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 Within the Jungle

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PostSubject: Within the Jungle   Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:28 pm

Avaku had warred against his own kind and families within Cynis to find a path. His hands held calluses from sword and quill. No matter if the wilds of jungles and oceans carried him away, or he found himself within the halls of court, the man knew his business and faced it with strength.

But never once did he ever expect to walk through a jungle in perfect midnight, near one of the greatest enemies the realm ever faced. Yet again his eyes moved over the darker hulking shapes moving about the leaner ones, eyes reflecting what little light they afforded the travel.

The fire aspect moved sure at Onyx's side, slowing to keep a careful watch of those at his back, and to the sides of water and jungle. Something dug at his thoughts, needled his concern until he felt certain ambush laid in wait. But who would he take these concerns to?

Rubbing his hand through short dark hair, Avaku grumbled low and annoyed, a slight glow flickering around his hands.
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Within the Jungle
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