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 House Rules Part 1 - Priority System

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House Rules Part 1 - Priority System Empty
PostSubject: House Rules Part 1 - Priority System   House Rules Part 1 - Priority System EmptyTue Mar 19, 2013 7:25 pm

In Shadowrun, instead of fixed points to spend on X, Y and Z. Characters at creation get 5 priorities, that they can decide what to use them on.

Priorities are also spent to unlock magic or non-human races for a character. Magic can range from either a full mage/shaman, or a specialized Adept and those rules stay the same.

Under standard rules, you HAVE to spend Priority A to be a Metahuman. Which in my experience, this leads to almost no or few meta human Shadowrunners and no metahuman spell casters. Both being pretty unrealistic.

So I steal the More Metahuman rules from the 3rd edition. Essentially, instead of having to spend Priority A to be a metahuman, you can spend the following:

Priority C - Allows access to play a Elf or Dwarf.
Priority D - Allows access to play Troll or Ork.

The other reason for lowering the cost of being Metahuman, is because of the additional game costs that decision comes with in the game world. People in Shadowrun are racist as shit, especially toward Ork's and Trolls.

You stand out (making stealth more difficult), will get hassled by the cops and locals just for being in areas you aren't supposed to frequent. Businesses can refuse to serve you. There's entire groups with the sworn goal of exterminating your people, and governments that don't allow you through their borders.

Tl;dr - I lower the cost at character creation for playing a Metahuman because of the additional costs you pay in the game world.
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House Rules Part 1 - Priority System
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