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 Art for Red Dragon Inn

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Art for Red Dragon Inn Empty
PostSubject: Art for Red Dragon Inn   Art for Red Dragon Inn EmptySun Apr 21, 2013 10:14 pm

I've taken over the art for Loaded Dice, a Dungeons and Dragons comic.

Here's a preview of my first strip. The writer will be adding the chat bubbles.

The script:

Chapter 2: Roll for Save Versus Stupid
Script 83: Definitive Proof

scene: Aranion, sword raised, defiant expression. Maybe retreating monsters in the background?
Aranion: “After them!”

scene: other in game characters in poses to suggest wounds/fatigue. Would be nice if expressions showed surprise.
Dalana: “You can't be serious!”

scene: gamers at the table, arguing
Brad: “What do you mean? We can't let them get away!”
Ray: “Are you nuts? We're in no shape to fight.”
Rich: “I'm all out of healing, man.”

scene: more table arguing. Maybe show other gamers looking exasperated
Brad: “Aw, c'mon. These guys suck. We can take 'em!”

scene: Steve, conniving expression
Steve: “I dunno. I think that the party ought to chase the monsters into the wilderness. Sounds like a great idea to me.”
scene: gamers
Tim (sidelong glance at Steve): “Do you need any more proof?”
Amy: “Agreed. We stay put.”
Art for Red Dragon Inn Episode83-100
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Art for Red Dragon Inn
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