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 Onyx Letter/Messages to Others

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PostSubject: Onyx Letter/Messages to Others   Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:01 am

Heya Lori.

This is a letter from Onyx to his wife which he will also copy into the journal given to him by Marcus.


It’s an odd sensation and one I’m not used to. Obviously, as a scholar, I knew there were beings of power far greater than my own. Knowing in a theoretical sense and knowing in the physical reality sense are far different feelings. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked.

As a side note though, I thank my teachers of the past (and future). They have obviously taught me well and to believe in my own abilities. When faced with a being that seemed to “play” with me, I never faltered in my goal to strike it from this realm. So to my teachers, I thank you. You’re time and patience has not been spent in vain.

I honor our past greatly. Without the Dragon-Blooded, the world would have devolved into chaos. We brought order. We brought strength. And we will continue to do so. But…

Things are changing in the world. The other Houses are either not aware, or refuse to accept it. Our ways have served us well in the past, but something must change. With the Empress gone, there is no longer an iron fist guiding our race, and I feel that is something we desperately need.

If one does not arise soon, we may be too weak to resist the push of the other races. I have thought long and hard about this and feel that something may be done, dear Minna (OOC – forgot the name of Onyx’s wife). The path may be terrible, but I have seen firsthand what power can be attained at the end.

We’ve been searching for years on everything we can find about the Abyssals. I have found at least one if not many. In battle, I unleashed every ounce of power I had into a being that barely seemed to notice. I may have done some damage, but in the blink of an eye it had healed itself. This is after whisking me to another realm with nary a thought.

As I said, I did not falter, but my heart was heavy with the thought of not seeing you and our family again. If it were not for the assistance of what can only be an Abyssal, I fear I would not be writing this message to you now.

I promise not to act without further thought, but I wanted you to know my heart. And to seek what you can. We need allies, and we need power. The other races will one day (and most likely sooner than we believe) rise up against us. I will not allow that to happen without action.

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Onyx Letter/Messages to Others
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