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 Artifact: Trinkets

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PostSubject: Artifact: Trinkets   Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:10 pm

Illustrious Weaver of the Patterns of the Terrestrial Manse
Artifact 4

Commitment: 4 motes
This ancient relic appears as a starmetal sphere speckled with warm orichalcum. Fine lines score its surface. Upon being attuned, its shining surface splits along those lines as jointed legs unfurl, revealing its true nature as an automaton spider. Forged at the height of the First Age, the illustrious weaver holds a near-infinite wealth of lore regarding the construction of manses and other buildings in the ancient style. When instructed in the parameters of a desired building in the tongue of the Old Realm, it cogitates upon the matter over a period of hours or days, then spins a blueprint of the desired structure out of the finest silk. These blueprints are invariably perfect in every way. Unfortunately, the illustrious weaver knows only the procedures for constructing buildings using First Age methods, using devices and charms no longer available in this misbegotten age. It is wholly ignorant of Second Age technology, and many of its designs simply cannot be constructed today.

Analysis of blueprints produced by the illustrious weaver increases the architect’s effective Lore, Occult and Craft (Earth) by four for rolls made to design a specific manse or other building. If the architect actually has access to First Age building technology, all such rolls are considered to be perfect successes. As a side benefit, the illustrious weaver can be commanded to produce blank sheets of silk paper in any color or pattern, so long as it is kept supplied with wood and bone. This provides an effective Resources •••• so long as its owner has access to a center of trade.
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PostSubject: Re: Artifact: Trinkets   Tue Mar 26, 2013 4:49 pm

The Blessed Guardian

Artifact 3 / 4 / 5

This artifact has multiple versions based on the power level you want. A personal servant crafted by the alchemical artisans of Autochthon.

All Artifact Levels:
Core - A power core resides within the guardian. This system recharges through rest and meditation upon the elemental pole of air. Frozen lightening courses within the deepest heart, keeping the core ever turning and cooled due to being made of fire steel.

Mobility - The guardian is a bipedal creation that can walk and run to keep up with the attuned owner. The creation can carry up 200 pounds up to 1 ton depending on the level of artifact.

Elemental resistance - Plating and materials keep the servant free of corrosion, locking up joints, overheating, or freezing solid in most elemental conditions. Elemental poles are beyond the scope of what can be protected against.

Artifact 3: Binary
"Don't blame me. I'm an interpreter. I'm not supposed to know a power socket from a computer terminal." -C3PO

STR 3, DEX 3, STA 3 - MANI 1, CHA 1, APP 2, PERC 2, INT 2, WITS 2
Lore 2, Linguistics 5, Craft 2 (cooking), Socialize 2, Awareness 1, Survival 1

The Perfect Gentlebot - The creature understands how to monitor its power levels, turning on and off. At this power level, it responds to conversations and directives, but does not actively take actions on its own. These directives can simply be caring for armor, cooking dinner, carry heavy luggage, etc. Programming will not allow battle or acting as a guard. Such danger and they will power down or flee.

Ultimate Translator - Able to read all languages, from ages past forward, as using the Terrestrial Circle spell for such translations. The creation will read these for others, as well as translate and write them, with embellishments.

Artifact 4: Method
Fully functional and with attitude and guardianship. Method can make decisions based on provided parameters from the owner. Creative thought is possible, but mostly on what the creation knows.
"My obtuse little friend, if they had needed our help, they would have asked for it, hmm? You obviously have a great deal to learn about human behavior." -C3PO

STR 4, DEX 4, STA 4 - MANI 2, CHA 3, APP 3, PERC 3, INT 3, WITS 3
Lore 3, Linguistics 5 (ciphers), Craft 3 (cooking, camp), Socialize 3, Awareness 2, Survival 2, Dodge 2, Martial Arts 2, Athletics 2

Same abilities as Artifact 3 and...

Guardianship - Able to perform general guard duties, including protecting the camp, watching for intruders, and taking measures to stop intruders. The artifact will always attempt to incapacitate, not kill. Please note, the guardian will need to rest, and cannot run without 5 hours to do so.

Building Camp - Method can craft a campsite with a cleared area, cooking space, and lighting for an evening. The creation determines the best configuration and aids with chores for maintaining a space. When breaking camp, only specific charms can be used to determine any camp had recently been created and used for terms of tracking.

Artifact 5: Mission
Fully functional and with attitude, a belief system, and guardianship. Mission can complete complex assignments and make decisions without needing explicit instructions.
"I do believe they think I am some kind of god." -C3PO

STR 6, DEX 5, STA 5 - MANI 2, CHA 4, APP 4, PERC 5, INT 5, WITS 4
Lore 5 (history, First Age, law, teaching), Linguistics 5 (ciphers, lost languages, cryptography), Craft 4 (cooking, camp, schematics), Investigation 2, Socialize 4 (conversations), Awareness 4, Performance 2 (storytelling), Survival 3, Dodge 5, Martial Arts 4, Athletics 4

Same abilities as Artifact 3, 4 and...

Seed of the Builder - A child of Autochthon, Mission can expend a seed of the great builder into the ground. This seed will burrow for 15 minutes into any terrain, consuming local materials to craft a structure. Depending on the need and requirements provided to Mission, the structure can be a fortified bunker for 10 to a gleaming tower slightly furnished. The creation is disruptive, causing 15B damage to any within range of the work. These are one use creations that remain stable for a number of weeks depending on the requirements entered. To regain seeds, Mission must gather a number of materials and essence.

Library Crystal - Mission holds one library crystal within, composed of 4 genres of library materials (hundreds of thousands of books total). The 4 genres are determined at artifact creation by the ST. When the attuned owner spends motes into Mission, the creation can attune to and fully access any library crystals (reading to full totemic size) with range (50 yards per 5 motes).

Drawback - The guardian must rest for a minimum of 5 hours. If the guardian expends major abilities or numerous complex actions, it requires 8 hours. Without taking this rest, the actions will degrade and eventually, it will enter a sleeping mode per ST whim.

Ages past, within the first turnings, Yu'Shan was crafted by the hand of Autochthon and Gaia. To provide assistance, a number of designs were left within the crystal libraries for crafting servants to the city. A daring mountainfolk received a copy of these plans while working on Desandor's defenses. With an itching of interest and keen insight, he began designing a few for himself and the workrooms of the city.

With the many wars that befell Creation, these guardians wandered out into the world. A couple did try to build their own people within Desander. Very few have been located. To build such a artifact is nearly impossible due to the curses laid on Desander itself where the labs are.

The Blessed Guardian is a mix of etched adamant (glassy metal) over a layer of SkySteel (blue jade and refined steel) and Orichalcum. Eyes of captured lightening within glass orbs settle in the sockets and burn with that power throughout the entire system. What lies beneath the covering of metals is a complete mystery. And to tear apart this construct of Autochthon may destroy it.

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Artifact: Trinkets
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