe is autonomous and self-governing. It's these cracks between groups that Shadowrunners can often turn to their advantage.

Most residents of the nation are fairly modern in attitude and dress - few outside the smaller tribes and Nootka still use traditional dress in their daily lives. Technology and economy also varies heavily – the most notable local corporation is Gaeatronics, managed and owned by the Salish tribe. It is this company that provides power to most of the Salish-Shidhe council, Seattle, and produces excess to sell to Tir Tairngire. Salish and Makah are the overall wealthiest, with the Nootka being among the poorest.

Major Tribes:

Salish - (leader: Chief Harold Gray Bear) The most dominant and prosperous tribe. Tribal territory includes most of the land west and south of Puget Sound.

Makah - (leader: Chief George Lodgepole) The most military assets of all the tribes. Tribal territory is the northwest Olympic peninsula.

Cascade Crow - (leader: Chief Frederick Eye-Like-Eagle) Tribal territory is the land between Seattle and the Cascade mountains, as well as Vancouver. Strongly anti-Anglo.

Sinsearach - (leader: Gillian Morningsong) While the Ceneste branch of the Sinsearach seceeded from the Salish-Shidhe to become Tir Tairngire, the remaining tribesfolk have remained loyal to the nation (though many of the other tribes are still mistrustful of the Sinsearach). Predominantly elven. Tribal territory is the land southwest of Seattle, including Mt. Rainier.

Cascade Ork - (leader: Pawl Shaggy Mountain) Predominantly ork and troll tribe with tribal territory in the Cascade Mountains. Some members of the tribe are rumored to be involved in considerable smuggling between the Salish and Seattle, which is causing considerable diplomatic tension.

Nootka - (leader: Chief: Darcy Jim) Anti-technology traditionalists who have a presence in northwest Washington, Vancouver Island, and Prince George.

Other tribes includes Musqueam, the Squamish, the Chinook and several 'pinkskin' (people of non-Amerindin descent who have chosen tribal lifestyle) tribes.
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PostSubject: Re: Native American Nations   Native American Nations EmptyMon Apr 29, 2013 10:11 pm

The Chinook.

The Chinook have had (by far) some of the worst fortune of the Salish tribes in recent years. Their tribal lands ran from the Pacific Coast of old Washington state, up the lower and middle Columbia River. With minimal to no exploitable resources, they held on to their shrinking lands for much longer then most native tribes – right up through Daniel Howling Coyote's declaration of war.

More so then even the Nootka, they've remained staunch traditionalists - primarily engaged in salmon fishing, elk hunting and crafts on the tribal lands. When the Salish-Shidhe opened the borders to Metahuman immigrants (regardless of native blood), they protested strenuously that the council was “allowing the invaders back on to their home lands hardly as soon as they'd been thrown back”. When the newly formed Sinsearach tribe began settling in the lands west and south of the Chinook, the tribe further protested – but quickly settled down as the Elven tribe began proving itself as capable and willing to follow local traditions.

That ended when the Ceneste branch declared itself an independent nation, forming Tir Tairngire. The new nation took all the Chinook lands south of the Columbia with them – and nearly caused a local civil war between the Chinook and remaining Sinsearach. The Sinsearach disavowed all knowledge and support of the betrayal – and the other tribes quickly interceded to prevent it from coming to blows.

However the Chinook leadership do not forgot a grudge, and have asked the Salish Council for the Sinsearach to be stripped of tribal status since then. Every. Single. Year. As you can imagine this hasn't made the Chinook popular with the Council or the remaining Sinsearach Elves.
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Native American Nations
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