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 Gods that Rule

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PostSubject: Gods that Rule   Gods that Rule EmptyMon Nov 12, 2012 9:26 am

Nara-O of the Hundred Veils, Keeper of Secrets
God of Secrets

Nara-O is the God of secrets only one person knows. Nara-O is the head of the Division of Secrets. If more than one person knows a secret, this god does not know it. Nara-O always appears completely wrapped in bandages, no one claims to have seen under them (perhaps if two beings were to know it's form, Nara-O would cease to exist). It has no discernible gender and never speaks above a child's whisper. No one would dare fulfill any plot made against Nara-O for the God would know it as soon as they plotted it. Though it seems to have loyalties with the Bronze faction, it has been discreetly moving funds to the Gold faction. In exchange, the Gold faction arranges a meeting with the occasional Solar.

Nara-o only spoke with one Sidereal fully, Chejop. However, the god no longer feels Chejop has a full understanding of what must be...and now has his perceptions open to find another.

Nara-o appears as a wrapping of silk, mystical markings.

Wayang, the Black Puppet Mask
God of Silence, Minister of Endings

Wayang never speaks. Never leaves YuShan. His entire world has been the Neverborn, the Abyssals, and the question of exalted soul reallocation. The moment Thorns fell, the entirety of the celestial bureaucracies turned on Wayang. And now he turns on Black Ice Shadow, demanding an investigation into every aspect of the Chosen of Endings...as a cover for investigating the Chosen of Secrets.

The Violet Bier of Sorrows is an enormous basalt mausoleum with purple tapestries similar to the funeral shrouds used in Sijan covering its walls. Inside it is incredibly quiet, with no echo to be heard and voices not raised above a whisper. Many fear the Violet Bier of Sorrows and those that work within, and as creatures of the Underworld threaten creation more and more each day, many are left questioning if the Bier will stay loyal to Creation.

The head of the Violet Bier of Sorrows, as well as the Division of Endings, is Wayang.

With all that he faces, Wayang has taken Black Ice Shadow as his lieutenant in the world.

What the circle knows: Wayang was in the forest, overseeing the meeting between the seer Silver Python and Demetrius.

This comic shows Wayang, chosen god of the Maiden of Endings giving a lesson to Black Ice Shadow the Sidereal of endings...or is it a lesson for Cynis Donoveh Avaku.

Official Yozis
Defeated in the Primordial War, the Yozis are the Primordials that are now imprisoned in (and comprise) Hell. Together with their destroyed brothers, the Neverborn they have since schemed against the gods and exalted by breaking open the Jade Prison and stealing the imprisoned Exaltations. Upon losing the Primordial War, those Primordials that became the Yozis were forever changed. They had their structure altered by the terms of their imprisonment to such degree that they lost their integral souls, which allowed them, for example, to alter existing Exalts and twisting them to their own designs.

Adorjan, the Silent Wind - She blows throughout Malfeas and slays all lesser living things that she touches, leaving silence in her wake. She is typically warded off by noise, which is why everything and everyone in the Demon City tries to make as much noise as possible.

Cecelyne, the Endless Desert - She is the elder sister of Malfeas, the lawmaker of the Yozis, and the infinite desert that surrounds the demon city. Anyone who wishes to enter Malfeas must cross her for 5 days first, unless they use a powerful artifact or other magic.

Cytherea, the Mother of All - Some have interpreted this to mean that she is the mother, or perhaps former lover of the Primordial, Gaia.

The Ebon Dragon, the Shadow of All Things - Said to be the most sadistic of the Yozi, he is charged with finding a way to free them of their imprisonment. His victims are afflicted with a terrible agony when exposed to any light.

Elloge, the Sphere of Speech - This entity was the rebirth of the Primordial known as He Who Bleeds the Unknown Word. No other information is known about him aside from his surrender.

Hegra, the Typhoon of Nightmares - Her clouds and storms are composed of the fear and terror that plague sleepers.

Isidoros, the Black Boar that Twists the Skies - The strongest of the Yozi, able to push apart even Malfeas' layers. Has a distaste for fate but allowed it in exchange for "other considerations".

Kimbery, the Sea that Marched Against the Flame - She is the acid sea of Malfeas, who pools and stretches under hundreds of miles of buildings and ruins. Mother of the Lintha Pirates.

Malfeas, the Demon City - Once the greatest of the Primordials and the King and ruler of the Yozi, his body now forms the demon city that imprisons the other Yozi (except Cecelyne, who imprisons him). His fetich soul is the green sun, Ligier.

Metagaos - Further information forthcoming.

Oramus, the Dragon Beyond the World - The eldest of the Primordials, he decided what was outside and what was within Creation. The gods bound him twice over, first imprisoning him in Malfeas, then caging him in a prison of his own wings.

Sacheverell, He Who Sees The Shape Of Things To Come - Is kept asleep by the other Yozi, for if he wakes, all things will be bound into the future he foresees.

She Who Lives In Her Name, the Principle of Hierarchy - She is the Yozi who most resented her imprisonment. She detonated three of her flaming orbs just before being sealed into Malfeas, destroying much of Creation in the process.

Szoreny, the Silver Forest - He resides on the border of Kimbery, and his trees grow with their roots in the sky rather than the ground.
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PostSubject: Re: Gods that Rule   Gods that Rule EmptyMon Nov 12, 2012 9:27 am

Intact Primordials

Gaia, The Spirit of Creation - She is the youngest of the Primordials and the only one who still has a jouten in Creation. Her children are the five elemental dragons, and she taught the Incarnae how to create the five original elementals. She sided with the Gods in their rebellion out of her love for Luna.

Autochthon, The Great Maker - He is inventor of Exaltation and the five magical materials. He aided the Gods during the war but later left Creation and now resides Elsewhere. He is also the patron and creator of the Alchemical Exalted.

Twisted Primordials
These Primordials were defeated and twisted and their new forms are known at the Yozi.

The Primordial King - A bodiless force, also known as the Holy Tyrant, the Empyreal Chaos and (later) Malfeas-That-Was. Now the Yozi Malfeas.

Adrián, the River of All Torments - Once the boundary of creation. She is now known as the Yozi Adorjan.

The Lidless Eye That Sees - This entity is now known as the Yozi Sacheverell, He Who Sees the Shape of Things to Come.
Source: Compass of Celestial Directions: The Underworld, p. 103.

He Who Bleeds the Unknown Word - This entity is now known as Elloge, the Sphere of Speech.

The Dragon's Shadow, the Ultimate Darkness - This Primordial is now known as the Ebon Dragon, the Shadow of All Things.

Slain Primordials
These Primordials were killed entirely and are now known as the Neverborn.

Lykkennan, the Cavern That Devours Cities - Slain by the Zenith Caste Solar known as Ré-Kia. While it is assumed that Lykkennan is now a Neverborn, name as a Neverborn has yet to be revealed.

Ta'akozoka, the Great Tentacled One

Mardukth, Who Holds In Thrall

Jheel-Khan, Whose Laughter Turns the Skies to Blood

Other Primordials
Canonical Primordials whose ultimate fate has yet to be revealed.
Shadow Over Sun
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Gods that Rule
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