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 Chronicle Notes

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PostSubject: Chronicle Notes   Chronicle Notes EmptySun Nov 25, 2012 11:21 pm

We have ended one game chronicle and begin the next.

Chronicle 1
  • Met and allied with Rain Deathflyer and Silver Python of Chaunta
  • The Black Box - it teleports ya
  • Sal Maneth
    • dealt with a solar twilight lunatic
    • gained allies in Jakaou (first age solar eclipse) and Azure (first age lunar full moon)
    • picked up Lynn the young girl and mastermind
    • Theon found a fishing pole
    • lots of treasure and adventure

  • Vile Whisper - earned his circle as an enemy, then as an ally, Archimedes cultivates this connection, Abyssals of Mask of Winters
  • Wyld Hunts, The Roseblack - mega enemies made, they are scouring the East for you! only Theon and Archimedes know that the Wyld Hunt had removed some of Rain's tattoos ( SERIOUS ! )
  • Sijan
    • Archimedes making connections to the Brotherhood
    • made an ally of Sinclair the fiddler (connected to the fair folk)
    • aided the fallen queen of Sijan, offered to help bring the new queen to them
    • found a few amazing secrets, but there is a ton to find here!

  • Starless Sky - turns out Archimedes is sleeping with a first age solar night case named Nialle, who turns out to be Starless Sky! tons of tombs still out there
  • Solar Connections - You all met Maron (eclipse, nexus), Aramis (dawn, nexus), and Jin (zenith, traveller) all of the same circle. Also Corvant the scary twilight from the moot
  • Ma-ha-suchi Grand Moot - you attended and met Lilith, Archimedes considers Ma Ha an enemy
  • Lilith - lost during the first age, found then lost again in the years after, the student of Brigette has returned from deep in the wyld! And she is growing attached to Theon
  • Theon's store is getting dragon blooded attention
  • The Manse Hunt! Jakaou and Theon are working to get manses built/fixed. Krellis a mountain folk is helping.
  • Demetrius hates you all
  • Two sidereals are helping you all named Shepherd of the North Star and Black Ice

And that's not even all of it!

At the end of the chronicle, Five Days Darkness had laid a shard in Archimedes. It took over, made a portal, and shoved everyone through. The god had a reason, but could not tell anyone before terrible things happened. You ended up on an Abyssal Sub.

Five Days Darkness makes a deal with you. You help him with what he needs, lose the entire memory of it, and he takes you back to Nexus.

You left 2 days before Calibration. You return right as Calibration hits.

We will do 1 Year of downtime. But this is not just 1 year passes. We will discuss everything you want, where you will go, etc. We will run small things throughout, and spend your mountain of experience points.
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Posts : 899
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Chronicle Notes Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chronicle Notes   Chronicle Notes EmptyMon Nov 26, 2012 10:57 pm

The first year of Era of Ascending Souls

Calibration lasts for five days and nights. The following nights for another week are darker than ever, the sun waning and faded in the sky, stars barely seen. The world trembles. Every religious and monetary group believes this is an omen.

Any research made into manse building seems cornered by the Dragon Blooded, and even for them the art is a dying one from the first age. Krellis will explain what studies are needed, mentioning geomancy and magitech. To find libraries and knowledge of the age would require maps and visiting the past. There is a cartographer in Nexus that may help.

The Wyld Hunts in the east claim tributes of two lunars and a risen solar. One was killed, the others taken captive and removed to locations unknown. What the Dragon Blooded do with captives is unknown. The Roseblack has not left the east, but continues to rally and seek any exalts that could be found and destroyed. The general of Tepet has joined Cathak to the northeast preparing for the Bull of the North.

Silver Python gives birth to a daughter, returning to Chaunta. Rain Deathflyer stays near her. During the final month of pregnancy, she begins entering walking dreams, spouting prophecies.

Lilith refuses to leave Theon's side, threatening Archimedes for what he did. Something of the situation has rocked her in some way she won't talk about.

Nialle returns to find Archimedes, giving him a message. She disappears again as he joins Vile Whisper. If ever needed, he can be found in Thorns or by using a token he leaves with Theon.

Dane takes Aysel to return to his manse. He hopes to confront the Bull of the North and stop him from invading the Blessed Isle. He can't abide the thought of his family being threatened by the solar.

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Chronicle Notes
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