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 Robes and Armor Artifacts

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PostSubject: Robes and Armor Artifacts   Sun Mar 24, 2013 8:24 pm


Discreet Essence Armor
Artifact 2

Soak +5L/5B Hardness 2L/2B Mobility -0 Fatigue 0 Attune 5
A set of two wrist bracers and two anklets to be worn as a set. When made of moonsilver, a bright sheen of moonshine providing armor to the wearer. These pieces can be seen as strictly jewelry, not as formal armor, allowing the wearer to enjoy proper clothing.

Vestments of Fallen Scholars
Artifact 5

Soak +7L/7B Hardness 3L/3B Mobility -0 Fatigue 0 Attune 8
These vestments are for true scholars or those wishing to gain scholarly information without taking the time to learn such knowledge. These are not typically for battle, though a meager amount of protection is provided.

Wisdom of the Fallen - Phineas Dweir was the first Solar Zenith that took upon himself the role of divine funeralist among the Deliberative. By spending 1 mote of essence and successfully rolling Perception + Lore, the wearer can discern if a tomb of Solars or Lunars is within 5 x Permanent Essence Yards. By entering a meditative trance and spending 5 motes, the wearer can engage into a conversation with Phineas regarding a located tomb or the life history and exploits of an Exalt and their tomb.

Lady of the Lost - For ages, Amerlia Darkclaw of the Lunars traveled to speak with the dead finally spending her final years within Sijan. She aided in crafting the funeral city, each level, and mapped every twist and turn within her soul. She has a deep knowledge of this place, more than most ghosts living there. The wearer has +3 Lore Specialization "Sijan". Spending 5 motes and entering a meditative trance, the ghost of Amerlia will answer questions and speak with the wearer regarding ancient Sijan. To receive updated knowledge, you must be within Sijan when casting your motes.

Harnessing the Ageless - The art of mortal life is a deviously difficult one. And every scholar requires their servants to continue their work. The nefarious and oft times feared doctor Vormous of the Solars plied the abilities of implanting artifacts, brewing potions, and mutating his servants towards longevity, intelligence, and special abilities. If brave enough, spending 5 motes and entering a meditative trance, Vormous will aid in discussions of such creations, providing 5 successes towards Craft: Potions/Medicines/Tattoo artifacts as well as Medicine. However, some successes come with..side effects.

Meditative Journey Inward- Settling into a meditative trance, over the course of 3 hours without stress or interruption, the wearer can discuss a question or issue with the ancient scholar ghosts that once wore each robe. The player gains knowledge of the situation and issue within the realm of Creation through a deep roleplayed conversation. This counts as a Lore + Int roll with 5 successes. An additional roll can be performed for additional information.

Drawback: At times, the ghosts of the robe may seek the wearer for an intensive conversation, forcing them into a conference of their many interests and needs. These conferences can last a full 24 hours, from sunrise to sunrise. At times, they may also request the addition of a new soul to join them.

The robe is made of beautiful layers of cloth and weaves, each embroidered with sigils and marks of a powerful sorcerer and scholars. One may think them simply lovely creations, in truth, they are the robes worn at the death of a number of exalted scholars. The deaths were performed in rituals long lost.

The top layer is made of precious silk from sapphirine silkworms and crushed black pearls from the depths of oceans that never receive sunlight. The next layer was thin scales harvested from crystal drakes. A layer of orichalcum woven by bone needles. And finally perfectly white jade and wyld windspider silk. The outer layer is dark as deepest night, the inner layer pristine and pure white, nearly glowing. Within each layer sigils flare as they are awakened, harkening upon the legacy of scholars spelling the vestments during crafting.

Curled sections of moonsilver and orichalcum bind the robes together. Beautiful gems born of ghost and pyre flame etchings, gathered from the gem fields in the south are ensconced within the bindings.

Scarlet Draught of Pale Bees
Artifact 5

Soak +7L/7B Hardness 3L/3B Mobility -0 Fatigue 0 Attune 8

The Swarm - These bees are creatures of darkness, striped with shadow and pale gold like nightmare ghosts of real insects. While dormant, they dwell as frozen glass upon the dress. When they are called, the swarm in a flurry of dark wings, buzzing like a death rattle, and rip at the flesh of their opponents, before carrying the blood and flesh back. They do damage as would a casting of the spell Death of Obsidian Butterflies except that the user rolls Perception + Awareness (not occult). Attacks on the swarm do not kill them. Only destruction of the dress kills them.

Dark Honey - When the bees collect 20 health levels of lethal damage, the remnants pour into the garment, distilling into a rich onyx liquor that works only upon the dead, but will restore five health levels of damage instantly when it is drunk. This liquid stores as rich scarlet color in the gown, and can be drunk by collecting it into the glass flowers from the collar.

Ghostly Flight - For a reflexive spending of 5 motes, the bees will awaken. When the wearer is in trouble, the bees grasp and pluck at the clothing. They can carry away the wearer to a safe location within 5 miles from the initial attack location. The flight is low to the ground, not high into the skies.

Drawback - The bees must be called upon once per month to feed or they will frenzy upon themselves.

The gown is made of pale silken threads, covered in tiny pearled shards of chitin into fanciful designs of flowers. Laid upon these flowers are bees seemingly made of spun glass. They hold tightly to the cloth, flowing and moving as large scales from a dragon, hard and protective of the wearer.

When the bees are awakened and sent to attack, that drink of blood and gnash flesh, returning with their bounty. When they attach to the dress after feasting, the material becomes scarlet.

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PostSubject: Re: Robes and Armor Artifacts   Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:14 pm

Kimono of Flowing Scenes
Artifact 4

Soak 10B/7L
Hardness 5B/5L
Mobility 0
Fatigue 0

Also dubbed the "Chameleon Cloak," the Kimono of Flowing Scenes has the power to change its color, texture, length, and other sundry characteristics at a whim from its owner. In its natural state, the Kimono is a collage of blue silk, moonsilver, and white jade threads in scenes of rivers, cranes, and skies. With a mere ruffle, the Kimono can change from a beggar's rags to a nobleman's finest robes instantly. It lacks, however, the scents associated with either.

Armor Values: Mechanically, the Kimono possesses the same defensive power as an artifact Reinforced Buff Jacket, along with its attunement bonuses, but with no mobility penalty. It can be used with any martial arts form, even those that forbid the use of armor. In this case, it provides the defensive power of a mundane Reinforced Buff Jacket, with no mobility or fatigue cost.

Move like Wind: The wearer receives a +1 automatic dodge success to melee/brawl attacks and +2 automatic dodge successes for ranged.

Endless Closet: The Kimono can be shaped to look like any sort of armor, such as soulsteel Superheavy Plate, but still only provide the bonuses of an orichalcum Reinforced Buff Jacket and sans tormented shrieks.

Now you see it...: The Kimono, because of its chameleon-like abilities, is perfect for disguise and hiding. It adds +2 automatic successes to Larceny rolls and to Stealth rolls involving camouflage.

Many Pockets: Lastly, the holds 10 special pockets within the cloth. 5 can hold items up to the size of a cat, 5 others to the size of a horse. The items added go to Elsewhere, to be reclaimed whenever sought by thought and placing a hand in the appropriate pocket. If the robe is not attuned, all of the items spill out immediately.

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Robes and Armor Artifacts
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