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 The Broken Winged Crane - Theon

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PostSubject: The Broken Winged Crane - Theon   Sun Mar 24, 2013 2:52 pm

Ages past, a demon fell in possessive love. Within the Palace of Szoreny, Oramus offered refuge to a crane forever marred with a single broken wing. He fell into a certain adoration with this fragile creature that once was innocent but lost such purity through the rape of a soul in its birthing. The blood splattered across wings, dripping from snapped bones thrust through flesh, all that of a virgin lost upon a demonic bier.

Among themselves, in a world crafted within darkness born of the heart and nightmares, such a tenderness between fiends held a magic beyond simple comprehension. Of course, the damned could love as readily as the holy could hate, no rules bound such an affection. But such a sharing and coupling brought far more destruction than any war between heaven and hell.

So it was a keen-minded demon listened to the whisperings of Oramus and the Broken Winged Crane and felt true fear, such a thing not experienced since the great primordial wars. Slipping within the great palace, the demon located a strange gathering of newly born demons awaiting upon the Broken Winged Crane...never once realizing they were one and the same, child and parent. Through each is a chapter of the terrible work, brought together binding into the formal work, or something greater. Yet even this is merely legend; the truth lies solely in the Broken Winged Crane and Oramus.

Beyond the realm of hell, The Book of Sweet Words sought a new mind to tempt and teach. But a calamity of events brought her before the will of a power she could not gain purchase within. Bound in darkness, locked into a prison most foul, she felt imprisoned a second time, one she never believed would break.

How strange that a man like Theon would find a way within the case and reach for her knowing it brought such a hefty price dancing between death and utter destruction. All seemed perfectly well, nothing to urge her hand. Theon lived and bred with an ancient power from the First Age unwilling to allow him pain, held businesses, and welcomed nightmarish opportunities.

Pacing within the far reaches of Theon's mind, The Book of Sweet Words knew all of this had changed. Her brother had arrived, The Diagrams of Effortless Geometry. If he had arrived, the coming tide would soon follow. The designs of the end through warfare and the power and will to bring all of hell crashing to their knees. But did she want to be trapped a third time? Diagrams had never been clever. Could she win in this battle?

It was time...to teach Theon.
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PostSubject: Re: The Broken Winged Crane - Theon   Sun Mar 24, 2013 3:24 pm

Theon bent over a hole that filled every time he emptied it. Rain pelted cold over his back, dripping into his eyes. Everyone had gone, leaving him with this pain, this guilt. The body of Onyx remained near, twitching and moaning at the corner of his eye, yet still and long dead when peered upon directly.

They forgot him in this forest, dark green leaves folding over to drown him in darkness. He had cried then, burning passions a heartache that thundered with his own beating. But the longer he dug out mud, the faster it filled.

Cursing, he rubbed at his eyes till they stung. Only then did he look upon the body of Onyx and realize it was Lilith. Her body was torn through, blood oozing from a pregnant stomach. Shaking, he reached to her only to see his own hands drenched in blood and flesh. Her body was what he dug through, not the earth.

A scream tore from his throat, yet still the scene remained, threatening to spike through what sanity he still had in this nightmare. But a soft voice then drifted to him through the forest. Softly whispering he could discern as a tune sung by a beautiful voice that felt as velvet covering shards of glass.

With chaos pressed asunder, many titans awakened.
One came from Beyond and said, "I waited for your waking,
believing it shall never come to pass."
So did eyes open wide, gleaming in the Everdark.
Always has he existed, as old as I,
where he returned with a tale of exile,
I allowed another to pen my legend renewed.

Wending through the forest, the crane approached him wearing layers of dark silk wet and tight from the rain. Long dark hair slicked down her arms and back, skin gleaming in the darkness as pale as fresh parchment. Eyes completely black with silver pupils watched him intently before she settled as his side to wipe away the blood.

"This was Oramus, the Dragon Beyond the World, who stirred the Wyld within his wings. In the time before time he was Not, for there was no world, but in the moment of Ignition he came to Be. Yet he was before, for he was of the things which could not be, and counted amongst those things was him, the Dragon Beyond the World Which Had Yet to Be."

Her fingers trailed along his jaw. "The other titans looked upon him and thought that he looked always to be the thing which he was not."
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PostSubject: Re: The Broken Winged Crane - Theon   Thu May 02, 2013 1:31 pm

Once again, Theon could not help but smell blood. It dripped from his favorite book. Pages were filled again with words from the Broken Winged Crane.

You and I have business. There is much I can teach you, but my knowledge is incomplete. You are a collector of tomes, keeper of secrets. I hold the greatest secret of all, but the Yozis were fickle and fearful, tearing me into pieces. Seek the pieces. Bring me back together. And I shall deliver unto you something lost...that no one...has ever read.

Flipping through more pages...

Theon, we need to speak. I will be waiting at your bookshop.

I shall inform him.

Who is this?

I should ask the same, for he never seems so interested in speaking with you. A pity this book is so empty. I have taken it upon myself to fill it.

How dare you write within this book. I do not have a deal with you. Is this Lilith? Desus sends his regards.

Oh no, we have no covenant, but one could be arranged. And I am no woman for him to lie with betwixt the legs. I am that which awakens the mind. And Desus...who is Desus...

I have business with another. I wait on him.

You will wait an eternity if I so wish it. These words will disappear upon my whim (writing ends abruptly)

Foolish creature. I am lord here. Theon, I will be waiting.

(more soon)
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PostSubject: Re: The Broken Winged Crane - Theon   

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The Broken Winged Crane - Theon
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