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 Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age

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PostSubject: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:51 pm

Welcome to The Seventh Wonder!

An ornate sign above a wooden store front, with a fluid gold font - "The Seventh Wonder". The inside of the shop is cool, inviting and full of color, sound and motion in chaotic and beautiful action. Dark wood shelves and displays dot the floor, showing off everything from mundane baubles to map artifacts. While the very air is filled with delicious and exotic scents to entice the customer to linger over the items. The source is a slow-burning incense scattered through the shop to carry a spicy, cinnamon aroma through the air amongst the fine fabrics, maps, knicknacks and astrolabs. Some such as the maps and astrolabs are of her own creation, others are very minor artifacts created by others in town that she deals with.

The shop keeper is a young man with a cheerful air, and friendly manner, standing constant vigilance inside a island of counter that extends from the back of the shop to the center. The island houses more display cases of smaller items, too delicate or easily stolen to have on the floor.

Several eye-catching items on the display floor is a vast three-dimensional web, woven of feathers and tiny crystal fragments that shimmer or glow to show the direction and strength of winds, for miles around Nexus.

On another display, rests a small water table made of tanned sharkskin. The inside is lined with fish scales and a single compass needle of quartz floating within the water. The scales lining are all from a single fish species, and the needle is enchanted to point to the nearest large school of that particular fish.

Keth is rarely on the shop floor, but always manages to appear when a buyer needs her special skills. Her secret is the incense that floats through the entire shop. A special blend Keth creates that is tied to a map artifact upstairs in her office. Those that inhale it reveal their location within her shop on the map, and their intentions or desires begin to appear in the legend. The longer they linger and inhale, the more it reveals to her. She uses it to case potential clients without leaving the comfort of her office, to determine those who really require her special skills or simply help more expensive purchase.

If she doesn't like what she sees, a prospective customer is unlikely to even see Keth and will never be invited upstairs. Nor do they see her private stock. Her shop keeper (and apprentice) handles the normal sales of the shop items and will deflect any persistent customers who attempt to contact her. Keth also uses this map to identify thieves and dispose of them.

Past the center isle, a door into the back leads to stacked boxes of material, and the stairs up to the second floor. The second floor is a richly appointed office - dark red-amber woods for her desk and book shelves. Statues, exotic art and deep, comfortable chairs. The entire room is specifically designed and laid out to presentation of the image she portrays. To impress and awe.

This is where she meets with prospective clients to discuss business with visitors or watch the activities in the shop while doing her research. Behind her desk is a locked (and warded) door into her workspace. The atmosphere changes on that side, from the exotic, mysterious and impressive to a more relaxed and practical place. The furnishing is much simpler and calmer. This is where she lives and does much of her actual work, as well as instruction for her students.

Locked cabinets of all kinds surround the room. Some contain bound ledgers, sales and buying records, contacts and other information she's recorded. Others, with more daunting locks store magical or valuable materials - special papers, exotic woods, inks, crystals, feathers, jade.

Third floor is her personal space, with a small room for her current apprentice.

As for Keth herself, the amber-haired woman takes particular showmanship when she is in public. She has a set of very elaborate brass and metal goggles she wears on her head. A dark gold blouse of light fabric flows down to buttoned cuffs. The neckline of the blouse is often unbuttoned, and her assets are supported by a snug, dark corset from her hips up. The corset is more then show, and is in fact double-layered leather. The pants are either a heavier, dark linen or leather, met by a pair of high top leather boots.

Her identity as a Solar is a secret she guards closely - she has carefully contacted the local Solar circles to alert them of her presence over the past years. But beyond that, she deliberately shrouds her true nature in riddles, humor or outlandish tales when pressed.

Her current apprentice is smart for his age - a teen orphan she found on one of her trips through the city. He runs the day-to-day of the shop adeptly and is absolutely loyal to his mistress. Keeping the two students in line who run errands.

(More stuff soon)

Keth's Animus:

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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:38 am

The Map Maker of the First Age.

Fey'len na Mar'gana - Taeyrem Kethryen Nalaran - Blessed Scholar of the Endless Path
Twilight Caste Solar

Authoritarian rulership from an ivory tower ill-suited the sorcerer, even at the height of the First Age. A master craftsman with a wandering foot, with restless energy to map, see and learn the mysteries of their world. The heart of civilization were too confining for all but short visits.

The new lands being carved out and the Wyld borders were more the mapmaker's home. Stabilizing land, and using her geomancy to find suitable locations for manse or other Exalt construction. "Keth" would frequently spend years at a time traveling before visiting civilization again, often with one or more students in tow. She would bring with her the maps, material and knowledge for another grand project - and depart again at the first excuse with any circle or group heading out.

She was more often in the company of Lunars then any other exalt - traveling with the armies or at the request of generals to map the unknown lands. Serving faithfully through the many battles with the Raksha and demons, even as she grew weary of the constant warfare - salvaging resources and artifacts after the battle to help. Even remaining to support through the conflicts with primordials.

But when these foes were beaten, the exalts turned inward to fight amongst themselves. Keth tried for a time to remain uninvolved, and even tried to act as a negotiator to keep the peace. But the Eclipse soon distanced her trial and error, twisting truths and situations to manipulate what work she sought. Never did she realize the game until far too late.

As history shows, the arguments became pettier, the fighting more direct and lethal. Despairing of the fall their people were taking, the solar took her students and lunar companion -fleeing into the wyld to escape the civil war.

Warfare remained a heated exchange where primodials and raksha worked hard upon their craft. It was here she learned a terrible truth, that the fair folk queen aided the primordials with their shaping to destroy the godborn. Such a twist of terrible fate, dancing on the edges of treaties made with the Solars.

Cloud Hearted, a lunar lover she kept near, gave careful advice and aided in the creation of her cartography. Together they had seen the world and savored experiences. Yet their final entry into the Wyld brought his death by raksha hands. She would have followed if not finding a stairwell and passage among the trees she had dreamt of over and over through her previous souls, and now this one.

It was at the top of the stairs she found a sleeping fair one, crowned in gold and opal, eyes molten like the sun, and skin as pale as moonlight on lilies. Her heart skipped a beat falling instantly in love, so moved she leaned and kissed him. Those eyes flashed open, a blade brought a breath from killing her before strangely...he recognized her and spoke a name she held in her first incarnations.

What happened then is a blur even to that soul. But they died together, or so she thought?

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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:41 am

Rebirth in the Second Age

The map maker does not speak about her mortal background before exalting, as she has worked hard to separate her life now from the events then. Only the two who sheltered her, and her very closest friend know the tale.

Keth is a young woman born under a poor woman's household with few options for a true future. Eager for a few coins, her mother sold the girl into the whore houses of Nexus. Many a lowly woman can make her way through the skin trade. But those with something special to lose, be it a lovely face, virginity, or youth, could find themselves in a morgue far too early in their lives.

A Dragon Blooded noble of House Cynis paid to enjoy a fresh young girl, taking what innocence she had left, and killing her. Never once did Keth or the noble believe she would not only live but exalt. The sun filled her mind and body, transforming her into a small god. Melodies and memories tugged at her thoughts, wending her with strength, and a burning need for vengeance. Rushing from the halls, a couple offered a room to the girl, never once asking questions or making demands. Yet small symbols laid upon their door sill and windows, that of the Unconquered Sun. Through them, Keth found a moment to breath, get her bearings, and make her way through the city.

Long years of despair and hopelessness weighed down on her. The knowledge that it was all about to end at long last - however horrifically - gave her some small comfort. But a single thought rose up in the anguish. That part of her that had still rebelled, still wanted escape and remembered what it was like before.

I want to live!

And then there was nothing but the Unvanquished Sun.

Much time has passed since then. She abandoned her mortal name, her appearance, and has taken on the persona of the eccentric wanderer and merchant. Over the first year, she found a teacher, learned of magic, and took up a curio shop from an elderly woman leaving the life of merchant's work for something quieter.

The work held a sharp interest for her keen mind, and the travels for such fine pieces led her into a strange set of journeys that brought a minstrel to her side, Sinclair.

If ever she found herself in trouble, Sinclair seemed to appear and aided her to run away. If a tale was needed to lift her spirits, his fiddle was quick to answer. The few times she desperately needed a shoulder, her persona set aside and he supported for as long as she needed. Through his recent chats, he spoke of a small group of lunars with a solar that seemed to travel deep into the east that could find great support in her talents. And perhaps they could travel together again.

Keth stays in contact with Sinclair whenever she can, as he is perhaps the only person she truly trusts and is always welcome to visit or stay in her shop.

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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Tue Dec 11, 2012 7:19 pm

Additional information.

Keth has worked very hard to make a name for herself for the quality and selection of her specialty items. Frequently on major market days, she will take students with her to case the stalls for small up-and-coming craftsman with potential, offering them a place to sell their wares in exchange for a cut of the profit. This gives her the added benefit of an up-close way to examine the items, and figure out how to manipulate or recreate it to her uses.

More time is also spent at the docks and with passing traders, building contacts with the traveling caravans in particular for more elaborate supplies.

Her identity as a Solar is a secret she guards closely - she has carefully contacted the local Solar circles to alert them of her presence in the event of mutual need. Beyond that, she deliberately shrouds her true nature in riddles, humor or outlandish tales when pressed. On one occasion, she claimed to be the result of a raucous gathering of minor gods over seven nights within the fire district. The spice and wine flowed like water. The morning of the eighth, she was found fully-formed in the coat closet. No one has ever taken credit for her birth - so she traveled the world, and built this shop instead to bring them these fine goods.

If pressed for how or where she obtained the items, particularly the artifacts, she will claim to have obtain them from a trader, as a gift, from a passing fae on a trek, far away lands, ect. Whatever lie she judges will be most convincing - luckily, few in Nexus care to ask.

When her traveling foot urges her out into the world or the city, she takes on the garb of a wandering entertainer. She braids the hair with green and amber veils that trail behind her like a cloak, and two long knives are slung across her back. These are accented by the braces of throwing knives stashed on her person.

Keth has spent a good bit of time hunting for some one with potential to be her apprentice - both as someone to start passing her knowledge on to, and to help her with projects. The loss of information (across the world, and within herself) since the first age has been the most disturbing for her, and something she desperately wishes to correct.

The promise of regaining some of that lost knowledge is the core reason for her agreeing to the dangerous expedition. Certainly she has been persistently stubborn in ignoring Ja'kows attempts to charm. Her own flashes of memory have been disconnected and brief thus far.

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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Thu Dec 20, 2012 8:57 am

Journal entry.

This has been a most interesting contract. Reconstruction of a first age air ship - even in it's fallen state, this is a truly amazing construct. Materials alone are going to be most difficult, but with the aid of their comrade (a mountain person?) we are at least making progress with identifying the major problem areas on the ship.

Theon seems to have some dauntingly ambitious plans of his own for a manse - but that will be another contract and bidding. I do intend to charge him an arm and leg. Literally if I have to.

How we are going to repair that monster is another question. The flows of essence, the lay of the land, all that I know - but the old arts of magitech and manses such as that are long lost or locked away in secret places. We have left on this trip to look for that very information.

They seemed to be well accustomed to secrets, and have not inquired about my nature. And with such a courtesy, I had not inquired either. With one curious exception.

The visitors when we left today. Archimedes and his.. being? creature? That called himself Vile. I must confess, I have no idea what it was - a demon? But with more wit then any summoned or bound creature I have seen, and plainly besotted with their companion Archimedes. Very puzzling, even for such creatures like an incubus.

The others seemed concerned when I asked about his nature, but Vile replied rather colorfully as to his parentage and mine. We spared around the subject at length but neither of us learned much about the other. I have no doubt neither of us believed a word the other said, but I'll have to unwind that mystery another time.

Archimedes was a delight to chat with - even on such light subjects as were polite, he is clearly a man of some intellect. Rare indeed in these times! I very much look forward to talking to him at length on our return.

From the holes Theon's lady was trying to stare into my head though, I wonder if I might not have stepped in something when I revealed my nature. I must ask Ivory or Theon at some point. A knife in the dark is not my idea of a good trek.

Keth let the small journal rest on her chest for a moment, looking across the firelight at her new companions. Theon and his lady were snuggled together and high as birds during watch, and Ja'kow, Lynn and Ivory were asleep.

Her eyes closed for a moment, as if struggling to remember something. Half heard words and memories on the tip of her tounge. But when the feeling passed without recolection, she began to write again.

Hopefully allowing her to read the log of memories will help ease tension.

I have barely met these people, and yet I feel.. kinship toward them? Protective? Like something I had missed. I would have stood my ground against the giant razorclaw today for the child - which was damned foolish, even at the time. That thing would have taken my head off and would have done aught to defend her.

But it felt like I was supposed to be... or had done so for before. I don't remember ever defending a child against such like that. But the feeling of before lingers on the edges. Voices and whispers of the past picking away at me.


I can only hope Rahthess will hold more answers.
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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Thu Jan 03, 2013 8:20 pm

Journal Entry.


It haunted her footfalls, when even the forest shrouded her from sight.

The hand gripped her shoulder. Reticulated armored gauntlets. It was no mere steel that held the Solar of many battles, but a kaleidoscope of colors shimmering in her eyes.

The voice echoed around her, through her very bones. It's sound signaling that she was in the presence of death.

"You don't want to meet my mother!"


The momentary rest stop had given the Solar a chance to do something she'd not had time for since touching the fey book. Rest, reflect, and record her visions in the journal.

Sinclair, my old friend... who are you? Do you remember my name? Were we friends or foe in times old? Why did you save me?

Do you know any more then I do?

The solar spread out a bed roll on the ground, on the far side from the crystal devices they were helping to repair. The brief respite after the flight was welcome before the next crisis approached. Kicking off her tall boots and goggles, Keth stretched out on her back, amber hair tucked neatly beneath her head as she wrote.

I want desperately to learn of my past - Why? Why does my past matter now?

I burned my past behind me when I left the whore house. There are no family or kin left. I abandoned my name - even burned my old things to ash and salted them behind me. Who I am now is not who I was before the Sun came, but nor is it what I was in the ages of old.

But there is a hunger for something more than simple revenge that I cannot ignore. It drove me more than anything to agree to this trip. More so than to find the lost knowledge, there is something personal I'm looking for.


That is what preys at me, why both sides of the blade reject his advances for the past months. Some question, something of importance remained unanswered and turns me away from such things.

And however attractive he might be, Jakaou reminds me of things still too recent for companionship. The ashes are not yet cold enough. Hopefully Ivory can keep him entertained and out of my hair for a time longer.

Keth twirled a lock her hair idly in thought. The rest of the group was still hunting through the crystals for now, but would want to seek some rest soon before continuing into the pit.

There was little doubt in her mind that the lunar Lilith would eviscerate her at the drop of a hat if she breathed wrong, but she seemed to have relaxed somewhat. There were some signs that they'd had issues in the past with one or more Solars. A 'Dane', the 'Corvant' Lynn had warned her of in their private conference.

She knew damnedably little of the Lunar kind, beyond the barest basics the circle had told her on their brief meetings. Was their some deep enmity there? Or had this group the worst string of luck with titanic dickbags?

Keth tucked the twin journals back into her bag - extinguishing her lantern and it's precious oil before rolling over to nap. She'd brought her normal supplies for a venture such as this, even the extra bottle of oil, but might start fashioning torches to save on supplies for the rest of the trek down.
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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Sun Jan 13, 2013 4:26 pm

For the soul that wishes to learn, I have much to offer. For the hunger within, I can only offer this.

By my hand, I did enter the place far beyond. I did find my prince. I cannot describe, only show.

- Fey'len na Mar'gana.


Keth read the words over the limestone pool a dozen times while her companions gathered around to read the Old Realm as well. It felt as though her soul shard had been holding it's breathe in all the time since it's first night, and finally exhaled. She felt like she was on fire for a moment. That was her name!

It was part reassuring - that there was knowledge to find. Enough, perhaps, to rebuild the age and fulfill her goals. It left some other questions....

What did I enter? Who did I find?

But it was something, enough to begin her search in earnest. A name was something she could research when they returned, and not just vague memories and deja vu. A trip to the city of the dead was very much in order when they finished their investigations here in Rahthess. Sijin would be an excellent starting point, if no tomb could be found here.

Her vision from before lingered over her thoughts - the voice in armor, and the words of the Fae book. Had Fey'len found her demise on some mad quest? Would she find it again?

Sinclair, my friend, I hope you have some answers when I return as well. I miss your company.
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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:03 pm

Sometimes the call of duty leads to adventure, excitement, lost treasure and evil creatures. Fair maidens to rescue and hidden secrets. The stuff of legends and tales for bards to harp over for the ages.

And other times, it was managing lavatory arrangements or very awkward conversations that would definitely not make it into the history books.

"Jakaou... Jakaou! Please stop helping."

Jakaou was in the middle of waxing lyrical on the joys of courting and romancing to Lynn, interrupting Keth's attempts to have The Talk while they waited for the three Lunars to return. She was already making a running list of spells or items she needed to acquire to improve her ability to follow the group.

With the way this group carried on, the girl needed to know some basic safety information before her endless curiosity got her into trouble through trial and error. Especially since she'd be following the example of four Exalts who could risk and survive a good deal more then a mortal.

However Keth's eyes were starting to cross from the babbling of the other solar. She eyed the edge of the pool they were sitting on, while Jakaou was starting to discuss the fine art of kissing the hand of a lady.

Because that was going to keep the girl from getting a case of dead because of a bad decision.

Sun's name, now he's starting to talk about some boy she talks to...

Her patience spent, Keth turned slightly and gave an almighty push - sending Jakaou off the stone lip and right into Osa's pool. The water elemental nearly squealed and proceeded to splash him around the pool, and out of her hair.

Finally in silence, with Lynn looking even more confused then before - the solar twilight sighed and started over again.

"Love isn't a bad thing, but neither is simply being attracted to someone. You're going to be attracted people, especially when you get a little older. But I don't want you to confuse one for the other, and forget to use your head if you decide to go looking for one or the other."

She smiled gently "I am sorry if I'm giving you the wrong idea or sound like a cynical old troll. I can tell you how to avoid crotch rot and all the other very bad, scary things. I hope you find some one worthy of love someday, and it can be truly amazing - but I can't provide advice on it. "

It was painfully hard to discuss this without letting her prior background color it. But there were some issues a man OR exalt just didn't have to worry as much about. Neither Lilith or Ivory seemed particularly concerned, but the idea of Lynn in Nexus without that knowledge made Keth's blood go ice cold.

She'd been younger then Lynn when they'd sold her off.

Keth cut off that line of thought, as that way lay toward nightmares and dragons. It might take away the glamor, but she'd damn well make sure Lynn went into whatever she decided with her eyes open.

"As I mentioned, there's potions and spells to make sure you don't get pregnant unless you want to. If you find yourself in need of either, let me know and I'll get them. I won't tell anyone - even the others - or ask any questions. You have my word of honor."

Keth paused to let that promise sink in "For Sun's sake don't get lured off to some place sketchy for your fun. I'd rather you borrow the back room of my shop then get beaten or killed - you travel with some very scary people, with what I can only describe as a penchant for trouble."

The sorcerer relaxed a little, folding her legs under her neatly and smiled warmly "With all that said, and while Jakaou is underwater for a bit - we can discuss the good parts or table it for now."

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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:01 pm

Lynn could not help but smile either behind a hand or with a snicker as the solars spoke of love, physical and emotional. In all honesty, she did find Jakaou interesting. No matter what they faced, he always seemed to make sure she was safe and happy, never once treating her as a pain in his ass or a thing found along the way.

And this woman, something about her felt achingly familiar. Tilting her chin, the young girl tried to find some footing to respond all the while Jakaou swam about and relaxed at the far end.

"Sex and babies. Love. I can imagine it's not all fine and good. When we were staying in Nexus, we were at the Red Door." Her eyes sought Keth's, as the solar could not help but choke on that knowledge. The Red Door was one of the finer brothels in the district her own shop resided in. To take children there, and live, was unthinkable!

"The women seemed happy, but maybe it was the drugs. Maitha was hooked to the smoke. She could lay there, smiling for days, never eating, and seem happy as could be. I don't think I could be happy, like that." Tugging off her simple shoes and old worn socks, her feet dangled into the waters. Dark tanned skin, plain brown hair and eyes, she might never turn a look her way. At least not for a long while if lucky. But part of her wanted that life, to taste it all after being a prisoner for so long.

Something of her thoughts wound to another that made her mumble. "I don't want to have kids. I don't think. Then they might be like me. And I don't know if it's such a good thing. But the act can be nice, right? Like he said, love and happiness? I mean, Icherus is really nice to me. He kept me company when things were frightening." Sighing she laid her elbows on her knees. "I miss Archimedes. You know, he's found strange love. I really don't understand it, at all."

"Theon and Lilith seem happy. Rain and Silver too. Could...I have that?"
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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:28 pm

After Keth recovered her composure from that revelation (and a mental note to have a chat with her companions about appropriate places for children!) she looked up to the ceiling in thought. Wanting to be honest, without delving too far down the rabbit hole of her own past.

"A few do find... contentment in that life, mainly those who took to it willingly and have the skills to find a choosy house. Most turn to wine or drugs to cope, which just locks them into it further. They need the drugs to cope, can't afford the drugs without the work and can't save any money to escape because they spend it on drugs. It's another prison."

She leaned her head down to look thoughtfully at Lynn. The girl had been dragged along on a rather dangerous adventure, nearly killed by a clawstrider and trapped within a painting forever. Without more then token complaint. Keth reached out to gently squeeze Lynn's shoulder for a moment, with a small smile for her troubles.

"Don't let the Dragon King bother you. You're the smartest kid I've ever met by a long margin, exalt or no. I haven't met your friend Icherus, but he sounds like a very nice boy whose stuck by you through some rather tough times."

"Archimedes... well he's rather an odd case from what little I could gather when we met. But happiness is what you make of it."

Her own feelings tangled around like a vice of tension at the next question. She'd not encountered much in her short mortal life to make her anything but cynical and fearful of the very prospect. An endless numbers of 'happily married' had passed through the whorehouse without care or compassion.

The evidence remained (as Lynn had reminded her) that it was still possible in even the most unlikely places. And for that reason (however much it terrified her) that unresolved hunger would not be dismissed.

"I can't speak for Rain and Silver, as I'm not acquainted with those people. But if they're like Theon and Lilith, then yes, that is something you can have. Someone that makes you happy to be around them, that you want to spend and share your life with. It's not always easy to find a partnership like that, but it can happen."
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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:34 am

The Dream
The ivy door hidden in the paths, past the pools. It lead into the glades - she knew exactly how to open it, knew this place like it's location was engraved in her mind's eye. The glade was full of motes of crystal and light. The path behind her closed as she passed, steering her toward woven steps made of branches. Leading up through the trees.

I've been here before.

The birds appeared, struck out at her, but she knew the blow was coming and avoided it. Her awareness moved in and out. Her hair was now very long and black. There is something at the top, something that she's sought forever. Wanted forever.

More trials blocked her way, some new and some familiar. But she passed through them. To the top. The room at the top was beyond beautiful, but her eye was drawn to a rumpled pillow on the center bed. A seven pointed diadem rested on the pillow, each point a hearthstone.


She turned, and was met with the face. Skin as pale as moonlight on lilies, eyes like gold light and long golden hair. The aching familiar voice echoing through her was the last thing she heard.

“I've been waiting for you, again!”


Keth shot awake. Waiting for their Lunar companions to return from the other side, she'd laid down to rest beside Oma's pool. A quick look around confirmed Jakou and Lynn were still there, not stolen into a painting or anything else. Theon, Ivory and Lilith were still gone.

The dream was of a place she had no memory or knowledge of, but also utterly familiar. Why was the Diadem of Bridget (of all things) there? And was that Fey'len meant in the message?

"The Place Far Beyond".

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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:08 pm

Shop Artifacts and Inventory.

Map of the Four Winds.
Her most recent creation in the shop. The thin woven threads extend up and out from a central core at the base (representing Nexus) to form a large half sphere. Woven together out of precious wire, hundreds of bird feathers' she gathered from around Nexus and tiny shards of crystal. Each feather and crystal are woven together through the three dimensional web.

The 'map' shows the direction and strength of winds in and around Nexus for roughly a hundred miles in all directions. Each delicate feather turns to show what direction the wind is coming from, and the crystals will glow to indicate the strength of wind. From a very delicate blue for a breeze, to a bright red for a gale. The 'map' also gently chime's to alert to any changes in it's patterns. Allowing one to see a sudden change in air currents or strength that indicate a storm or large flying creature approaching.

It is one of her most beautiful pieces, and extremely useful for monitoring the weather (or the approach of anything large by air). Keth uses it to watch for bad weather - she has a contact by one of the ports she provides the information to, who then sells the weather to the ship masters. Splitting the profit between them.

Compass of Wayward Fishing.
A much simpler project, her prototype still sits in her shop on one of the center displays. It appears as a shallow, flat bowl, roughly a foot across. Made of carved wood, and covered in tanned sharkskin to protect it. The inside was painstakingly lined with fish scales, all from the same species of fish - ritually obtained by Keth.

On the surface rests a crystal needle, enchanted to float on the surface of the water, will point in the direction of the nearest large school of the fish her scales were taken from. It will also glow to indicate the size of the school. She's learned to make them smaller and more resilient since then, for sale to the larger fleets.

Private Stock - Items with other Intents.

The Map of Intent.
Her prized creation. See shop description.

Pet Collar's of Cleanliness.
These started as very minor artifacts she learned to make from another vendor - pet collar's, enchanted to make the pet perfectly groomed in appearance, never shed or dirty. Minor and fairly common work. These are offered in numerous styles on the main shop floor.

The second part she added very recently as a commission, soon to be offered for special request. She removes all artist flourishes for these and other identifying marks. A secondary charm is added that causes anything viewed by the wearer of the collar to appear on an attuned parchment map - sold separately to the true buyer.

Any information the wearer sees (location of keys, combinations for locks, names of persons) are added to the legend. It allows the owner of the map to very thoroughly case a location for a robbery, or to simply monitor the comings and goings of tenants.

Reading Lamps.
Very simple lanterns that cast a magical light. But, the light can only be seen by the holder of the lantern. She sells them on the shop floor as reading lights.

In private, she is currently working to place the same enchant into her glasses, with an idea toward selling the enchanted glasses to thieves. She was not able to finish this before the trip to Rahthess, but the ability to see in the dark without creating light others can see would be very valuable.

Secret Keeper.
These are not offered on the floor in any variation yet, though she will sell them on commission. They consist of a very ordinary looking journal or ledger, that has been enchanted with three spells specifically designed to preserve secrets. Without resorting to more drastic destruction-of-all-written spells or death.

First spell simply causes the spell to recognize it's owner - the first person to write in the front page of the book. Any who open the book who are not the owner see only gibberish.

Next is a charm-curse, invoked when a non-owner attempts to read the book, and specifically for any who manage to break the cipher. Those who attempt to speak or write of the secrets within become violently ill. (see Corrupted Words spell)

Lastly, the inside of the back cover is a small map which shows the location of any who opened the book. The map legend lists the name of the person as well. When/if Corrupted Words spell is removed, the tracker can no longer find them on the map. But the name remains permanently listed in the legend.

Keth uses these personally for maintaining her journals, ledgers, bookkeeping and general sale information at the shop.
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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:02 am

Keth was expecting a lot of things from a first-age library of documents and writings. Magic, lore, wonders and spell craft beyond modern reckoning. And admittedly, many of these things she did find - the geomantic books in particular she'd need to spend extended time studying.

But when she went looking for things written by Fey'len, sheet music was not what she'd expected to find.

I suppose I....she, had to have hobbies? Keth pondered in amusement as she set the sheaf of music down next to the chair she'd been utilizing.

Theon and Ivory were upstairs, right back to poking the black box. Apparently unphased by the revelation of some of her more esoteric skills.

She'd fully expected some demands or restrictions. Such as her word that their would be no summoning for rebuilding the airship, or she not mention such things to Lynn, or even to pack up and leave at once.

The mention of Archimedes again, as if that was supposed to explain everything to her when she'd been confused. But then they all clammed up again when she tried to find out what in Sun's name that was supposed to mean, or what in blazes Vile was. It was getting damnably irritating that she couldn't get a straight answer from anyone on that account. One way or another, she really was going to have a long chat with the Archimedes fellow when they got back.

But, since her caution didn't appear to be daunting Theon, she'd distract herself waiting for the end. A hot cup of tea, the odd collection of music. She didn't understand the notation herself - musical training beyond a bit of dancing and singing had escaped her. But, the words she could at least read.

Dark, dark is the swirling flood,
Black, black is the stain of blood,
Deep slumbers the apple's bud
While low fires burn.

Winds blow where the night is chill,
Crows shriek from the highest hill,
She waits 'neath the moon until
Her king's return.

Low now is the star
In its course in the sky
Each day it passes by:
Winter is not far.

Leaves fall from the dying trees,
Blown bare in the autumn breeze,
Now locked in their mysteries
He sleeps in the earth.

Here lonely the lady roves
Through frosty fields and groves;
Waits for the king she loves,
Waiting for his return.

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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:07 pm

Excerpts from the Journal of Keth Norai:


The Dragonblood claim they other threw the corrupt, evil, perverted, demon-cavorting "Anathema" in order to create a better world. They stood for purity, goodness, nobility, honor... the dogma, the foundation of what they believe, is based on this belief.

An empire built on lies, hypocrisy, and sins as great as the ones they accuse the Solars of. One need only look at the crimes of one of their 'noble' houses, Cynis, to see that. They sit on a foundation made of sand that needs only the right push to fall.


.....Though we always went in disguise, my travels through this world since Exaltation were often complicated by the Wyld Hunt. In particular, those forces led by the ever-infamous Roseblack. The Vermillion Legion. The best means of dealing with the Wyld Hunt was to avoid it all together, but that led often to strange or long detours to stay out of their path. The hunts are the right hand that feeds the Heptagram material. Quashing young exalts and preventing our Lunar kin from becoming a threat....


The Heptagram. They, like Cynis, are a prime example of the hypocrisy of the Empire. Denouncing the Anathema with the rest of the Dragonblooded, but will gladly take our knowledge, our relics and cribble faint shadows of the wonders we once made. So many stolen treasures of our people are locked within their vaults.

They like to dissect our kind. Though With the long absence of the Solar, they have been limited to torturing Lunars. Mainly those unfortunate enough to be born within the isle. My mentor warned me often, as my own hunt for knowledge might bring me across their path.

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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:18 pm

Lilith's cautionary words weighed heavily on the Twilight as she slipped off the lunar's back. It had been a tiny risk leaving her possessions in the care of the Lunar, but it was well worth it to hide their numbers from these newcomers.

Two humans, two Dragonblooded. Silent as a ghost, the Solar slipped around to the side - ready to flank and strike as needed. Spells and steel at her finger tips.

The earth-faced one was talking cordially enough with Theon, but her other companions were clear in their 'welcome'. Which ranged from Jakou's caution to plain hostility from Ivory. The name of the second Dragonblooded caught her attention.


That name Keth knew very well. The hunt had apparently been led to their doorstep by this Onyx fellow. This same person drew Theon aside, claiming to have business to discuss. Alone and away from any support from the others.

Keth evaluated quickly. They were three vs three, with Lynn wisely keeping her head down. The visible sides were exactly even. Lilith was counting on her for the element of surprise in an attack - but this other one was deferred to by Roseblack. That made him both dangerous and possibly valuable.

So the Twilight slipped along, a silent shadow to Theon as the two began to talk. These Dragonblooded served Demetrious. It was no dragonblooded name she knew, but they also claimed that this manse belonged to this same Demetrius he served. She was dubious of that as well, but with the disturbing lack of a manse-keeper she had no way to prove or disprove that.

Her blood chilled when they spoke of Nexus, and the chaos in the streets that had sent the Hunt on the move. The shop could be fixed, and anything of true value was sealed away or could be replaced. But her students! Keth gritted her teeth in silence and ignored the knot of tension this news gave her. She regretted leaving so quickly now, and could only hope the protections would defend them. Suns name, to be home now!

Onyx led Theon further away, and Keth refocused her attention on the discussion. Her suspicion was not reassured when it began to explain it's business to Theon. They thought the end of the world was coming and suddenly the Dragonblood needed their help. Oh, so coincidental timing that they wanted to be friends with the Lunars. With her kind returning to the world and Lunars on the move - it was about as coincidental as their appearance here, now. Keth was puzzled and disturbed by Theon's ready agreement. She understood a certain amount of trust (Killing the god of Calibration!?!). But that was a hell of a claim to drop from a questionable source.

Fate was a fickle bitch in the Solar's experience - both as a mortal and after exaltation. If any "world" was really about to end, it was going to be the end of the Dragon Empire and the 'world' they'd made for themselves. Which was no bad thing.

The next things confused her. What were Abyssals? What was the connection between them and Thorns, and what did the Abyssals have to do with the end of the world? The next things were clear as day, loud and clear.

"Capture an Abyssal for dissection"

"Restrain Archimedes"

Fists clenched in anger, she forced herself to listen to it all. This Dragonblooded claimed some measure of kinship with one hand, yet sought to strike out at those very same people. And in that moment, the depth of her own situation hit Keth.

She was in the manse belonging to the master of these Dragonblooded. Alone. A hundred miles from home. In the middle of Calibration. Having been led here by a man who'd picked up something unspeakable from the black puzzle box and now had a shadow-crown. And just agreed to betray a friend on no more then the word of the same Dragonblooded.

The only thing that could make her situation more dangerous is if she'd covered herself in blood and gone dancing naked through the jungle with her head on fire.

Onyx and Theon finally returned to the others, but Keth slipped further into the shadows to decide her own next move. Attack, flight, warning or wait.

My old friend, what I would not give for your good sense right now!
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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Fri Feb 22, 2013 5:16 pm

Nexus was both worse and better then Keth had hoped. The fae and mortal militia were not inciting chaos in the street, and actually were defending the citizens. She was relieved when Ivory managed to get them by the guards with minimal trouble, and called to attention that she very much needed to craft a new guise for when she needed to play the Solar in public.

Into the heart of the merchant district, through dark streets of the warzone. No attack came, though many groups stopped them. The windows on her dear little shop were broken, blocked, or blacked out. Climbing up the steps to her shop quickly, Keth unlocked the door and gently pushed it open. Nearly getting her head bashed in by a astrolabe in the process by the panicked inhabitants.

"Tensin, Jeser! Stand down damnit, it's me!"

She brushed aside their concerns about the damage to the shop. Only Ivory's presence kept her from hugging her students in sheer relief that they were all safe. Even the youngest was well, and they quickly regaled her everything they'd seen in the city since the conflict happened. Her thanks for the fae guarding her students felt incredibly inadequate as they left back off into the endless night.

The ambassador to Thorns - what she now knew to be an abyssal - was discussing tactics with the fae, mortals and more Abyssals from Thorns. Flamboyant, but with good strategy and ideas. Trooping around the room, fae of the sort that would drive a mortal mind mad with a thought weren't even trying to blend in. It was exactly as chaotic as Onyx had suggested.It was the last person that made Keth stop in her tracks.

Everything she had been denying or ignoring since they'd started the trip was now starring her right in the face.

The sword at his side she knew all too well. She'd witness it take her life not even a day ago, over a thousand years ago. A truly eerie sensation to literally meet your own death face to face. Like walking over your own grave, refracted a thousand times.

Gold hair as glorious and flowing as the wind itself, but still shot with ragged black. All gold and black, like a second set of eyes was staring out of the ones she'd known. In the middle of this war, he was still wearing the same tattered old bardic clothing that she'd watched and helped mend a dozen times. The cloth now had blood stain to add to the rips and patches.

He was almost as shocked to see her as she was to see him. They both fumbled over greetings before Ivory thankfully took over. The lunar began discussing her agents they could use to observe the difficult corners of the conflict while Keth and Sinclair stared at each other like a pair of young idiots. A thousand questions and conflicting emotions twisting in her stomach in knots.

She wanted to shake the infuriating man, demand if he'd known all along.

She wanted to apologize for not returning as soon as Onyx had spoken of the chaos in Nexus.

If he'd been leading her on, was this some cruel fae joke?

She wanted to cast away all the illusions she'd clung to for so long, reclaim her birthright in battle.

The words and hungry dreams she'd never spoken of willingly, hiding behind all the masks she'd built for herself since her mortal demise by Cynis hands.

All that and more churned through her head. And now she was here, with the gathered mortals, immortals, the seriousness of their situation weighing down on all her own desires... Keth knew she could not say anything . Nothing that would not cause more harm then good. This was a war, and she could not - would not - take him from this for her own sake alone. For all she might want to scream out in frustration, too much now depended on both of them for petty selfish desires.

Duty. She reminded herself, that she'd promised her help to Theon in the rescue of Luna. Thrice damned duty that she would not forsake. There was none to blame for that promise save herself. It was one thing, and at least she hoped he would understand and forgive her for.

Tactics and supplies were discussed, particularly if anything more then first-circle appeared...

Suns name, his voice made her want to bash her head into a wall.

....Keth silently resolved that if her path might be taking her away, she'd be damned if she didn't find a way to send them reinforcements!
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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Fri Apr 26, 2013 4:53 pm

Don't panic.

Everything for the last day felt disjointed, like she really hadn't been present for it. While Keth was good at moving others in the direction she needed, her own emotions weren't something she was very good at handling rationally. Anything touching intimacy and relationships was tainted with betrayal and demise - rational thought got off the train long before then.

It was much more efficient to block any emotion out of the equation. Focus on the situation itself. Jakou had probably gotten closer then all but a few to getting under her defenses.

But Sinclair's screams as Lilith continued the painstaking process of removing the runes was like purest acid. Cold knowledge reminded her what it must have taken to carve them into him in the first place. For the second time in a day, she felt her soul shard shudder.

The first had been when they'd opened the portal into the fey stronghold. She had been sure they were looking in on a dead man when Ivory had first lit the room up. Rarely were those in such a state still among the living.

Don't panic.

She had only the vaguest memory of bolting into the prison cell heedless of any dangers or traps. All rational thought was gone as they searched for locks - staring at Ivory like a dolt while the lunar started half gnawing, half melting the chains.

The horns in the distance had set the mental wheels back in motion at long last. No time left for stealth, she called up her guillotine to slice the second chain apart and make their daring escape before the lords returned.

Facts. Runes carved into fae flesh - in old realm, abyssal (?!) and fae. With fae and human blood. Theon dousing him in Luna's pool, but the blood would not wash away. They'd been trying to make him wholly human and Sun knew only what else. Clothing, food, bandages. Those were things she could do.

Don't panic.

Luna turning in a killing rage toward Sinclair on catching sight of him. No one else had moved while the Solar had bodily placed herself in the path of the angry Goddess. Every rational thought in her brain screaming at her to stand the fuck down. But the bard babbled in his drugged haze as Luna stalked closer, calling him murderer.

So he might be, but no one here has clean hands.

The screaming hit a new pitch. The older part of her - the side that dreamed of golden hair long ago - wanted more then anything to beg Lilith to stop. To close her eyes and turn away. But she stayed through the entire process, helping hold the weakened fae in place through the long hours.

Fey'len wept where she couldn't.

((moar after I get home))

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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:13 am

Keth dozed uneasily under a tree, half an eye open to watch anyone who might go into the hut the bard was resting in. She hadn't moved except to relieve herself since they'd removed the runes, and Sinclair had finally sank into a more peaceful rest.

Someone had brought her some food earlier... they had looked worried and tried to urge her to rest in the manse. But she couldn't remember who it was. The muffin had been delicious though.

He'd stirred a few times since then - much better now, recognizing old friends and coherent. But she'd reserved herself to a small smile when he tried to thank her. Making sure food and drink was at hand before slipping away to let him rest again.

She felt emotionally battered and raw, like nothing she'd experienced since her rebirth. Exhausted to the bone. There was a small hole being worn into the ground where she'd been sitting. How long had it been?

Luna had come by again. The goddess had wanted to know if she was aware of what he was. What danger he represented.

I know. I'm reminded every night when I close my eyes. It's already killed me once.

And she had survived, and still chosen this?

I did, and I'm back again.

Her feelings for the bard were left unspoken. The silver lady seemed to accept that for whatever it was worth and go on her way. Keth didn't particularly care what Luna thought at the moment - so long as she didn't have to fight anything more then her own demons for him.

Those were enough for now.

She mulled for a long time in that watch. Over the emotions that damned man conjured, and how utterly they terrified her in intensity. The ferocious need for his company. The grief that had shaken her when she thought for certain he was dead.

And it would have been my fault.

The good sense she prided herself in evaporated like so much mist in the morning sun as soon as he was involved - Luna could have cut her down like paper...! Not one of her companions had so much as stepped in beside her. That was a bitter thought, but it didn't exactly surprise her.

Gnawing doubts she'd ignored since she'd seen him in Nexus returned. Was what she felt her own, or was it Fey'len driving her? Or some ancient Fae trick that made her crave to be in his arms?

Did it matter either way, if she couldn't run away any more?
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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:50 pm

Forests of black trees and gold filigree leaves surrounded Keth as she wandered to find just the right one to enter. Despite knowing this dream for eons without end, the very steps that would happen again and again, she could not help herself but search out the entrance that would lead to Sireeliar.

Sweet pine scent, flowers...and the sound of music. A violin. Her hair was black as the stone of the world again, long to her ankles as she roamed among the trees.

Endlessly seeking her king.

((and now, events the party could easily observe during the stay at Bridgets))

Keth jolted awake, shaking leaves out of her face. Someone had tucked a blanket around her while she'd been out... however long it had been. It was late afternoon now. But the initial tension eased once she heard the sounds of voices and laughter down the path. No screaming - just the gentle intonations of a story being told.

The solar stood up, very unsteady at first. Keth noticed for the first time that she'd been accumulating twigs and leaves in her hair from the tree she'd been sleeping under. And badly in need of a bath. Hot tea and an actual meal were also the order of the day.

Bri looked relieved to see her up and about when she came up to the Manse kitchen. Archimedes, Keth couldn't gauge, but neither swatted her hands when she made off with several of the quiche-muffin creations and a pot of tea.

The little lake and waterfall were unoccupied as far as Keth could tell. She could use her essence sight to check for any of the Lunars, but it wasn't worth the effort anymore. There was little doubt in her mind that everyone in this place (save perhaps Avaku and Dragotha) could observe anything they truly wanted without her knowing it.

But the long soak and solid food did much to revitalize her. She had a pleasantly lazy time sunning herself on the shore, soaking in the evening light while her clothing dried. How long had it been since she'd taken any kind of break, besides a trip to the Four Winds to listen to Sinclair play? The last few years had been preoccupied with some form of business, and it certainly was not going to let up any time soon.

She began the slow walk back through the woods toward the tower and the hut, just enjoying the sounds of a peaceful forest in twilight. Or as peaceful as a forest full of Lunars was likely to get with Lynn causing a ruckus. But something caught her eye in the dim light.

Twinkle of candles.

Curiosity wasn't just a trait of Lunar. She wound her way along candle lit trail through the trees - haunted by the sense of deja vu, following the lure of another through forests. Until she found her way to the dark-haired bard, standing there waiting for her with candles all around the blanket.
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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:25 am

((feel free to jump in at any point Lori))

Keth's thinking brain realized that Sinclair had ended up with a strange hodgepodge of whatever she'd been working on and had completed enough for a person to wear. So it was fairly bright (and clashing). Even stranger was seeing him without the decrepit old bag or the lute. He'd slept with it when they used to travel together. And a small bit of regret for costing him that lute.

I've really got to get something made for him.

But at the moment, she was following him over to the blanket he'd set out, and listening to him try to apologize for hurting her, and not riding off with her (or something else ridiculously noble) as soon as she showed up in Nexus.

She took a seat on the blanket, reaching out to halt the outflow of recriminations "Stop. I wanted to stay behind to help you all. But I had promised Theon my help in rescuing Luna. We both had duties and responsibilities then, that we couldn't step away from. There was no harm nor offense done - I understand."

"But for now, we don't. And we've a lot to catch up on."
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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Tue Apr 30, 2013 11:18 am

(edited, was first entered on cell phone <.<)
Sinclair could only smile, trailing fingers along one of her hands. Soon that hand laid cupped in his own. For his grand words when writing poetics and song, it seemed a contrived mess at this moment.

"There will come a day that I write a song for you. My words, not from a specter of ours pasts. I had hoped.many times to compose it before this day. But seems we always end up in scraps, and none as simple as running from bees outside Cargin Flats years ago. No more running though."

His eyes caught to hers, sincere and frank with that glimmer of excitement always at the edges. "I'm not letting us run apart, or wonder what could be. I care for you beyond that of kinship, and not as imposing as you dream of. I'd like you to know this, no matter where your heart travels."

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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Tue Apr 30, 2013 1:01 pm

Keth laughed softly - a genuine one, and not the polite one she so often used in Nexus.

"You'll notice I'm no longer running either. I look forward to hearing that song, someday."

But the smile didn't quite hide her tension. Everything she'd wanted to ask for weeks now rattling around for attention, but his mention of dreams propelled one to the front. She returned his gaze with a very still one, not wanting to let her own feelings influence the answer.

"Before I answer, I have to ask something. I think I already know the answer, but I need to hear the words. How long have you known I'm Fey'len? Did you know and remember all along? Was that why you stayed around?"
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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:33 pm

The bard shook his head as that ragged black hair fell in front of his eyes, though somehow he kept her in his sight. "No, I did not know you were she. Honestly, not until...I fell into your dreams recently." He clenched his jaw, and held her hand tighter.

"Please understand, I only entered your dream trying to find you, and not to intrude. I found you roaming a dream I've had in my past. Something I never quite understood, and yet...I did know it intimately. Running through a forest, seeking a stairway among the boughs. You come to a landing, a crown residing there. And Sireeliar is waiting--"

Sinclair sighed. "I know you as Keth. And in knowing you, I have fallen in love through knowing you as long as I have." He said it. And nothing exploded, he wasn't unmade, the ground didn't swallow him whole. But would she cut him in half with her spells?

"I have traveled with you as Sinclair. Sireeliar cut me from his mind and soul, tossing me into the world with one dearly held hope." A brow quirked up, a sudden fire warming his eyes. "That I would die, horribly. It would loosen his hands, break the ancient treaties. He may have had other intentions, but I think they pale in comparison to this one. Perhaps he sent me to find you. But I am not just him. I am myself. And you, you are not just a woman from my past."

"I hope that makes some sort of sense. It can be bloody confusing."

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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:08 pm

Keth let out a long, shaky breathe she hadn't noticed holding as he continued to talk. A long weight that had been sitting on her thoughts was eased away. The solar couldn't yet bring herself to answer in like - it made her head spin in a thousand directions to consider. But she lifted up his hand to her lips, warm amber eyes shining at him over the tense fingers.

"Sinclair, I only found out myself when we reached Rathess. That's when I remembered a lot of things. About Fey'len, how she died and I started having the dream of the forest. Though I didn't really piece it all together until Nexus. I didn't say anything because... I didn't want to be a distraction. Especially since I couldn't stay."

She leaned forward slightly, brushing back the stray hair from the bards face and smiling at the little spark of fire that was lighting up his eyes.

"But you didn't die or fade. You became stronger and your own person. And gods do I know it's confusing. I have the opposite problem. I was once two entirely different people, and we... I... am together. That gets hard to explain, especially when I try to explain the difference."
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PostSubject: Re: Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age   Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:00 pm

His entire body shivered at the simplest touches she gave him. Thankfully she did not explode or destroy him, but her reaction left him a complete mess. He pulled together every emotion to stake his claim, and now felt so very undone. The most amazing feeling he had ever experienced!

Her lips on his hand brightened his eyes to a soft blue like a sky. As she brushed back lengths of hair, it flickered into a pure golden curl. Sinclair gave her a small sheepish look that in a flash became bold.

"First...you could never be a distraction. And you are right, Keth. We are survivors, entering new journeys with stories and histories in us. And now...between us." His voice pulled tight then broke into a chuckle as he wrapped her around in his arms. The bright gaudy shirt and oddly matching pants didn't matter. The revelations left him stronger, not as shaky as he feared. Warm lips pressed to her forehead and hair, fingers running down her back.

"You are you, Keth. And I will listen to your stories of the past, the dreams and visions you experience. And I hope you do not mind...ah...well...helping me with this fantastic ensemble." Now he could not help but laugh, nothing like a peacock but far from his scruffy self.
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Keth Norai - Solar of the Second Age
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