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 The Big Book of Plots

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PostSubject: The Big Book of Plots   Thu Apr 18, 2013 11:42 am

This will detail things you have come across, plots you caused or continued, things forgotten, etc. You do NOT have to follow all of them. But I do throw alot of things in your path.

Demetrius and the Book- Theon focused - Theon "bought" a book. This belonged to Demetrius. This Sidereal has a long term plan of his own, and now Theon could help. He first wanted to kill the man for taking his book. Now, he is hoping to gain his help to save him from dying. He has one year of life left.

Broken Winged Crane - Theon and Dragotha focused, possibly Archimedes and Keth? - The Broken Winged Crane is the oldest book in Creation. Technically it is a book, but broken into chapters. Each chapter has a demonic representation. Two have been carried out of hell. If these are brought together, no one knows what will happen. Theon is hungry to own this book. And the book is willing to feed him.

Mask of Winters Expansion Across Creation - The Circle / The Black Box - An enterprising Abyssal named Vile Whisper hatched a plan to increase the power and prestige of the Mask of Winters. He has plans for this, but they were ruined by the circle. Things have changed drastically, but he still works to fulfill them.

Opal and the Once and Future King - Circle - Opal Eye the worst Lunar ever is the only incarnation of the Kirin, the mythical beast ordained by Yu'Shan to name the king/queen of the Deliberative. Unfortunately, Opal ate it as his totem... Unconsciously, he is searching to find and crown the king/queen of the Deliberative.

The Lessons of the Pillars - Circle - Deep within the manse that should not be are pillars depicting possible futures of Creation. These begin back at the beginning of recorded time to the unraveling of the world. Some of these have been dug out and looked at. Many remain untouched. Will these prophecies come true?

The Fall of Ma Ha Suchi - Circle - One Pillar depicted a beast that ravaged the world, losing itself to the dark demon within. The circle believed it meant Ma Ha Suchi would go crazy and destroy everything. But does it?

The Rise of the Sorceress - Circle - One Pillar depicted a woman holding up one book above two others.

Wyld Hunt and Moonsilver Tattoos - Circle - Somehow the Wyld Hunts have learned how to remove Lunar tattoos! This is horrible news, and means someone broke down or sold out to the Dragon-Blooded. It also means the Lunars are no longer safe.

The King is Dead, Long Live the King - Circle - Sirileer and Sinclair are one and the same, or were. The king of the Raksha has been sleeping for endless eons while the named regent rules. His compassion has been born into Sinclair, a traveling bard. He tossed away the sword of his past and decided never to return to the Raksha. The greatest tale ever told among them. Will Sinclair return? Will Sirileer wake? What will happen?!

The Fall of the Second Age - Circle - Portents spoken from Silver Python, the pillars in Rathess, the latest problems in Yu'Shan, and the unknown final words of Chepok all point to the end of the age. The Scarlet Empress is not battling raksha but stolen from this world. No one knows where she is, or what is happening. Could this be the end of everything?!

The Bull of the North - Circle - The Bull seeks to destroy ALL dragonblooded or at least topple the Blessed Isle.

I'm On A BOAT! - Circle - Theon wants to build a flying manse!

First Age Memories - Circle - Learn who your soul shard was. Find their loot. ?? Profit!

Everyone Loves Lynn - Circle - So what are the plans for the child genius? She has many abilities, so many options. Would folks want her exalted?

What happens in the Labyrinth, Stays in the Labyrinth? - Circle - Only Archimedes is plagued with dreams of what happened. And I bet he is eager to find out. He holds many interesting finds. This will link to another plot here.

The Library of Sal'Maneth - Circle - There is a library within Sal'Maneth, reached using the ghostly diadem. It has been claimed by the circle, but will they ever use it?

The Library and Riches of Rathess - Circle - Rathess has TONS of amazing things to find. From tombs to manses to flying ships to gods and demons. Will you rebuild it?

DragonBlooded Civil War - For those that pay attention at all or have interest, you were being pulled into the beginnings of the first ever Dynast Civil War! This was initiated by Onyx. The RoseBlack will be in Rathess, bringing people there. If you check into, etc.

The Wonderful Land of Sijan - Circle - The ghosts of Sijan have a love / hate relationship with your group members. There are tons of things to find here, from ghosts to learn from, tombs to check out, and general knowledges to partake in.

(more as I go through notes)
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PostSubject: Re: The Big Book of Plots   Fri Apr 19, 2013 8:33 am

Plot Updates!

The Orb from Fiann - Fiann made a deal: capture this thing in the well into an orb, and take it when you leave. He will give you an exit. You all did this.

Update! Ivory brought this to Brigid. She has stated it looks like a beozar, a creature that consumes magic. Depending on what they consume it changes properties, dark to light, light to dark, which dictates if it is corrupted, enlightened, aggressive, or helpful. But something about it she says is broken, not right. To release it and unshape it would be dangerous, and waiting for everyone may be best.

What happens in the Labyrinth, Stays in the Labyrinth? - Update!- Archimedes has a bit of something strange taken from his investigations of the time away. He also is experiencing dreams (will post it). He plans on investigating this one.

The Fall of Ma Ha Suchi - Update! - Ma Ha Suchi was destined to be consumed by the demon based on first rubbings. A more detailed rubbing was provided by Brigid. Ma Ha Suchi was killed by the unshaping of Amadon, freed of the demonic taint inadvertently. Amadon tends to tear away enchantments to weaken opponents, then kills them. He is without a totem, but retains his soul shard. Luna is very upset with him, hoping the thousands of years has taught him a lesson. The state of his manse is unknown, but discussion with Lynn suggests it is no longer his.

Wyld Hunt and Moonsilver Tattoos - Update!- Archimedes is interested in this one. For memory sake, Rain Deathflyer was hurt by a wyld hunt that tore away some of his tattoos. Which means there is a traitor Lunar! The hunt that captured him was led by the Roseblack.
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PostSubject: Re: The Big Book of Plots   Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:38 pm


-- Wants to hold a moot!

-- Wants to investigate the location he found his axe in the North (the red spire).

-- Can train anyone wanting brawl, melee, and martial arts. He will be giving advice and pointers.
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PostSubject: Re: The Big Book of Plots   

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The Big Book of Plots
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