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 Rigger Info

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PostSubject: Rigger Info   Rigger Info EmptyWed Apr 03, 2013 6:55 pm

Marissa provided some awesome info. Saving for everyone.

So, there's two big kinds of vehicle equipment a rigger has to think of:

The VCR - Vehicle Control Rig - is the cyberware woven into your head and nervous system, and is how you directly interface/plug into any vehicle that has been rigged. The VCR works with everything and is the only cyberware you need. It's what makes you a Rigger.

A "Rigged" vehicle is one that has the hardware for you to jack into. It has a black box - the device that receives the commands from your VCR and relays information from the vehicle sensors back to the pilot. It's what gives you the edge over a normal pilot - let you tell the gun turrets where to point, which tires to break for a hair pin turn, your acceleration, ect. It also has the software that helps it recognize when non-authorized personal are plugging in, and preventing them from controlling the vehicle.

(Rigger 2 calls it the Rigger Adaption, under vehicle control options, page 126)

If you've ever seen Mythbusters, and seen what they do to vehicles that allow them to be remote-controlled - that's a superprimitive vehicle rig.

Not all vehicles have a black box on them, because not everyone in Shadowrun is a Rigger. Most vehicles your average Joe Bob owns just have Autonav - which is essentially the Clippy of piloting. You program the destination, and Clippy the Blue Honda automatically takes Joe Bob there, obeying any and all traffic laws. Most Riggers consider standard autonavigation to be Satan incarnate.

Luckily, black boxes are cheap and any vehicle can have them installed - especially by someone with mechanical background. Motorcycles are the one vehicle that normal 2nd Ed doesn't let be rigged (black-boxed) - but I toss that rule out because it's stupid and arbitrary.
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Rigger Info
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