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 The Great Mysteries

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PostSubject: The Great Mysteries   Mon Sep 24, 2012 4:11 pm

((Heavily under construction))

This will be a growing list of amazing and tempting treasures you could seek during your long nights!

Broken Winged Crane - Surmised to have been written by demons, bound in flesh and penned in the blood of the wicked, this tome holds histories and mysteries no mortal and most supernaturals should never touch or seek. The kuei-jin tend to treasure knowledge of this tome, some seek the Yama Kings just to hear whispered sections to commit to their own tomes. It is believed some content from this book is somewhere deep in the Far East.

The Book of the Fifth Essence - Aristotle's translation of Aretus' Kitab-al-Alacir, "the Book of Ether" prized by the Sons of Ether Tradition, the work covers grand designs infusing ether into creations produced with alchemy. The original work is in the Library of Alexandria, though no one has seen it in centuries.

The Book of Nod - The ultimate collection of tales and insights into the creation of vampires, the long nights of the first cities, creation of the clans, and portents of Gehenna. Is there one book? Or many pieces through out the world? Who can say, but stumbling into this is possible.

The Erciyes Fragments - Creation myths and legends regarding vampires.

The Sargon Fragment is a book or scroll believed to be written by Cappadocius during his mortal years. He lost his memory due to his Embrace and forgot where it was. It was later found by Lazarus, but was destroyed soon after. It's possible this book still resides in some form in the Shadowlands (the land of the dead). It contains ancient Chaldean magic.

Veneficorum Artum Sanguis, literally "The Art of Blood Sorcery."

Library of the Lost is the entire library gathered, written, and protected by the Obertus of Constantinople. The Dracon and Myca are at the heart of this library, including rare works brought to them from the Library of Alexandria by Gregory of Ravnos. These tomes include magi artifacts, writings by angels and demons, the possessed and ghosts, and the first works of man and vampire kind.

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PostSubject: Re: The Great Mysteries   Mon Sep 24, 2012 4:15 pm

Ankaran Sarcophagus
The Ankaran Sarcophagus is rumored to hold either an ancient Mesopotamian king or an Antediluvian.

Eye of Hazimel
The Eye of Hazimel is a living eye belonging to the Ravnos Methuselah Hazimel (or, according to some, to Zapathasura himself). The Eye holds great powers of mutation and destruction, but in order to use it, its wielder has to replace one of their own eyes with it. The location of this artifact is unknown.

The True Vessel is physically a small earthenware jar, holding maybe a pint of vitae...rumored to be Cappadocious' blood and soul. The jar is sealed with beeswax and a curse and can't be opened by any force known to anyone currently familiar with it. The True Vessel was rumored to have been hidden in the Erciyes library.
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The Great Mysteries
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